Mercedes Five and Dime

Mercedes Five and Dime

by Moist


Spangly, fuzzed-out guitars, bobbing melodic vocals, insistent drumming: All of the ingredients are there for a standard alt-rock breakthrough. But what makes Moist more than the latest Third Eye Blind clone is their keen, classic approach to songwriting. For every R.E.M.-inspired hook on MERCEDES FIVE & DIME, there's a nod to the Beatles. For each electronic beat, there's a reference to Bad Company or even the Eagles. "Underground" starts with pulsing, ambient perfusion before blossoming into a bittersweet vocal line and ringing, melancholy guitars. And "Fish" features ominous, martial-sounding drumbeats and a trickling minor-key guitar line that segues into a rousing chorus. Light, tasty, and unquestionably Moist.

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Release Date: 06/06/2000
Label: Capitol
UPC: 0724352589029
catalogNumber: 25890

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