Mountain Blues: Blues, Ballads & String Bands 1927-1938

Mountain Blues: Blues, Ballads & String Bands 1927-1938



Country has been called the white man's blues, but the phrase has probably only been truly accurate when applied to the so-called hillbilly records from the 1920s and 1930s, the period and genre covered by this four-disc, 100-track anthology from JSP. Not that everything here is actually blues (the string band selections in particular are really dance reels that happened to have the word "blues" in the title), and a fair portion of these cuts don't have any real geographical association with the Southern mountains, either, but you have to give a box set a title, so Mountain Blues it is. With hindsight, a lot of these performances seem a bit generic, but there is a lot here, as well, that is startling in its freshness, even at a 75-year distance. Disc A gives us "Blue Grass Twist" (which isn't bluegrass, mind you) by the South Georgia Highballers, featuring some amazing guitar work from Vander Everidge and some stylish, almost pop guitar from Riley Puckett (best known for his work in the Skillet Lickers string band) on "I Get the Blues When It Rains." Disc B presents Slim Smith's jaunty "Bread Line Blues," Clarence Ashley's spooky modal banjo classic "Dark Hollow Blues," and Samantha Bumgarner's fragile singing and strong banjo on "The Worried Blues," a version of "Going Down the Road Feeling Bad." Highlights of the third disc include the steel guitar work of Lemuel Turner on "Way Down Yonder Blues" and "Jake Bottle Blues," and the zither playing of Nonnie Smith (who would enjoy a bit of a musical revival 40 years later in the 1970s) on the Perry County Music Makers' "I'm Sad and Blue." The final disc features the amazing sound of Texas fiddle master Prince Albert Hunt on "Blues in a Bottle" (which the Lovin' Spoonful -- minus the fiddle -- would cover successfully in the 1960s) and closes with the venerable guitar-and-fiddle team of Richard Burnett and Leonard Rutherford on "All Night Long Blues." Perhaps a bit too extensive for the casual listener, Mountain Blues will certainly please collectors and historians interested in the era covered, and it's difficult to imagine a more comprehensive set of white blues 78s. The liner notes are a bit on the brief side, but they cover the basics, although the track notes that list the players and instruments aren't always accurate. Still, there's so much music here, it's hard to quibble.

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Release Date: 03/08/2005
Label: Jsp Records
UPC: 0788065774028
catalogNumber: 7740


Disc 1

  1. Match Box Blues
  2. Black Snake Moan
  3. Johnson City Blues
  4. Franklin County Blues
  5. Blue Grass Twist
  6. Bibb County Grind
  7. Barber's Blues
  8. Dust Pan Blues
  9. I'm Blue and Lonesome
  10. Do Right Daddy Blues
  11. Black Bottom Blues
  12. The Rheumatism Blues
  13. Do Right Daddy Blues
  14. Oozlin' Daddy Blues
  15. Kansas City Blues
  16. Long Chain Charlie Blues
  17. Georgia Brown Blues
  18. Got the Drunken Blues
  19. NRA Blues
  20. Arkansas Hard Luck Blues
  21. New Talking Blues
  22. Puckett Blues
  23. I Get the Blues When It Rains
  24. Old Lonesome Blues
  25. Mistreated Blues

Disc 2

  1. Cocaine
  2. Brown Skin Blues
  3. Old Black Dog
  4. Poca River Blues
  5. Bread Line Blues
  6. Depot Blues
  7. Dark Holler Blues
  8. Haunted Road Blues
  9. Bay Rum Blues
  10. East Virginia Blues
  11. Wilkes County Blues
  12. Crooked Creek Blues
  13. Sisco Harmonica Blues
  14. Wang Wang Harmonica Blues
  15. Blowing Blues
  16. Choking Blues
  17. Lost Boy Blues
  18. Georgia Wobble Blues
  19. The Worried Blues
  20. Carroll County Blues
  21. Cumberland Blues
  22. Lonesome, Broke and Weary
  23. Stockade Blues
  24. Brown's Ferry Blues #2
  25. Rattle Snake Daddy

Disc 3

  1. Farm Girl Blues
  2. Apron String Blues
  3. I Don't Like the Blues No How
  4. Cross Tie Blues
  5. Pouring Down Blues
  6. Carroll County Blues
  7. Tequila Hop Blues
  8. Bankhead Blues
  9. Railroad Blues
  10. Jake Legs Blues
  11. Killin' Blues
  12. Hesitation Blues
  13. Strawberry Blues
  14. Don't Let the Blues Get You Down
  15. Yodeling Blues
  16. I'm Sad and Blue
  17. Way Down Yonder Blues
  18. Jake Bottle Blues
  19. 12th Street Blues
  20. Hometown Blues
  21. Unexplained Blues
  22. Left All Alone Again Blues
  23. Bone Dry Blues
  24. Dry Town Blues
  25. Leake County Blues

