New Tricks

New Tricks

by Kelly Moran


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Loving someone is something you never forget how to do . . .

Zoe Hornsby has enough on her plate. Her pet grooming business tucked inside her friends' veterinarian clinic is busy, and all her free time outside of work is dedicated to caring for her mother's ailing mind. Dating is certainly not on her agenda. For all she cares, the town gossips of Redwood Ridge, Oregon, can set their matchmaking sights on someone else. Because no way would she consider sexy veterinarian Drake O'Grady her perfect guy. Once upon a time, she may have harbored a little crush, but he'd only had eyes for her best friend. And the crazy attraction building between her and Drake now? Down boy, down.

After Drake lost his wife to cancer, he's finally clawed his way out of grief and beginning to feel more like a part of the human race. But he's appalled to learn his prying family thinks he's ready to jump in the dating pool. And the woman they thrust at him couldn't be more inappropriate. As his dead wife's best friend, Zoe is off limits. Even if they seem to share a common sadness, she is too potent a personality to get romantically tangled with. Yet she's making his heart beat and blood roar like he never thought it could again. And he doesn't want to just exist anymore . . .

Praise for the Redwood Ridge Romances!

"The chemistry is sizzling in this series opener."
-Library Journal

"Full of warmth and heart. Laced with humor, tenderness and heat, Puppy Love is a winner." -RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

"Puppy Love is a riveting romance that will pull at your heartstrings and not let go."
-Patrice Wilton, New York Times bestselling author

"Tender and emotional, Moran writes characters who touch your heart and romance that will take your breath away."-Marina Adair, #1 National bestselling author on Tracking You

"Tracking You is sunshine, inspiration, humor, and heart rolled into one small powerful package. One taste is never enough."
-Night Owl Reviews, 5 stars, Top Review Honors

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ISBN-13: 9781516102785
Publisher: Random House
Publication date: 09/26/2017
Series: Redwood Ridge Series , #3
Pages: 214
Sales rank: 1,156,329
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.49(d)

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"I'm going to kill you."

Drake O'Grady stopped dead in his tracks and pulled his cell away from his ear to glance at the screen.

Yep. It was definitely Zoe Hornsby who had called him, but that wasn't her voice. Not that she hadn't threatened to kill him before. She was usually more subtle about it than coming right out with it, though. Feisty, opinionated, and with a spine of steel, she was just attractive and smart enough to be a pain in his ass.

Wiping sweat from his brow with his forearm, he put the phone back to his ear and called her name. When she didn't respond, he sighed and glanced around, flustered. Always — always — she flustered him. Her favorite hobby.

Deep in a pocket of dense woods, he stood outside his cabin and caught his breath after a three-mile run. All he wanted was a shower, a beer, and two hours of ESPN. He inhaled brine from the Pacific a few miles away that mingled with pine and moss from the forest. Dusk had come and gone, and the residual humidity made oxygen exchange nearly impossible.

Or maybe that was worry. His heart tripped behind his ribs in the off-chance Zoe didn't have things under control. It sounded like he was on speaker phone. Crashes and screams and glass shattering emitted through the ear piece. Which meant Zoe's mom was having a rough night. And judging by Zoe's lack of response, she'd ...

"Pocket-dialed me again." Drake glanced at his faithful German Shepherd, Moses, sitting by his feet, tongue lagging from their nightly run. If dogs could shrug, his just did.

Though he and Zoe had been friendly since they were both in diapers, and they worked together at the animal clinic where she was a groomer and he a veterinarian, he hated to get involved. Zoe was fiercely independent and she'd been handling her mother's early onset dementia diagnosis the past few years better than a saint.

"Mama, please."

Drake's gut clenched at the weary tone in Zoe's voice. Heart pounding, he teetered in the decision to butt in or not. She'd probably maim him for the effort. Damn it, anyway. Unable to stand it, he whistled for Moses and opened the front door to let the dog inside.

