Moving the Force: Desert Storm and Beyond: Institute for National Strategic Studies Mcnair Paper 32

Moving the Force: Desert Storm and Beyond: Institute for National Strategic Studies Mcnair Paper 32


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Without oil, no engine can run. Movement is the oil that enables America's military forces to sustain an operation, and nothing happens until something moves! As America's military priorities are reordered, the ability to move quickly, sustain forces anywhere in the world, and pre-position equipment and material near likely areas of crisis is more important than ever. Because of the apparent ease of movement during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, however, decision makers may, in the afterglow of the Desert Store victory, be prone to misinterpret the lessons of the Gulf War and fail t address movement capabilities properly for the Future. A good example is a recent Congressional decision to divert funds from salted improvement to the Army's afloat pre-positioning capability to the building of an amphibious assault ship. The capacity to foster global stability and defend our national interests depends upon correct long-range planning for transport. Logistics - especially mobility - has long been a bill payer for combat equipment, so perhaps a reappraisal is in order. Lessons of the Gulf War can help reshape America's defense transportation system for the post-Cold War era. Commitment to a balanced and unified mobility strategy should provide the most cost effective, rapidly deployable, and sustainable combat capability. Regional focus - particularly in a multiple-conflict scenario - and reduced forward presence will significantly increase America's reliance on movement in the future. Careful restructuring of military movement capabilities will lessen the risks of distance and time in an unstable world and contribute to the economic well-being of the nation. To do less might invite confrontation with adversaries willing to test the substance and purpose of our reach.

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