Disc 4

  1. Deep Elem Blues
  2. Kentucky Blues
  3. Go Easy Blues
  4. V.B. Blues
  5. Reno Blues
  6. Jersey Bull Blues
  7. Moatsville Blues
  8. Triangle Blues
  9. Tennessee River Bottom Blues
  10. Blues in a Bottle
  11. Married Life Blues
  12. Travellin' Blues
  13. Ginseng Blues
  14. Stove Pipe Blues
  15. Leaving Here Blues
  16. Tipple Blues
  17. Patrick County Blues
  18. Cold Penitentiary Blues
  19. Bath House Blues
  20. I Never Felt So Blue
  21. John Henry Blues
  22. Huckleberry Blues
  23. Worried Man Blues
  24. Rip Van Winkle Blues
  25. All Night Long Blues

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Gene Autry   Guitar,Vocals
Asa Martin   Guitar,Vocals
King Bennie Nawahi   Steel Guitar
Roy Smeck   Steel Guitar
Riley Puckett   Guitar,Vocals
Wade Ward   Banjo
Robert Carver   Guitar
Homer "Bill" Callahan   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Cox   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Oscar Ford   Fiddle,Vocals
Clarence Green   Guitar,Vocals
Larry Hensley   Guitar,Vocals
Cliff Hobbs   Guitar,Vocals
Palmer McAbee   Harmonica,Soloist
Clayton McMichen   Fiddle
W.T. Narmour   Fiddle
Lonnie Reaves   Organ
J. Roberts   Guitar
S.W. Smith   Guitar
Doug Weston   Accompaniment
Walter "Joe" Callahan   Guitar,Vocals
Chuck Darling   Harmonica,Soloist
Vander Everidge   Guitar
Gwen Foster   Harmonica
Salty Holmes   Guitar,Harmonica
Chick Hurt   Mandola
R. Mosley   Mandolin
Luke Brandon   Guitar
Tex Atchison   Fiddle
Garley Foster   Guitar,Harmonica
Will Gilmer   Fiddle
Lonnie Glosson   Guitar,Vocals
Dallas Jones   Guitar
Bert Layne   Fiddle,Tenor Banjo
Frankie Marvin   Steel Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy McCarroll   Fiddle
Hoke Rice   Guitar,Vocals
Fiddlin' Doc Roberts   Fiddle
Leonard Rutherford   Fiddle
Lowe Stokes   Fiddle
Doc Walsh   Banjo
Jim Wolverton   Banjo
Howard Wyatt   Banjo
Earl Wright   Track Performer
Ben Evans   Guitar
Glen Carpenter   Accompaniment
Hazel J. Lowery   Vocals
Hobart N. Ashley   Steel Guitar
Bud Landress   Fiddle,Vocals
Dick Justice   Guitar,Vocals
Byrd Moore   Guitar,Vocals
John Dykes   Fiddle
Anson Fuller   Fiddle
Billy Altizer   Fiddle
Clarence Ashley   Banjo,Guitar,Vocals
Kyle Wooten   Harmonica,Soloist
Richard Burnett   Banjo,Vocals
Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers   Fiddle
Jesse Johnson's Revue   Fiddle
Earl Johnson & His Dixie Entertainers   Fiddle,Vocals
Emmett Bankston   Banjo,Vocals
Homer Treat   Banjo
Jack "Happy Jack" Taylor   Bass
Rick Mitchell   Mandolin
Dan Pearson   Guitar
Norman Woodlief   Guitar
Walter "Kid" Smith   Vocals
Claude Davis   Guitar
George Edgin   Track Performer
J.W. Spangler   Fiddle
Dan Hornsby   Vocals
Hub Mahaffey   Guitar,Voices
John V. Kelly   Mandolin
Oddis Burgher   Banjo
Vanessa Edwards   Guitar
Bunk Lane   Piano
Carlton Freeny   Tenor Banjo
Nonnie Presson Smith   Vocals,Zither
Odell Smith   Fiddle
L.K. Sentell   Guitar
Neil Babb   Guitar,Vocals
Ray Barger   Guitar
Henry Bone   Harmonica
Hershal Brown   Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Noble "Bozo" Carver   Guitar
Henry Chamblie   Guitar,Vocals
Jess Chamblie   Fiddle
Leon Cofer   Banjo
Paul Cofer   Fiddle
Olfa Crowder   Guitar,Vocals
Ortize Crowder   Guitar,Vocals
Walter Davis   Guitar
Bill Dubois   Banjo
Melvin Dupree   Guitar
Ira Ellis   Fiddle
Walter Keith   Banjo
Fred Locklear   Mandolin
K.D. Malone   Clarinet
Marshall Nations   Guitar
Shelton Nations   Fiddle
Mahlon B. Overstreet   Guitar
John Patterson   Banjo
Joe Petry   Accompaniment
Ike Reaves   Fiddle
Brown Rich   Track Performer
Silas Rodgers   Fiddle
Fred Rumble   Guitar
Slim Smith   Guitar,Vocals
Myrtle Vermillion   Autoharp
Wally Wimbly   Guitar

Technical Credits

Gene Autry   Composer
Jerry Garcia   Composer
Robert Hunter   Composer
Bill Cox   Composer
Clarence Green   Composer
Phil Lesh   Composer
W.T. Narmour   Composer
S.W. Smith   Composer
Dick Justice   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Pat Harrison   Liner Notes
Bowman Sisters   Composer

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