My Grape Paris

My Grape Paris

by Laura Bradbury


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My Grape Paris takes fans of Laura Bradbury's Grape Series to the captivating world of Paris, where Laura has managed to organize an exchange year at the Sorbonne. Franck accompanies her, delighted to return to his native France. Over afternoons napping in an ancient Roman amphitheater and nights gallivanting around the Louvre, Laura dreams of becoming a sophisticated Parisian woman.However, Laura soon discovers that living in Paris is much more complicated than the fantasy. Besides inappropriate relatives and spiteful teachers, there are also questions that become impossible to ignore. Will Franck stay in Paris after Laura's stint at the Sorbonne is up? Is their Parisian year the final hurrah for their romance? Find out in My Grape Paris, as Laura confronts love and heartbreak in the city of lights.Praise for Laura Bradbury's Grape Series:"Bradbury's Grape Series feels like a series of honest and funny letters sent from a friend about her fascinating (and sometimes baffling) life in France. A beautiful read."-JANICE MACLEOD, New York Times bestselling author of Paris Letters and A Paris Year"Bradbury's Grape Series takes the reader on a romantic adventure into the heart, soul, and people of la belle France. Filled with delicious food, love, and laughter, Bradbury's writing proves that you have to dare to follow your heart wherever it leads you...and that sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zone to truly live."-SAMANTHA VÉRANT, author of How to Make a French Family and Seven Letters from Paris

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780995917309
Publisher: Laura Bradbury
Publication date: 04/25/2018
Series: Grape Series , #2
Pages: 446
Sales rank: 331,036
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.99(d)

About the Author

Bestselling author Laura Bradbury published her first book-a heartfelt memoir about her leap away from a prestigious legal career in London to live in a tiny French village with her Burgundian husband in My Grape Escape-after being diagnosed with PSC, a rare autoimmune bile duct/liver disease. Since then Laura has published three more books in the Grape series about her enchanting adventures in France, with more Grape books in the works. Laura also plans to delve into the worlds of romance and women's fiction. Ooh la la! Now living and writing on the West Coast of Canada with a new liver and three Franco-Canuck daughters (collectively known as "the Bevy"), Laura runs four charming vacation rentals in Burgundy with her husband, has an enviable collection of beach glass, and does all she can to support PSC awareness and research.

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My Grape Paris (Grape Series, #2) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oh my goodness....My Grape Paris, what a wonderful addition to the Grape series. Laura's way with words makes you believe you are in Paris alongside her, experiencing the delights (and challenges) of Paris. Her description of the food had me salivating, an inside view of the 'real' Paris.The blossoming love between Laura and Franck is delightful, and makes you fall in love with them yourself. The book is endearing, funny, witty and everything in between....I loved it. I cannot wait for the next book in the series and be more charmed by Laura's experiences of love and life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An absolutely delightful addition to the series! wonder where the next book will take us?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My Grape Paris is the latest installment in Laura Bradbury’s charming memoir series. If you’ve read her other books, you’ll feel like you’re catching up with an old friend. If not, you’ll quickly find yourself hooked. By turns funny, wry, thoughtful and sweet, it’s definitely an enjoyable read.
COJ More than 1 year ago
I’ve just spent a year in Paris. Or, at least I feel like I did, thanks to Laura Bradbury’s latest “Grape” installment. I am a fan of the entire series (I’ve read them all at least twice) and this one is a new favorite. As much as I tried to read it slowly, I couldn’t help myself. I devoured page after page, gobbling up Paris along the way. I smelled the food, heard the crispy crunch of the fresh croissants, felt the stifling summer heat and got a bit seasick on the Seine. Laura’s writing is so evocative of her ‘moment in time’ that I also suffered her youthful angst about her studies, her friends, her neighbors, her relationship and her future. This book was a joy to read and I will likely be re-reading it again in the near future but this time I will do it slowly, savoring every page. It will be a treat, to be sure.
PFoxx More than 1 year ago
Reading Laura Bradbury is like navigating a street in Paris through her eyes. Laura has incredible narrative skill and descriptive powers that put the reader directly into the place and time of her story. The brilliant memoir “My Grape Paris” has deepened my respect and awe of this ancient city with its wonderfully flawed, exuberant and stunning sites and inhabitants. Laura masterfully expresses the dreamy visions so many of us feel in our hearts when we think of Paris, City of Lights. This is the City that promises culture, creativity, originality and life. Laura’s experiences express the magic of the French people who are so utterly themselves. Thank you Laura Bradbury for sharing with your readers yet another amazingly, descriptive and masterful telling of the never ending story of Paris and all the possibilities that beckon. I encourage any reader not already familiar with Laura Bradbury’s other books about life in the smaller French villages and towns to acquire them immediately. Next create some fabulous cuisine, pour a lovely glass of soothing liquid and immerse yourself in the day to day world that is the modern experience of France .