National Parks

National Parks

by Quercus


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Traversing the United States from east to west, beginning with Acadia National Park in Maine, via Alaska and Hawaii, and ending with the National Park of American Samoa in the southern Pacific Ocean, this glorious tour celebrates the awe-inspiring beauty and breathtaking splendor of all 58 national parks. Travel writer and journalist Mel White’s expertly and affectionately written narrative describes the most significant geological features, plants and wildlife, local landmarks, and recreational activities within each national park. In this book, featuring more than 200 images taken by some of the world’s best photographers, every park is beautifully depicted and accompanied by a detailed map showing the main access routes and places of interest,
together with visitor information and contact numbers. To explore fully the range of biodiversity and geological features within all of the national parks would, of course, be the work of several lifetimes. However, The National Parks reveals a striking sample of the magnificent grandeur and vast diversity of America’s wilderness areas; celebrated parks such as Yellowstone or Grand Canyon National Park join lesser known and more remote areas such as Kobuk Valley National Park, located above the Arctic Circle, or Haleakala National Park in Hawaii. Featuring all of the national parks in the U.S., the pages of this book will open doors to understanding more about these stunning locations, perhaps inspiring travel or, at the very least, allowing the reader to witness the very best of America’s natural treasures through the stunning photography.

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