Making Them Believe: How One of America's Legendary Rogues Marketed

Making Them Believe: How One of America's Legendary Rogues Marketed "The Goat Testicles Solution" and Made Millions

by Dan S. Kennedy, Chip Kessler


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Dr. John Brinkley was, at one time, the wealthiest doctor of his time, undeniably the most Barnum-esque promoter in medicine in his time, vilified and prosecuted as a quack, praised as saint by the amazing number of men who flocked to him for his ‘fountain of youth’ –and by their wives. This book delves deeply into his Twenty-One Marketing Principles, to provide to blueprint for adventurous advertising, marketing, promotion and personal promotion that can install a ‘fountain of profits’ in just about any business! If You'd Like to—and Would Profit From—making yourself or your business famous and magnetically attractive, locally or globally, this in-depth analysis of The Lost Secrets behind this amazing success story are for you!

In This Book—Discover…

Dynamic pathways to Maximum Authority—so that you are sought out and your ‘prescriptions’ accepted without question!

Two kinds of Clarity essential for marketing success—missing from most businesses

The question to ask yourself, that, when answered, dramatically multiplies the power of advertising and elevates you above all competition

The 3-Step Brinkley Blueprint for savvy use of media—the trap most businesspeople fall victim to

A most radical, revolutionary change to your entire approach to selling—why the sale delayed can be the sale more easily made!

The Brinkley Prescription for virtually unlimited Price Elasticity&the all-time, best-ever answer to any and every price objection

The Brinkley Secret to Being Admired—as means of attracting customers especially eager to do business with you.

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ISBN-13: 9780982379387
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 04/30/2010
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 617,782
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Dan S. Kennedy is a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur; direct marketing consultant, strategic advisor and direct-response copywriter; and author of 14 business books including the popular "No B.S." series ( Chip Kessler is an entrepreneur and consultant specializing in health care industries, and is married to a cousin of Dr. John Brinkley.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Important Introductory Material xi

Introduction: If Your Erection Lasts Longer Than Four Hours… Dan S. Kennedy xi

Foreword 1 James Brinkley xv

Foreword 2 Deborah Brinkley Kessler xix

Preface Chip Kessler xxi

Notes/About the Authors Free Gift xxvii

Abbreviated History Of (Background needed before reading Book) Dr. John Brinkley xxxi

21 Principles of Marketing John R. Brinkley xxxv

Section 2 Making them Believe xxxvii

Chapter 1 No Substitute For Authority 1

Chapter 2 In Search of Maximum Authority 7

Chapter 3 Turning Ideas Into Action 15

Chapter 4 Fire. Aim. 19

Chapter 5 The Whole of the Sum 25

Chapter 6 In The Business Of Being… 29

Chapter 7 Offering a Cure 35

Chapter 8 Choose to Sell What People Want 41

Chapter 9 There's Nothing You Can't Get, IF… 47

Chapter 10 An End to Selling ‘Stuff’ 51

Chapter 11 Media, Not Manual Labor 57

Chapter 12 Why Not You? 67

Chapter 13 Set The Stage for Success 75

Chapter 14 Sale Delayed, Sale More Easily Made 79

Chapter 15 Do You Have ‘what It Takes’? 87

Chapter 16 John Brinkley's Greatest Secret 91

Chapter 17 Others Singing Your Praises 97

Chapter 18 Extreme Measures 101

Chapter 19 The Power of Audacity 109

Chapter 20 The Sources of Power 115

Chapter 21 Price Elasticity Prescription 121

Chapter 22 What Others Cannot Have 129

Chapter 23 Know Thy Customer. He'S Probably… 133

Chapter 24 Look! Up in the Sky! It's… 139

Chapter 25 Larger Than Life—And Then Some 147

Chapter 26 The Power of Time and Place 153

Chapter 27 Your Place, Your Time 159

Chapter 28 Lemonade From Lemons 169

Chapter 29 What Will You Do?–To Succeed? 177

Chapter 30 Put Your Dukes Up 185

Chapter 31 Maximum-Strength Positioning 193

Chapter 32 Who Are You? What Do You Stand For? 201

Chapter 33 Re-Invention on a Grand Scale 211

Chapter 34 Two Judges 219

Chapter 35 Dogged Pursuit 225

Chapter 36 System For Success 231

Section 3 Bonus Material 235

Bonus 1 Meet Samuel Griffith Brinkley 237

Bonus 2 On The Radio Dr. John Brinkley 245

Section 4 Resources 257

Recommended Relevant Reading List 259

Online Resources from the authors 260

You're Invited… 261

An Afterword&note from Dan S. Kennedy 263

Free Gift Offer 265

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