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Money Lit


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Money Lit

After waking up from a nightmare of a witch, six black cats and seeing bones laying on the floor, she has no clue what to think. Sage Milian Carter™ was fifteen years old when she walked in on her father meeting with criminal men from the Soi Republic carrying two 9 mm submachine guns, a semi-automatic, and a briefcase of cash and small cocaine bags sitting on the table in their Atlanta residence. Shortly after, Sage's father sends her next door to her friend, Cashmere Ice's house. On her walk over, Sage calls her mom, putting two and two together. She discovers that her father sold cocaine for a living.

One day, Sage's father introduces a dope boy by the name of Calvin to the family. At the time, he was only twenty. Sage's father hired Calvin to move weight in the streets for his organization. Little did Sage's father know that Calvin would betray him by sleeping with his sixteen year old daughter.

A strange, white guy by the name of, Thomas pays Sage a visit in the Georgia Tech Library. Sage wonders why this guy is speaking to her about his initiation while he attended Yale University at the age of nineteen. On Sage's nineteenth birthday, she walks in on her fiancé Deon in complete shock, eyes wide-open as she stares at a white woman in her bed. Furious in the very moment of agony, a bleeding heart, tears that felt as though there was no end to this running well.

After Sage's altercation with Deon, she decides that the only thing that she can do to improve her life is to get involved in the drug business working for a drug lord by the name of Lorenzo. She began to focus all of her attention on stacking money. She hires a driver by the name of Chinese Chung who drives Sage to her first meeting with a young guy by the name of W. Salvage. Sage later hires W. Salvage to manage her company digital currency account to receive payments.

Chinese Chung shocks Sage when he shares a secret with her. She discovers there is a connection to the witch, the black cats, and the Soi Universe. Is there a such thing as magic?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578563749
Publisher: Moghul Life
Publication date: 09/13/2019
Pages: 184
Sales rank: 132,940
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.39(d)

About the Author

Sage Milian Cartier™: born June 06, 1985, Narrator, Author, Actress, and Entrepreneur
Moni'soi Humes™: Born Ouachita Parish, Louisiana: Humes is an indigenous and aboriginal Moor, Washitaw, Native American, and Moorish American National: A mother, international business woman, serial entrepreneur, writer, researcher, author, artist, poet, & fashion designer, speaker, consultant, and publisher. Founder of Literary Jab™, Moorish American Fiction™, Moorish American Genre™, A Moghul Life Genre™: Moorish American Literature & Historical Facts™

Sage Milian Cartier™: born June 06, 1985, Narrator, Author, Actress, and Entrepreneur

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