"I'll be right back. Don't drink all the beer while I'm gone."


"I heard that."

T-shirt soaked with sweat and muscles protesting the lack of cool-down stretches, he climbed behind the wheel of his truck. Disconnecting the call, he stared out his windshield, ground his molars, and shoved the vehicle in gear. He'd be in and out of her place in ten minutes. Then he could continue his fun-filled Friday night. Alone.

He drove the long, winding private road past his brothers' Flynn and Cade's houses, then his mother's, and continued to the main strip in their small town of Redwood Ridge. Folks were out enjoying the Oregon summer, eating ice cream and walking the cobblestone sidewalks. Old world lampposts lit the way, emitting a yellowish glow against the stars.

Truck at a crawling speed, he strummed his fingers on the wheel, avoiding eye contact with passersby. Eye contact meant encouragement to ... chat. He shuddered.

After a few blocks and a handful of quick turns, he was in Zoe's subdivision. This older part of town consisted of gingerbread houses and postage-stamp yards teeming with flower boxes. Fireflies blinked over the neatly trimmed lawns. He pulled into her driveway, cut the engine, and strode up the porch steps.

In and out.

Screeching came from the other side of the door, and he rubbed the back of his neck while he waited for her to answer his knock. As he was about to pound again, the door swung wide.

All five foot four of her stood framed in the doorway. She was a bitty thing, though one would never recognize that fact with all her attitude. Wearing a pair of jean cut-offs and a white tank top, she cocked her hip.

And Jesus. Was a bra too much to ask? Avoiding the nipples poking out to bid him hello, he kept his gaze trained on her hazel eyes. Sometimes green, sometimes gray or blue, they were outlined by dark lashes and too big for her narrow face. Her once light brown, shoulder-length hair was pinned up in a messy knot, and was now a ridiculous shade of pink. For a year, she'd been dyeing it unnatural colors. Why, he hadn't a clue.

"It's not a good time, Drake."

To emphasize her point, something crashed inside the house.

"No kidding."

"Zoe? Zoe, honey." From the house beside Zoe's, her neighbor stepped out the front door, leaned over the porch rail, and wrung a towel in her hands. Distressed guilt was fraught all over her young face. "I just got the kids to sleep. Is there any hope your mom will calm down soon?"


Closing her eyes, Zoe sighed. Shoulders deflating, she poked her head out her own front door. "I'm sorry, Mary. I'm trying."

"I know. I know you are, honey." She bit her lip. "Can I do anything?"

Drake would give her neighbors this, at least. They were good people who helped as much as they could. Except the deep caverns under Zoe's eyes and the fact she seemed thinner than ever could attest that no amount of aid was enough. Her mother had been declining at a rapid rate this past year, and Zoe was doing everything in her power to keep her at home. And killing herself in the process.

"Thank you. I'm okay." She crossed her arms and waited to speak until the other woman had gone back inside. "The pharmacy screwed up our refill request and I had to wait an hour. Thus, she's getting the sedative later than usual. With her sundowning as bad as it is, she's past confused and irate. I can't get her to take the pills."

He nodded. Sundowning — a common term for people with Alzheimer's and dementia — had been Zoe's worst enemy. Confusion tended to increase later in the day, ergo the term. Stepping around her, he walked inside, taking in a tossed coffee table and lamp on the bare wood floor. Around the divider island, her kitchen floor was littered with spaghetti.

She followed his gaze. "That's what kicked off the festivities. She claimed I was trying to poison her. Feng shui via pasta. Has a nice look."

At least she still had her sense of humor.

She scrubbed a hand over her tired face. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"You called me."

Her brow wrinkled in that adorable defiant way it used to as a child. "I did not."

"Pretty sure you did." Since they were about to get into a he said/she said battle of kindergarten wits, he grabbed her shoulders, spun her around, and fished her cell out of her back pocket. He held up her phone and raised his brows.

