Man's Search for Meaning, Gift Edition

Man's Search for Meaning, Gift Edition


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A new gift edition of a modern classic, with supplemental photographs, speeches, letters, and essays
Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl’s memoir of life in Nazi death camps has riveted generations of readers. Based on Frankl’s own experience and the stories of his patients, the book argues that we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how to cope with it, find meaning in it, and move forward. Man’s Search for Meaning has become one of the most influential books of our times, selling over twelve million copies worldwide. With a foreword by Harold S. Kushner, Frankl’s classic is presented here in an elegant new edition with endpapers, supplementary photographs, and several of Frankl’s previously unpublished letters, speeches, and essays.

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ISBN-13: 9780807060100
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication date: 10/28/2014
Edition description: Gift
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 16,087
Product dimensions: 8.70(w) x 5.70(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Born in Vienna in 1905, Viktor E. Frankl earned an MD and a PhD from the University of Vienna. He published more than thirty books on theoretical and clinical psychology and served as a visiting professor and lecturer at Harvard, Stanford, and elsewhere. Frankl died in 1997.

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Patrick J. Williams

Viktor Frankl's timeless formula for survival. One of the classic psychiatric texts of our time, Man's Search for Meaning is a meditation on the irreducible gift of one's own counsel in the face of great suffering, as well as a reminder of the responsibility each of us owes in valuing the community of our humanity. There are few wiser, kinder, or more comforting challenges than Frankl's.
— Patricia J. Williams, author of Seeing a Color-Blind Future: The Paradox of Race

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Man's Search for Meaning: Gift Edition 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There are some books that tell you what to eat, how to think, and how to live. All in all, they are a dime a dozen. But this book is different. It doesn't preach, it doesn't cajole, instead it teaches. And what it teaches is why it has sold millions of copies worldwide: it teaches you the meaning of life. Now, that sounds like a grand thing doesn't it? But it is true never the less. I read this book during my days at college and found something far greater than a good read. I found purpose and meaning in the trials of life. There is a reason for our suffering, but suffering is not all there is, for there is also true meaning in life. That meaning is something different for each person. While some would scoff at this concept, they miss the bigger picture: each individual is unique and this is why there is no universal meaning for all. If you are searching for tales of the death camps in living color, you will not find them here. There are enough books about the horrors of man's inhumanity to his fellow man. But if you are searching for personal significance, this book is for you. Frankl once asked if anyone could tell him the purpose of his own life. He was told that his purpose was to help others find theirs, and he smiled. I cannot recommend this book strongly enough.
BryantBA More than 1 year ago
This book took place during the time of the concentration camps. This book did not have the intention of being a historical account of what happened in the camps. Frankl was the main character of his book; these are his real personal stories and experiences that he had being in the concentration camps for three years. It was not written so that people could get an idea of what the camps were like, or to see how bad it really was for the people that were in the camps. Frankl splits his book into two different sections. The first half of the book really focuses on how the experiences in the concentration camp affected the mind of the average prisoner. The second half of this book really focuses on the therapeutic philosophy of Frankl. I really enjoyed this book for many reasons. I think this book is a great book to read because it is different than all other books written about the concentration camps. This book explained a lot of great experiences, and it really allows us to see the human ability to survive against all odds. I enjoyed this book because it does not just focus on the physical abuse that was taken in these camps, but it also focuses on the mental abuse as well. This book did a good job at really explaining the experiences in a way that everyone can somewhat understand. This book should be read by everyone. It helps open the mind to a new way of thinking. I feel that today most people feel that if something bad happens to them it is a punishment for something wrong they did. I like how this book suggests that bad things happen, but we can still take good away from those bad things. We learn from this book that we can take away meaning from the suffering. I think that Frankl did a great job at explaining his philosophies and I agree with what he taught. I think that we all can introduce this into our lives. It was really easy to connect to this book for many reasons. Not only because of the sad stories he shared, but because we learn that suffering is just another way to learn. We all suffer in one way or another, so that is something that we can all understand.
Joshua Badger More than 1 year ago
"Man's Search For Meaning" by the author Viktor Frankl focuses on the author's experience as a prisoner in the Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Frankl goes into detail about the oppression and persecution he faced as a Jew in these camps, discussing the abuse, maltreatment and ultimately the hatred he experienced there. What made this book particularly intriguing were the things he learned from these experiences and the unique perspective he had of them as a physician and a psychologist. In the second half of the book he discusses the many ways that we can find meaning in life. One of the main points Frankl focused on was the idea of logotherapy (finding meaning in life) which really helped me personally. When I read about the need to look for those happy moments when we distressed or lost helped me to realize that even though everything in my life may not be perfect there are so many things, like my family and my friends, that still bring me joy and bring meaning to my life. Frankl helps us to realize that even in those moments of life when we feel that all meaning is lost we can find hope. We can feel as though we have purpose in life despite life changing events that could ultimately destroy us. When we feel that life is over we can find meaning and find hope and joy. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. It is a fantastic read.
Anonymous 8 months ago
After all the years since publication, this book hasnt aged a bit.
Cbanderson523 More than 1 year ago
Who among us isn’t seeking meaning in life? Viktor Frankl was a psychologist who guides us in this effort. His work as a psychologist, experiences as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp for three years, and praise-worthy abilities as a thinker and writer will set a reader well on his or her way to meaning. He help us understand how our satisfaction in life can be achieved through choice – regardless of our circumstances – as we identify the proper motivations in our life. He quotes Friedrich Nietzshe often: “He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.” The experiences he shares from his patients finding meaning are incredibly easy to relate to, and his own insights from the concentration camp are powerful. His writing is educated and captivating while also simple and easy to understand; it is an easy read! This truly is one of the great books of our time, and I believe that anyone searching for meaning can find it through Man’s Search for Meaning.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is as meaningful today as it was when it was written. By studying the lives of other human beings, we learn more about ourselves.