Making America Corporate Again: The Treaty Of Friendship

Making America Corporate Again: The Treaty Of Friendship

by Rev Anthony Martin


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"Fighting The Wrong Fight"

The United States of America was founded as a "Corporation Entity", not a nation for social and domestic principles. Everything about this nation was purposed for business transaction only, this is why you will never get what you wish for from this government. based on social and domestic desires.
1.) The 13% Black community fight for social and domestic opportunity(need services).
2.) The 72% White community fight for social and domestic equality(want more better services).
3.) The 15% Latino and immigrant community fight for citizenship(want legal rights to services).
But there is two groups of people that are not fighting so much and that is the "Jewish Community" and the "Asian Community". Why?...simply because they are economically sound(financially stabled)thru powerful business dealings over the history of time. These two communities always knew the what...the why and how things really worked in these here United States of America. The principle knowledge, understanding and wisdom was and is the corporate entity called the United States of America. When President Barack Obama took office he literally shut down this countries founding principle and redirected this nation into a social and domestic nation(all about the peoples welfare). But all the white male presidents before him knew the core principles were of corporate interest. Hillary Clinton was and is a part of this culture as well but she was not welcome in the core aspect of this corporate entity(white male rule or good ol boy network). Bernie Sanders is of the Jewish community but the elite Jewish high arch was not ready for Bernie because he too is of the social and domestic cloth.

So the direct choice was Donald Trump, one who would rebuild the founding principle of this nation.....Making America Corporate Again...this is the meaning of making this nation great again. Many who voted for Donald Trump felt left out or simply did not like the "Clinton's" ....SIMPLE!!!!! The Corporate Entity was harden to return back to position, President Obama gave to many voices many social and domestic principles. This is not welcome amongst the corporate entity of these here United States of America. President John F Kennedy laid out the principle when he stated...Ask not what your country can do for you....but ask what you can do for your "COUNTRY". He was speaking to the terms of the "Corporate Entity" principles this nation was founded on. So how do you survive a "Trump" cannot with your hand out(give me.....give me.....give me). You must establish yourself as to what this nation's principles are based on a corporate entity "A Hand In". Social and domestic minds beg and plead....give me....give me but the corporate mind..."Buy and Sell". So the question is., "What are you buying?" and "What are you selling?".....SIMPLE.
If you can't answer this question then you will suffer greatly, if you can answer this question than you have access to a vast level of wealth you never even dreamed of. GOD told Adam he was free to eat from any tree in the "Garden" except the tree of good and evil. That meant Adam was not given ownership of GODS great earth he was given access to GODS great wealth. This is called "Common Wealth",(common wealth means access) we keep thinking we are to have ownership.....No Ownership....Just Access People. have access on earth means......."What Are You Buying" or "What Are You Selling". It's not about Social and Domestic Principles people wish to make it about. Like the "Jewish Community" and the "Asian Community"'s about "ECONOMICS"!!!!!!!!

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