"I pocket-dialed you again. Sorry." She took the phone back and set it down. A blush crept up her neck, and he felt like a dickhead for embarrassing her. It was a rare sight, indeed. She squared her shoulders as if channeling her last diva reserve. "Unless it was an excuse for you to touch my ass."

And there was the Zoe who made his temples throb and his left eye twitch.

He narrowed his eyes in warning even though she was only baiting him. "I have never touched your ass."

"You just did."

"To get your ..." He drew a slow, deep inhale for patience. "Why do I bother?"

An eye roll, and she waved off the argument. "Relax. It's the most action I've seen in awhile. I should thank you."

He snapped his jaw shut to avoid putting his foot in his mouth. Four years ... For four years he'd been living in an almost near state of numb autopilot. A ghost among the living. His wife Heather's death from ovarian cancer had left a gaping hole where love used to be, had killed hope. And in all that time since, the woman before him had been the only one to arouse any kind of emotion.

Irritation mostly, but emotion just the same.

Catherine came into view from down the short hallway. A wrinkled nightgown was all she wore and it slipped off one shoulder. Her hair was the same shade of Zoe's natural color and they shared similar waifish body types. Before the disease had taken her mind, Catherine had raised Zoe alone, making her the independent, self-assured woman she was today. Add to that, they'd been more friends than mother-daughter.

Hollow bewilderment and a trace of fear were all that radiated in Cat's eyes now. His stomach bottomed out at the shell she'd become. If he was this wrecked after five seconds in the same room, he could only imagine how it was affecting Zoe. He'd watched Heather slowly fade, get sicker, and it was the hardest damn thing he'd ever done.

"Oh crap." Zoe grabbed his arms, startling him. She stepped in front of him and blocked his route to her mother.

Catherine raised her arm.

"Duck —" A book flew across the room and into Zoe's back. She sucked in a harsh breath and pinched her eyes closed, then dropped her forehead to his chest. "Damn, that hurt. She's been throwing things all night."

He froze, shocked out of his shoes that Catherine had shown any signs of violence. She'd yelled and rearranged a room burglary-style, but he'd never witnessed aggression like this directed at her daughter. He stared at the paperback that landed at his feet.

Zoe's light scent of lavender filled his nose, swirled around them, and reminded him of their position. He held his hands up in surrender at her unexpected touch. It had been a long time since he'd had even accidental contact. He tried to regulate his breathing, get a grip on just what his reaction was, then snapped out of it.

Anger sent his pulse hammering. Holding her at arm's length, he ground his jaw. "Did you just shield me? What the hell, Zoe?" He raked his gaze over her pained expression. "Are you all right?" The way her fingers dug into his forearms said no.

"I'm fine." Slowly, she straightened with a wince. "Mama, look who came for a visit."

Knowing his role, he offered a smile and took a step away. "Hey, Cat. I'm home." For whatever reason, she was more comfortable with men than women. The past year especially, she'd regressed to a time in her memory before Zoe, and often thought Drake — or any other male she came in contact with — was her uncle.

Cat's confused gaze leveled on him and softened. "Jimmy?"

He eyed Zoe and spoke out of the corner of his mouth. "Who's that?" Cat's brother's name was Ed.

"I think it's my dad," she whispered.

He faced her fully, not liking the mask she'd donned to hide her true feelings. "I thought you never met your father." Far as he knew, Zoe didn't even know the guy's name.

"I haven't. He took off while she was pregnant and didn't come back. But by the way she brings up his name and the things she says, it's a logical leap."

He nodded, wondering what to do now. "Where are her meds?"

"On the kitchen table in a cup."

"Jimmy? Is that you?"

Smiling, he stepped over to Cat and cupped her shoulders. "It's me. It's very late. How about I tuck you in and we can talk tomorrow?"

She appeared to be thinking it over, her gaze darting around. "I guess that would be okay." She glared at Zoe through hell-hath-no-fury eyes. "Who's this tramp?"

