Musings II: A Continued Collection of Family Poems, Songs, Stories & Sayings

Musings II: A Continued Collection of Family Poems, Songs, Stories & Sayings

by R. L. Averette


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Musings II is a continuation of an earlier work, "Musings" that was released in 2007, like its predecessor, this book is compiled, written and dedicated to preserving the words uttered from the combined thoughts, sayings and writings of various family members throughout several generations of The Anderson Family, The Averette Family, The Buffkin Family, The Carter Family, The Daniels Family, The Duncan Family, The Gill Family, The Heath Family, The Henson Family, The LaGrone Family, The Leach Family, The Oliver Family, The Peoples Family, The Reed Family and The Thornton Family.

Unlike its predecessor, this volume will have a collection of photos of all the people whose thoughts, words, stories, etc. are written within both of the books. In this way, the authors hope to paint a mental picture within the readers minds as to what a certain person looked like, thus giving the reader a face to associate with the name that's listed beneath a given piece of work.

The authors of this book wish to express their heartfelt hope and prayers that this collection, as well as the previous collection, will help to continue to bless and uplift the aspirations of all the members of the families mentioned above, as well as all who read these profound words.

The authors also hope that these musings will go on to inspire future members of these families and others yet unborn and will challenge them to continue the legacy that has been set forth by the people whose thoughts and words are on the pages of this book.

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Pages: 168
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