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This author's works have been praised by numerous celebrities, the most notable being Nelson Mandella who described two of his African stories as 'Wonderful', the late Princess Diana who used to read two of his books to the Princes William and Harry when they were aged 9 and 7 years, and a former Chief Inspector of Schools for The Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (OFSTED), who described the author's writing to the press as being of 'High quality literature.'

The beauty of life lies not in the physical characteristics of the world's children, but in our indomitable spirit to survive as equals in the environment we inhabit. We are each but a mere part of a more perfect whole, endowed with differing abilities and handicaps. When we live our lives in love, we live it in constant hope. When we live side- by- side harmoniously, we co-exist in peace and understanding.

When the Maker made the world, He made the earth and filled it with flowers, trees and animals of all species. Then He made the skies and populated the heavens with birds of the air and all manner of flying insects. He then made His most beautiful creations of all; you.

The Maker made this world, filled it with all things beautiful, and then set it spinning on its axis. But it is the love of one person expressed to another that keeps it turning in perfect motion. Love truly makes the world go around.

The heroin of this story is 8-year- old Cassey, a girl of indomitable spirit who has cerebral palsy. The story is suitable for any reader aged between 5 and 9 years.

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ISBN-13: 9781543150728
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/15/2017
Pages: 42
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About the Author

William Forde was born in Ireland and lives in Haworth, West Yorkshire, England with his wife Sheila. He has 5 children and is the author of 64 published books and 2 musical plays which are now available as Ebooks.

One of West Yorkshire's most popular children's authors, his books were publicly read in over 2000 Yorkshire school assemblies by over 800 famous names and celebrities from the realms of Royalty, Film, Stage, Screen, Politics, Church, Sport between 1990 and 2002. The late Princess Diana read his earlier books to her then young sons, William and Harry. The late Nelson Mandela once phoned him to praise an African storybook he wrote. Others who have supported his works include 3 Princesses, 3 Prime Ministers, 2 Presidents and numerous Bishops of the realm. Former Chief Inspector of Schools for Ofsted, the late Chris Woodhead described his writings to the press as 'high quality literature.'

Always at the forefront of change, he became the youngest Youth Leader and Trade Union Shop Steward in Great Britain at 18. In 1971, he founded Anger Management in Great Britain and freely gave his courses to the world. In the next 2 years, Anger Management courses mushroomed across the English-speaking world.

In the mid-70s, he introduced Relaxation Training into HM Prisons. Between 1970 and 1995, he worked as a Probation Officer specialising in Relaxation Training, Anger and Stress Management, and Assertive Training Group Work introducing Relaxation Training groups into HM Prisons and many other establishments.

He retired early due to ill health in 1995 to further his writing career. This led him to work with the Minister of Youth and Culture in Jamaica establishing a trans-Atlantic pen-pal project between 64 primary schools in Falmouth, Jamaica and Yorkshire.

William was awarded the MBE in the 1995 New Year's Honours List for services to West Yorkshire. He has never sought to materially profit from the publication of his books and all profit from their sales (approx £200,000 between 1990 and 2002) were given to charity.

His latest stories are romantic and are published for adults under the generic title of "Tales from Portlaw". However, his last two books have been 'strictly for adult' novels set in Northern England, where he has lived most of his life.

In 2013, William Forde had chemotherapy to treat CLL. In 2017 he started another course of chemotherapy for high-grade Lymphoma (Richter's transformation from CLL).

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