My Favorite Lesbian Stories from Best American Erotica

My Favorite Lesbian Stories from Best American Erotica

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Some of the smartest erotic stories in the world just happen to be written by lesbians, women who changed the face of erotic lit. Susie Bright, founding editor of On Our Backs, Herotica, and the Best American Erotica series, presents a collection of lesbian sex lives that speak fearlessly, through every taboo, without any apologies.

Writers like Dorothy Allison, Lisa Montanarelli, Greta Christina, and Peggy Munson name names, get as close to any woman as they dare, and relish every deep stroke of their erotic pens…. There’s no holding back between women with one thing on their minds.

"Ellen, From Chicago" by Pat Williams, read by Pamella D'Pella
"PG Diary" by Linda Hooper, read by Theo McKell
"The Perfect Fit" by Katya Andreevna, read by Judith Smiley
"Behind the Mask" by Serena Moloch, read by Gabrielle de Cuir
"From Licking Our Wounds" by Elise D'Haene, read by Theo McKell
"The Manicure" by Nell Carberry, read by Theo McKell
"The Agent" by Jess Wells, read by Kathe Mazur
"Casting Couch" by Serena Moloch, read by Theo McKell and Kathe Mazur
"Penny Candy" by Andy Mathis, ready by Gabrielle de Cuir
"Back Hand" by Ernie Cornick, read by Judith Smiley
"The Babysitter" by Martha Miller, read by Gabrielle de Cuir
"Hombrecito" by Miriam Gurba, read by Gabrielle de Cuir
"What She Did with Her Hands" by Dorothy Allison, read by Candace Tate
"Vegan Lesbian Boarding School Hookers in Bondage" by Lisa Montanarelli, read by Elenna Stauffer
View From The Fourteenth Floor" by Greta Christina, read by Deleena Valdatti
"Loved It and Set It Free" by Lisa Montanarelli, read by Lenore Zann
"Fairgrounds" by Peggy Munson, read by Alyson Silverman
"Paradise City" by Bianca James, read by Elenna Stauffer
"Tennessee" by Patrice Suncircle, read by Pamella D'Pella
"Story of O Birthday Party" by Susie Bright, read by Susie Bright

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