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Paul McCartney retreated from the spotlight of the Beatles by recording his first solo album at his home studio, performing nearly all of the instruments himself. Appropriately, McCartney has an endearingly ragged, homemade quality that makes even its filler -- and there is quite a bit of filler -- rather ingratiating. Only a handful of songs rank as full-fledged McCartney classics, but those songs -- the light folk-pop of "That Would Be Something," the sweet, gentle "Every Night," the ramshackle Beatles leftover "Teddy Boy," and the staggering "Maybe I'm Amazed" (not coincidentally the only rocker on the album) -- are full of all the easy melodic charm that is McCartney's trademark. The rest of the album is charmingly slight, especially if it is read as a way to bring Paul back to earth after the heights of the Beatles. At the time the throwaway nature of much of the material was a shock, but it has become charming in retrospect. Unfortunately, in retrospect it also appears as a harbinger of the nagging mediocrity that would plague McCartney's entire solo career.

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Release Date: 05/01/1989
Label: Capitol
UPC: 0077774661140
catalogNumber: 46611

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McCartney 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this is the second time i have bought this album, first time in 1970 and now in 2018 some things never change.
Sosohappy More than 1 year ago
Great Vibe Great Feel, Organic Homegrown Debut I first heard this album as a young impressionable teen without a thorough knowledge of the Beatles' vast sphere of influence and before I had absorbed the brilliance of the previous album that McCartney had worked on, Abbey Road, the Beatles swansong. I understand all the criticisms of this album: unfinished songs, lazy instrumentals, casual production values (especially if compared to Abbey Road). But I love this album for its vibe, for its feel, for its homemade homegrown organic sound. I love the loose informal instrumentals, the tone of McCartney's electric guitar, the soothing relaxed acoustic work of "Every Night" and “Junk". And then there is "Maybe I'm Amazed', Paul has never sounded more vulnerable,more desperate, more heartfelt than he has ever dared to be. An absolute monster of a song on this simple, warm comforting album. The deluxe version of this rerelease comes with a book that has some great pictures along with the infamous press release that accompanied the release of the album that supposedly announced the breakup even if it really didn't. If you find this at a good price it is worth picking up.
Walterama More than 1 year ago
Paul McCartney's first solo album was released before the Beatles last album "Let It Be." It is one of my favorite Paul McCartney albums along with "Band on the Run." The remastered version is bigger, better, and louder than it was first released in 1970.
baroque More than 1 year ago
This is classic McCartney. A solo artist trimming down the veils of Beatlemania, finding his own flow.
A charming album for the ages.
This album marks the beginning of Paul's career.
He laid a basic foundation and built his new career step by step.
Genius when you think all he had accomplished before within the Beatles' collaborations.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Listening to McCartney, I got the impression that Paul was coasting on Beatle glory. Granted, I am entirely biased and like just about anything he happens to produce, but rationally, the album sounds like an extended jam session. For those expecting his usual degree of musical brilliance, McCartney may be something of a disappointment. Given this, I found some of the jams just as delightful as the serious songs. However, perhaps it would have been in McCartney's better interest to record some of the album's gems with The Beatles... It definitely pays to purchase Ram before purchasing McCartney, as I have found Ram to be one of the most musically fulfilling albums of Paul's solo career. I wasn't disappointed by its precursor, but I will admit that I bought McCartney for the sake of completing my McCartney collection.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I don't automatically love all Beatles albums but end up usually loving a song or two from each. Having said that, my "lovesong" from McCartney's 1970 first solo record is Junk and Singalong Junk. What a melody! Maybe I'm Amazed and Lovely Linda get the most praise from this record I suppose but there are a few other gems in this one man band multi-tracking pioneering effort. Yes, some are unfinished demos but all in all Macca was on the right track.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is 34 minutes long: 12 minutes are good, and the rest is filler material. Nine of the thirteen songs on this album are so bad that they have probably never been played on any radio station in the last 30 years. Don’t waste your shelf space on this CD. Instead, just download Every Night, Junk, and Maybe I'm Amazed, as they are the only good songs on this album.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago