New Art Literacy Explained: Art and Technology Lectures for the 21st Century

New Art Literacy Explained: Art and Technology Lectures for the 21st Century

by Susan E. Pattishall

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I am very pleased to introduce New Art Literacy Explained - Art and Technology Lectures for the 21st Century, the new art and technology textbook recommended for K8-12 and above art classes. It is a 21st century guide that will take the reader smoothly into today’s world of art and technology. This is a satisfactorily comprehensive account of art and technology literacy needed to survive in today’s education and professional, computer-competent society. New Art Literacy Explained is the one e-textbook you will not want your school to be without. It is a deus-ex-machina must-have to help students learn art and technology literacy together. It will help pass college-readiness exams, but It is intensive enough for college art courses. 

New Art Literacy Explained has a companion website for contemplative tasks, Students who visit will enhance their creativity and critical thinking. This interactive e-textbook is focused for the 21st  century’s art and technology courses, careers, and environs.

_Susan E. Pattishall, BFA, M.Ed.


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ISBN-13: 9781684199020
Publisher: SignDreams
Publication date: 03/01/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 390
File size: 42 MB
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About the Author

Susan E. Pattishall has a Master of Education in Learning and Technology from Western Governors University. She earned a BFA from the International Academy of Design and Technology. She was born in Washington, DC. Susan has traveled and lived all over the US and she has lived overseas in the Philippine Islands. Currently, she resides in a house on the Delmarva Peninsula of Eastern Shore Maryland. She is the creator of, a web host and domain seller, and, a graphic design and digital advertising business. Susan enjoys fixing up her house, making websites, graphic design, writing, and painting in her spare time. She lives with her two cats, Oscar and Moon Beam.

Table of Contents


i. Cover

ii. Abstract

iii. Title page

iv. Copyright

v. Dedication

vi. Acknowledgments

I. Foreword

II. Introduction

III. Chapters

Chapter One - Metacognition
Review 1

Chapter Two - Converging Technologies
Review 2

Chapter Three - Why is Color on My Test?
Review 3

Chapter Four - Elements of Art
Review 4

Chapter Five - Principles of Design
Review 5

Chapter Six - Effective Timelines
Review 6

Chapter Seven - Image File Formats
Review 7

Chapter Eight - The 21st Century Art Lecture
Review 8

Chapter Nine - Needing and Using Color
Review 9

Chapter Ten - How a Computer Produces Color
Review 10

Chapter Eleven - Changes that Began Hi-Tech History and the Digital Age
Review 11

Chapter Twelve - Digital Age Artists
Review 12

Chapter Thirteen - Conclusion
Review 13

IV. Glossary (Terms Reference)

V. Philosophers, Artists, Color Theorists, Scientists, Inventors, and Entrepreneurs (Person Reference)

VI. The Four Canonical Painting Modes Developed During the Renaissance

VII. Afterword

VIII. Bibliography

IX. Image Index

X. Endnotes

XI. MakeTap

MakeTap 1

MakeTap 2

MakeTap 3

MakeTap 4

MakeTap 5

MakeTap 6

MakeTap 7

MakeTap 8

MakeTap 9

MakeTap 10

MakeTap 11

MakeTap 12


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