The moment the words must've sunk in, Zoe swallowed hard and hung her head. "I'm your new neighbor. I just dropped off a plate of cookies." Her voice broke near the end and she cleared her throat. "I'll leave you alone."

With dejection radiating off her in waves, she shuffled into the kitchen. It took everything inside him to keep up the charade and not follow. Everyday. She did this day in and day out.

He took the cup of pills off the kitchen table and, with a hand at Cat's elbow, walked her to the bedroom. She'd torn the place apart. Dresser drawers were pulled out, clothing everywhere. The bedding was in a pile in the corner.

Quickly, he righted what he could and convinced her to swallow the meds. After he got her tucked in, he sat at her hip for a moment to ensure she stayed there. Zoe needed a few damn minutes of peace.

"I can't believe you're here, Jimmy. I missed you."

The only thing harder than watching someone in this state had to be living in it. His throat tight, he smiled. "Me, too. You should get some rest."

Her lids drooped. "I think we should name the baby Diane. Or maybe Zoe." She yawned, eyes shut.

Guess that meant this Jimmy guy was Zoe's dad. It took a special breed of asshole to leave a pregnant woman and never look back. No child support. No birthday cards. And now she was stuck, alone, taking care of her mother.

"Zoe's a wonderful name." She was a hell of a person as well, much as they got under one another's skin.

Once he made his way down the hall, he noted Zoe had the spaghetti mess cleaned up and the coffee table righted. It was a cute little house. She'd grown up here and moved back in after her mother's diagnosis. But the place didn't fit Zoe's personality, not like her old apartment. Blue and pink striped drapes, floral-print couches, scarred pine tables.

He found her at the kitchen table, picking at a bowl of pasta. "She's asleep."

"Thank you." Refusing to look at him, she stared at the food. Silence stretched. "Are you hungry?"

"No." He pulled out a chair and sat next to her.

"The spaghetti is from the pot, not the floor." A dare lit her eyes.

He shook his head, his attempt at a smile failing miserably.

How many times had she been there for him, and he couldn't think of a proper thing to say. She'd been Heather's best friend and a damn good one to him. He wasn't a guy of many words, but Zoe was the only person who rendered him speechless. Always had, in fact. Not quite nerves, per se, but something uncanny anyway.

Crossing his fingers, he stacked his hands on top of his head. "I believe you're right about Jimmy being your father." He paused. "Have you ever tried looking for him?"

A noise resembling a dry laugh burst from her lips. "I have no interest. He couldn't bother to stick. I don't need him."

Drake whole-heartedly agreed.

Her cat bumped his leg and, happy to have something to focus on, he picked up the white ball of fur to set in his lap. Cotton, she'd name the thing. Poor guy had probably been hiding during all the commotion. "He's due for a distemper vaccination soon, isn't he?"

"Probably. I'll have Avery put him on Cade's schedule."

Avery was their office manager and his youngest brother's wife. Cade did most of the in-house clients at their veterinarian clinic. Flynn, his other brother, made house calls and traveled. Drake was the surgery vet, though he saw patients two days a week for appointments, like Flynn.

"I'll bring a vaccination over next week." She had enough on her plate. "Do an exam, too."

Her gaze whipped to his. Held.

He didn't know what to make of her expression or the way it made his stomach shift, so he eyed the cat. Cotton batted his arm in a silent demand for attention. Complying, Drake stroked the furball, letting the rumble of his purr settle him.

Zoe pushed her bowl away, not eating a bite. "I'm going to need to soundproof the house at this rate. Mama's getting louder. And worse. I'm lucky the neighbors haven't called the cops yet."

Jesus. "Zoe —"

"Don't." Her full lips thinned into a line. "Not you, too. I promised her I'd keep her at home. You did for Heather."

