Mystery Party Guide and Resources for Missing Birthday Cupcakes

Mystery Party Guide and Resources for Missing Birthday Cupcakes

by Marie Tabler


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You don't have to hire actors or memorize many lines to throw an exciting mystery party! This book offers the story, cue cards, party check-list, directions, and tips to create a successful thriller for tweens. There are also directions for a cute invitation! The resources in the printed book are meant to be cut out and used and can accommodate up to 20 guests. There is also a link to download and print additional resources if needed.

The mystery revolves around missing birthday cupcakes. Guest detectives (party-goers) have been invited to figure out what happened and who is guilty. This party works well for 5-20 guest detectives. If you have 6 or more guest detectives, you'll divide them into 3-5 teams. Each guest detective or team will be given an Official Report form with prepared questions for the guest detectives to ask the actors. Each actor will have prepared answers they can refer to on cue cards. You will need 6 people willing to act easy roles and answer the prepared questions from the guest detectives. At least two of the actors will need to know the short 1 page story. The four remaining roles are very easy, and can be learned in minutes. The officer, Detective Cakes, will facilitate the party and shoot "crime scene" photos while the guest detectives interview the actors (witnesses and suspects). It is very important that none of the guest detectives know the story beforehand.

Note: If you have more than 6 people wanting to be actors, the story will allow for a few more hunters.

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