Modern U.S. Tanks and AFVs

Modern U.S. Tanks and AFVs

by Michael Green, Greg Stewart


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Conceived during World War I, tanks still play a crucial role on the modern battlefield, providing excellent mobility, sophisticated communications, lethal firepower, and effective armor protection. Together, these assets provide the shock effect necessary to close with and destroy the enemy in most any condition.

Modern U.S. Tanks & AFVs examines the development, capabilities, and service histories of some of the most important and interesting tanks, armored fighting vehicles (AFVs), wheeled armored firepower, and indirect armored fire-support vehicles used by the U.S. military today, including: amphibious assault vehicles (AAVP), the full range of M1 Abrams tanks, Bradleys, armored Humvees, and Strykers. Color photographs depict each type in training exercises. There will also be discussions of how the 1999 "Army Vision" transformation strategy calling for lighter and more maneuverable armed forces precipitated the development of some of the weapons covered.

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ISBN-13: 9780760322949
Publisher: MBI Publishing Company
Publication date: 04/20/2005
Series: Enthusiast Color Series
Pages: 96
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About the Author

Michael Green is a freelance writer, researcher, and photographer who specializes in military, transportation, and law enforcement subjects with more than ninety books to his credit. In addition, he has written numerous articles for a variety of national and international military-related magazines.

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