They hadn't outright said her name in so long it jarred him for a beat. "Heather had terminal cancer. Your mom's body is fine. It's her mind that's gone. One of these days, she could really ..."

"What? Hurt me? She'd never —"

"She threw a book at you tonight." He closed his eyes to calm his temper, cool his tone. This situation wasn't Zoe's fault anymore than it was Cat's. Fifty-five years old, and her life was gone. "She's not the same woman who raised you. This person doesn't know you. She's confused, scared. Not even she could've known how bad it would get."

Abruptly standing, she sent the chair across the floor. Her back to him, she walked her bowl to the sink. "I can't put her away, Drake."

No, she wouldn't. Not even at the risk to herself. Loyal to a fault. He couldn't blame her. If it were his mother, he'd do the same thing. He hated seeing her like this, though. Tough as nails Zoe Hornsby, reduced to a wilted balloon.

"I should go." He rose and set the cat on the floor, surprised he didn't really want to leave. "I'll see you at the game tomorrow." Their clinic had teamed up years ago with some of the doctors and nurses from urgent care to start a softball league every summer. Tomorrow, they played the firefighters and police officers.

Her gaze skimmed over him as if seeing him for the first time all evening. "Why are you wet and sweaty?"

"Your call interrupted my nightly run."

"Oh. You're welcome, then."

Smartass. "You know, some exercise might do you some good."


