Mastering Windows Server 2003, Upgrade Edition for SP1 and R2

Mastering Windows Server 2003, Upgrade Edition for SP1 and R2

Paperback(Upgrade Edition for SP1 and R2)

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Get the In-depth coverage of SP1 and R2 you've been waiting for from one of the world's leading Windows authorities. Picking up where Mastering Windows Server 2003 left off, expert Mark Minasi (winner of Reader's Choice Award for Favorite Technical Author for the 4th year in a row!) and his co-authors return with a much-anticipated Upgrade Edition that delivers exactly the information you need. Their clear, hands-on instruction thoroughly covers features and changes that have been largely undocumented in the marketplace — from SP1's critical security enhancements to R2's new management/administration tools, enhanced print controls, and more. If you manage, maintain, or depend on Windows Server 2003, this is the book you've been waiting for!

Coverage includes:

  • Getting and installing SP1
  • Hiding folders from prying eyes with ABE
  • De-worming Windows® with Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
  • Solving SP1/R2 incompatibilities
  • Stopping spyware and locking up ports
  • Stopping mobile thieves by blocking USB memory sticks
  • Upgrading to R2 and getting to know its GUI
  • Understanding R2's new Print Management Console
  • Controlling folder usage with quotas and more
  • Integrating Unix and Windows
  • Working with Active Directory
  • Coverage Focused Specifically on Critical SP1 and R2 Updates

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780470056455
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/09/2006
Edition description: Upgrade Edition for SP1 and R2
Pages: 711
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

Mark Minasi, MCSE, is one of the world's leading Windows authorities. He teaches classes in 15 countries and is a much sought-after speaker at conferences and industry gathering keynotes. His firm, MR&D, has taught tens of thousands of people to design and run Windows networks. Mark has written over 15 books for Sybex, including the market-leading Mastering Windows Server 2003 and The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide.

Rhonda Layfield has been in the IT industry for 25 years and worked in every capacity, from running network cables in the US Navy to consulting with a number of Fortune 500 companies in a vast array of technologies. She enjoys sharing what she has learned, both by writing and presenting at national conferences.

Lisa Justice is a senior systems administrator and IT project manager with an employee-owned research corporation in Rockville, Maryland. She has been supporting, managing, and building Unix and Windows-based networks for over ten years. Occasionally, when Mark twists her arm, she also writes about them. Lisa is a coauthor of Mastering Windows Server 2003 and a contributor to Mastering Windows 2000 Server and Mastering Windows NT Server 4.

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Table of Contents


Part 1: Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.

Chapter 1: Getting and Installing SP1.

Chapter 2: Hiding Folders from Prying Eyes: Access-Based Enumeration (ABE).

Chapter 3: De-Worming Windows with Data Execution Prevention (DEP).

Chapter 4: Stacking the Deck Against the Bad Guys…the IP Stack, That Is.

Chapter 5: Solving SP1/R2 Incompatibilities: Understanding the “De-anonymizers”.

Chapter 6: Fine-Tuned Security Monitoring: Per-User Auditing.

Chapter 7: Stopping Spyware: Controlling ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects.

Chapter 8: Locking Up the Ports: Windows Firewall.

Chapter 9: Thwarting Mobile Thieves: Blocking USB Memory Sticks.

Chapter 10: Supporting Clients with Windows Terminal Services.

Chapter 11: Tightening Security with the Security Configuration Wizard.

Part 2: New to R2.

Chapter 12: Setting Up Windows Server 2003 R2.

Chapter 13: Using MMC 3.0, R2’s New Interface.

Chapter 14: Print Management Gets Easier: Print Management Console.

Chapter 15: Watching Your Disks with Storage Reports Management.

Chapter 16: Controlling Folder Usage: Quotas and File Screens.

Chapter 17: R2’s New Distributed File System Namespace (DFSN) and Distributed File System Replication (DFSR).

Chapter 18: Communicating and Collaborating with Windows SharePoint Services.

Chapter 19: Unix and Windows I: Network File System.

Chapter 20: Unix and Windows II: Network Information Service (NIS).

Chapter 21: Unix and Windows III: Password Synchronization.

Chapter 22: Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

Chapter 23: Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM).


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