Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman

by Cynthia D. Crain, Dwight R. Lee

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Milton Friedman was born in 1912 to parents who had emigrated from Europe for the freedom and opportunity to work hard and become successful. He earned a scholarship and worked his way through college. Drawn to the study of economics by two influential teachers and the Great Depression, his scholarly research focused on the role of money in promoting economic growth and stability.

Over time Friedman became convinced that free markets and individual liberty were inseparable. While he recognized that government has an important role to play in protecting people's rights, he also believed that government does the most to promote prosperity and protect freedom when its role is limited. Short in stature but a giant intellectually, he received the Nobel Prize in Economics for his contribution to monetary history and theory, which indicated that the Great Depression was caused and prolonged by monetary policy that interfered with the self-correcting forces of the market.

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ISBN-13: 9781599351087
Publisher: Morgan Reynolds Pub
Publication date: 09/15/2009
Series: Profiles in Economics Series
Pages: 144
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Table of Contents

1 Early Years 6

2 Capitalism at Risk 23

3 Petty Politics 37

4 Professor Friedman 51

5 Traavel and Theory 64

6 Great Books 75

7 Wanderjahr 82

8 Public Figure 93

9 Nobel Laureate 110

10 Free to Choose 118

Time Line 131

Source Notes 132

Bibliography 137

Websites 139

Index 140

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