Excerpted from "New Tricks"
by .
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New Tricks 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Suze-Lavender More than 1 year ago
Zoe loves her job. She has a pet grooming business inside the veterinarian clinic run by her best friends. She loves working with the people she likes the most. However, life at home is difficult. Her mother has early onset dementia and caring for her is becoming increasingly difficult. Zoe is struggling, not only with her mother's illness, but also with her own future. She doesn't want to date anyone because of her baggage, but what if fate decides it's time for her to find love after all? Drake is finally ready to face life again. Cancer took his wife from him and this shattered his heart. They were together since high school and Drake has never dated anyone else. His family thinks he's ready to start living again and Zoe, his late wife's best friend, seems to be the perfect candidate to help him with this. Zoe is a force to be reckoned with, she's a woman who keeps Drake on his toes. Is he ready for someone like that after years of quiet grief? Zoe is his friend and his rock, could there be more between them? New Tricks is a moving romantic story. Both Zoe and Drake have been through a lot already. They're still young, but life has brought them plenty of sadness and difficulties. They're both kindhearted people who love fiercely and that is what makes them such a good match. There's plenty of chemistry, but there are also many obstacles. I was really curious to find out what would happen when they'd finally admit their feelings to each other and read their story in one sitting because of it. Kelly Moran has a warm and vivid writing style. She effortlessly makes her stories come to life. I love how she describes the personalities of her main characters, people and pets. She knows them through and through and this makes me feel incredibly close to them. I like reading about their interesting quirks and fascinating flaws. It's the good and the bad together that is making her characters so endearing. She combines this with plenty of empathy, multiple layers and an emotional journey to find true love. New Tricks is a wonderful mesmerizing story.
DebsIN More than 1 year ago
If the blurb peaks your interest, the reality of reading it will exceed your expectations. "New Tricks" is a story of friendship, sadness, happiness, love, loss, laughter and more. These are just some of the emotions that can be felt while reading this book. The author writes in such a way, while adding tiny important details, that brings the story to life. Details of Drake and Zoe finding love in each other after their loss takes the reader on a journey of life in smalltown U.S.A. I laughed and cried while turning the pages to watch Drake and Zoe get their HEA. Have the tissues ready, you may need them. I did and look forward to reading more from Kelly Moran. I would like to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for gifting me "New Tricks". My opinion is my own. This is mine. 5 Stars!
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
Yes, this will is me, blubbering through yet another emotional review for a Kelly Moran book, but as long as she keeps writing them, I am pretty sure I will be blubbering... Because I am having a serious author crush on her and her writing style to take the stories so deep to the dark corners of the human mind, to the hidden emotions that make us so vulnerable, to the depth of the passion and adoration that makes lovers inseparable... And in New Tricks she touches an issue within a family that had me floored from the chapter one - the (early set) dementia and its consequences on any family it touches, and the tough, wrenching labor of love it is for the family members to witness it and take care of those who suffer from it. The moments with Zoe's mom are filled with love and respect, yet so realistic and painful, as are the conflicted feelings Zoe has about her mother's care. The whole cast of characters won me over in the book one of the series, and even though these stories are standalone novels, the family is important to all of them, and thus all the members are playing an important role in each book. I have been waiting to read about Drake and Zoe, to see how they manage to find their way to a romantic relationship, how they will get over Heather's death, and the part she played in their lives. And it is a touching, beautiful, intense road, that had more roadblocks than expected, yet so filled with true love and scorching passion it had me smiling, sighing, swooning, and tearful through the night as I inhaled the story on one emotion-filled swoop. Drake O'Grady is the hot, brooding, oldest brother and surgeon vet, and a widow. His high school sweetheart passed away four years ago, and it had taken Drake years to find the way out of the foggy existence of grief. His anchor and dear friend through it all, Zoe, is suddenly waking up feelings in him that baffle and scare him, while intriguing and alluring him to find out more. The battle to let go of the past was getting easier each day, now he just had to convince Zoe that the one he wanted to build future with was right there in front of him the whole time. Zoe Hornsby is one tough, capable, colorful, independent lady. I admired her, I adored her, I wanted to be like her. She faces the storms of life head-on, showing no fear even though it is festering inside. She has a tender, loving, loyal heart, yet there aren't many she is willing to show it or admit its existence to. She works hard, she takes care of her mother, she has given up her own life, her own goals, and dreams and even her teenage crush, yet she is no martyr, there is not an ounce of bitterness in her. The connection and chemistry between Zoe and Drake are tangible and something so special, tender, sweet, hot, and sensuous it took my breath away. Yes, it is an emotional journey, yet the emotions touch the whole range from joy and jubilee to raw pain and fear. Yet again the author has managed to stun me with the amount of emotional depth she manages to put into a story. The natural flow of the story keeps the mind hooked to the tale, the allure of the fascinating characters is strong, the road to happily ever after lined with both beauty and barries, and there're pets, cute, doting doggies and cats...! ~ Five Spoons!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Made me laugh and cry. For those of us with a family history of Alzheimer' touched my heart.
Honolulubelle More than 1 year ago
