More Songs from Pooh Corner

More Songs from Pooh Corner

by Kenny Loggins


Most grown-up music celebs who dabble in children's music make lullaby records. Kenny Loggins, whose 1998 lullaby album Return to Pooh Corner was a palpable hit, falls squarely in that camp, returning with More Songs from Pooh Corner. It's a veritable fiesta of ballads, many of them from children's movies (Disney's in particular.) The Winnie the Pooh connection comes from anthemic album opener "Your Heart Will Lead You Home," the centerpiece of new theatrical release The Tigger Movie. Also representing Disney are Tarzan love theme "You'll Be in My Heart," the main theme from Beauty and the Beast, the heart-tugging "Baby Mine" from Dumbo, and a duet with Olivia Newton-John from The Secret Of Nimh, "Flying Dreams." A welcome addition is Randy Newman's warm, unhurried "That'll Do" from Babe, Pig in the Big City (the film version was sung by Peter Gabriel). Loggins also assays the sweetly contemplative "The Inch Worm," from Danny Kaye's classic Hans Christian Andersen. Loggins performs this lush, glossy collection of well-known tunes like the consummate pro he is. Ballad-mad parents who appreciate highly commercial pop will love this; kids will certainly find it aids their bedtime wind-down process.

Product Details

Release Date: 02/08/2000
Label: Sony Wonder (Audio)
UPC: 0074646351420
catalogNumber: 63514

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kenny Loggins   Primary Artist,Guitar
Alison Krauss   Vocals
Olivia Newton-John   Track Performer
Frank Marocco   Accordion
Norton Buffalo   Harmonica
Karen Briggs   Violin
Kate McGarry   Vocals
Peter Asher   Percussion
Rosemary Butler   Choir, Chorus
David Campbell   Conductor
Jon Clarke   Contrabass Clarinet,English Horn,Oboe,Recorder,E-flat Clarinet
Joel Derouin   Violin
Nathan East   Bass
Stephen Erdody   Cello
Gary Falcone   Choir, Chorus
Stefanie Fife   Cello
Barry Flanagan   Guitar,Ukulele,Choir, Chorus,Vocals (Rhythm)
Wendy Fraser   Choir, Chorus
Richard Hardy   Woodwind
Don Harper   Conductor
Dorian Holley   Choir, Chorus
Raven Kane   Choir, Chorus
Larry Klein   Bass
Steve Lively   Choir, Chorus
Mark Mancina   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Bass Guitar,Hammond Organ,Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
Louis Molino   Drums
Bobbi Page   Choir, Chorus
Dean Parks   Guitar
Andrea Robinson   Choir, Chorus
Stephanie Spruill   Choir, Chorus
Larry Tuttle   Upright Bass
Carmen Twillie   Choir, Chorus
Terry Wood   Choir, Chorus
Gayle Levant   Harp
Arnold McCuller   Choir, Chorus
Eric Rigler   uillean pipes
Suzie Katayama   Cello
Keli'i Kaneali'i   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,12-string Guitar
Ilene Novog   Viola
Beth Wood   Vocals
Jai Winding   Conductor,Keyboards
Marc Mann   Synthesizer,Conductor
Rock Deadrick   Percussion
Ayanna Williams   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Carolyn Miller   Vocals
Donn Wyatt   Synthesizer
Beth Fitchet Wood   Vocals
Sue Bredice   Vocals
Jonnie Hall   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Mark Mann   MIDI Design

Technical Credits

Jerry Goldsmith   Composer
Kenny Loggins   Producer
Peter Asher   Producer,Executive Producer,drum programming,Percussion Programming
Mark Binder   Programming
David Campbell   String Arrangements,String Conductor
Barry Flanagan   Producer
Don Harper   String Arrangements,String Conductor
Luana Jackman   Director
Nathaniel Kunkel   Engineer
Mark Mancina   Producer
David Pack   Producer
Tony Shepperd   Engineer
Steve Tose   Engineer
Paul Williams   Composer
Jai Winding   String Arrangements,String Conductor
Mark Cross   Engineer
Marc Mann   String Arrangements,MIDI Programming,String Conductor
Thomas Wolfe   Cover Art
Kenneth Makuakane   Producer,Engineer
Steve Wood   Arranger,Engineer
Mark Mann   Programming,String Arrangements,String Conductor
Jason Ruder   MIDI Programming

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