New Impossibilities [B&N Exclusive Version]

New Impossibilities [B&N Exclusive Version]

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Yo-Yo Ma and his Silk Road Ensemble are on the move again, trekking to Chicago for this live-performance CD, New Impossibilities. It's the latest offering in the cellist's ambitious Silk Road Project, which aims to explore musical crosscurrents along the ancient trade route stretching from the Far East to Europe. Ma gets plenty of help in this endeavor: A thesaurus of Asian instruments, from oud to pipa to shakuhachi, join Ma's cello, producing a menagerie of colorful sounds, and the estimable Chicago Symphony Orchestra pitches in on a few tracks, too. Fittingly, the album rounds up a virtual caravan of composers, including the Lebanese Rabih Abou-Khalil, the Argentine Osvaldo Golijov, the Chinese Zhou Long and Hai-Hai Huang, the Indian Sandeep Das, and the Iranian Kayhan Kalhor. Their music ranges across the expressive map, from Abou-Khalil's whirling Arabian Waltz to the whimsical equine imitations of Huang's Galloping Horses, and from the moving lamentation of Kahlor's Silent City to the cinematic thrill of the traditional Chinese Ambush from Ten Sides. Golijov is the best-known composer represented, with a handful of major-label albums in circulation, and his Night of the Flying Horses explores the folksy Eastern European styles of doina and klezmer, starting off poignantly and winding up joyfully, while Long's Song of the Eight Unruly Tipsy Poets is no less evocative, summoning the Chicago Symphony's descriptive powers to the fullest. To get an idea of Vocussion, imagine human voices imitating a freewheeling drum circle (including the tabla, an instrument given its due in Das's Shristi). It's a playful cross-cultural fusion that, along with a "hidden track" jamboree, closes the album on a good-humored note. What better way to bring home Ma's humane message of celebrating diversity through teamwork?

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Release Date: 07/31/2007
Label: Sony Classics
UPC: 0886971280524
catalogNumber: 12805


  1. Arabian Waltz, for oud, string quartet, tabla & frame drum
  2. Night of the Flying Horses, suite
  3. Galloping Horses, for pipa & bass
  4. Song of Eight Unruly Tipsy Poets, for string quartet & orchestra (from "Poems from Tang")
  5. Shristi, for voice, percussion & ensemble
  6. The Silent City, for kemancheh & string orchestra
  7. Ambush from Ten Sides, traditional melody (a.k.a. "Ambush on All Sides")
  8. Vocussion, for voices & percussion + Hidden Track
  9. Empty Mountain, Spirit Rain, for ensemble

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