My Rating: 4.5 Steamy and Heart-Squeezing Stars Favorite Quotes: And you call yourself my friend. Get out of my house. And don’t come back without cupcakes or tequila. Zoe was dangerously close to hyperventilating. Her lungs had shrunken to prunes and her throat was tighter than Spanx. He was man enough to admit he couldn’t handle her. With a passing glance, she had the ability to make a guy weep, beg for mercy, eat out of the palm of her hand, lose all thought process, shrivel his goods, and have him believe he wanted all of it. I’ve talked to animals the same way all my life. Identical to how I converse with men— slowly and with as few syllables as possible. Whatever you posted, just take it down. You’re like a geriatric small town version of Gossip Girl, and I’m fed up. My dentist was like, you need a crown, and I was all like, I know, right? A sparkly one. My Review: I have enjoyed each of the three books in this engaging series although New Tricks was the most emotive, angsty and melancholy of the three as both main characters had experienced significant trauma and loss. I reveled in the cranky Drake coming alive again after mourning his wife for four years and was thrilled it was Zoe who caused his heart to thump. Zoe’s situation squeezed my heart, as her dilemma is a very real and relevant concern for many. I adore Kelly Moran’s vivid and expressive writing style, for example, she described Drake’s eyes as, “the shade of forbidden chocolate.” And I enjoyed the amusing banter and updates of the continuing stories of the siblings and co-workers from previous books as well as the Battleaxes who also return to meddle, gossip, and stir up small-town drama.
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
Loved this story, packed full of emotion that I could not put down. Zoe has always secretly loved Drake, but her best friend married him instead. Drake loss his wife to cancer a few years back and now he is ready to live again. Zoe and Drake have been friends forever but both with so much on their plates, not looking for love. Zoe has been taking care of her mother with early onset dementia and does not have time and she is afraid to move on. They soon find this mutual attraction and chemistry that they can no longer fight off. This was a book that I could not put down. Great characters with real life difficulties. My only recommendation is to have a box of kleenex close by, happy and sad tears!! I highly recommend this book.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
LOVED!!! This is a wonderfully written story with so much emotion it made my heart swell. Drake and Zoe are fabulous characters and their story is one of healing and learning to live and love again. After the loss of his wife to cancer Drake O'Grady never thought he would love again. He has to admit though that being alone is hard. Maybe he's ready to get out and have fun again but dating - no way! Dating Zoe Hornsby = absolutely no way. She was his wife's best friend so there is no way he could be attracted to her. Is there? Zoe has enough on her plate without adding a man to her life. With her own dog grooming business and an ailing mother to care for she has all she can handle. An attraction to Drake isn't something she can deal with right now. Yet there is something there that won't go away. This is one for the must read list. I highly recommend it.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
New Tricks was delightfully surprising. I had expected to feel bad for Drake as a widower but I really empathized with Zoe having been through similar circumstances with my mother in-law. I absolutely fell for Zoe and enjoyed watching Drake do the same. For a heartwarming tale filled with love and new beginnings this is the book for you.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
So much, so very much in this story – and – all of it so very rich, touching and terrifically told. Zoe and Drake have lost so much over the years and so deserve happiness but it is not easily achieved for either one of them. I could not put this book down once I picked it up and I did not want the book to end because I wanted to find out what will happen next in Redwood Ridge. Drake lost his wife – a woman he loved dearly – and is coming back from grief. Zoe lost her best friend and is dealing with her mother’s chronic illness with personal issues impeding her move to a HEA. Zoe and Drake have been friends since they were born, went to school together, work together and after three decades may have a chance to be more than friends…maybe. This book (and series) deals with issues that are heavy – autism, deafness, death, loss, Alzheimer ’s disease…and more. It also talks of family, friends, support, caring, sharing, communication, community and made me want to immerse myself in the Redwood Ridge community. Heartwarming, thought provoking, intense and oh so much more…this is a great book in a wonderful series – I am so glad I found this author! Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books-Lyrical Press for the ARC – This is my honest review.
ytcruz More than 1 year ago
Though I missed book one of this series, I read and loved book 2, Tracking Love. When the opportunity arise to read this one, I jumped on it. I am so very glad I did. This is the story of Zoe and Drake. A touching story about two individuals whose life has been intertwined since birth. One has loved the other romantically since she was 16 . The other fell in love with her best friend. When tragedy strikes their friendship strengths but the lose is constantly felt. The plot is well developed and you will love both Zoe and Drake. She is tough on the outside, but tender and insecure on the inside. She puts everyone first and forgets Zoe. Drake is an old soul who displays emotions and is willing to take chances if it means finding happiness again. No matter if it’s long term or short term. Special thanks to the author, Ms Moran, for the manner in which she presents the effects Alzheimer’s Disease has not only on the patient but on their loved ones. Heartbreaking, but she did an excellent job. As well as the way she shows us a family with an autistic child. Hard on everyone but in both cases, loving these individuals does make a difference. I can see Hailey , the young child, thriving. Only a talented author with a great deal of sensibilities can do such an outstanding job. For that, again, thank you , Ms Moran. I will miss this series but hope the author treats us soon to more wonderful stories. I was gifted this book by Netgalley and the publisher. the opinions expressed are solely my own.