No B.S.Trust-Based Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Trust in an Understandably UN-Trusting World

No B.S.Trust-Based Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Trust in an Understandably UN-Trusting World

by Dan S. Kennedy, Matt Zagula


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“ My research shows we are heading into a major shake-out in business that will determine the leaders for decades to come. This will REQUIRE creative marketing and positionin, and there is no better source than Dan Kennedy on this topic. His book No B.S. Guide to Trust-Based marketing is rich with vital insights.” -Harry S. Dent, Jr., author, The Great Crash Ahead

Trust Between Consumers and Businesses is Gone
Here's How to Fix It

Internationally recognized “millionaire maker,” Dan S. Kennedy, joined by entrepreneur and financial consultant, Matt Zagula, show you how to break down the barriers caused by the “trust no one” mantra invading every customer’s mind today.

They deliver an eye-opening look at the core of all business—trust, and teach you the secrets to gaining it, keeping it, and using it to build competitive differentiation, create price elasticity, attract more affluent clients, and inspire referrals. You'll get the essential strategies required to build trust in an understandably untrusting world, and in turn, attract both business and profits.

• 8 ways to demonstrate trustworthiness to prospective clients
• The #1 secret desire of today’s untrusting prospects—how to understand it, respond to it, and use it to transform marketing, prospecting, and presentations
• How to avoid dumb mistakes that scream “salesman” to prospects
• Why “Where can I find clients?” is the wrong question. The right question is: How can I construct a business persona and life so that clients seek me out, with trust in place in advance?
• How to keep products, services and prospects away from the avalanche of competitive and confusing information online
• The incorrect assumption that trust is built by imparting information and knowledge and a breakthrough technique to replace this mistake

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ISBN-13: 9781599184401
Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
Publication date: 07/10/2012
Series: NO BS Series
Pages: 240
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Table of Contents

Preface: What If Everything You Were Taught and Believed About Successfully Connecting with Your Clients Was Wrong? Dan Kennedy ix

Chapter 1 Trust-Based Marketing as the Path to Wealth Dan Kennedy 1

"But My Business Is Different…" 4

Trust, Relationship, Equity, and Wealth 5

Let's Go Through a Consulting Session on this 6

A Wealth Secret from Warren Buffett 7

Your Navigational System 9

What Do People Really Exchange Money for? 9

Chapter 2 Trust Without Trying Is No Longer Enough Dan Kennedy 13

Much Undeserved Trust Occurs 13

Where Trust Comes from 15

Trust as Supreme Marketing Advantage 16

How Does Trust Affect Buying Decisions? 18

Trust Is Rarely Rational 19

The Trust Virus 19

Chapter 3 Underestimating the Difficulty of the Task Dan Kennedy 25

The Fears that Face Them 27

The Problem Isn't Just Distrust of Salespeople 28

A Tactical Suggestion: The Positive Power of Negative Preparation 31

One More Warnings: The Trouble with True Superiority 31

Entitlement Doesn't Work in the Marketplace 32

You Simply Can't Rely on Entitlement in the Marketplace 33

Chapter 4 What Do Clients Really Want to Know? Dan Kennedy 35

Into the Repair Shop We Go. Roll Up Your Sleeves 37

A Valuable Tactical Exercise 55

Chapter 5 How Not to be Another Salesman Dan Kennedy 57

If It Looks Like a Salesman, Walks Like a Salesman, and Quacks Like a Salesman, Hey, It's a Salesman! 58

The Top Ten Ways People Know You're a Dangerous Salesman 60

Trust-Based Marketing Requires Selling via Media Without Screaming "Salesman" 62

The Power of the Principle of the Delayed Sale 65

Tactical Exercise: Differentiate or Die! 68

Chapter 6 The Suze Orman Factor Matt Zagula 69

Chapter 7 Publish or Perish Dan Kennedy Matt Zagula 75

Don't Turn Molehills into Mountains 80

Tactical Advice: How to Get Your Book Done, Right, Fast (Even if You Think You Can't Write) 81

Why Promotional Publishing Is So Important 82

Chapter 8 All Media Is Not Equal: High-Trust vs. Low-Trust Media Online vs. Offline Media Dan Kennedy 87

Online vs. Offline 89

Media Integration, for One and All 95

Offline Media's Superiority in Creating Trust 97

Chapter 9 Creating Trust Online-Pipe Dream? Matt Zagula 101

The Choice: Brand/Image Like Almost Everybody Else or Interested Prospects Inviting You In 104

Chapter 10 Don't Get Google Slapped Matt Zagula 107

Nothing Stops Trust in Its Tracks Faster Than the Google Slap 108

Here's the Foolproof Way to Avoid the Slap 112

Chapter 11 How Familiarity Breeds Trust Dan Kennedy 115

Small = Speed to Familiarity 122

There's Science Behind All This 124

Chapter 12 The Unmatched Power of Affinity Dan Kennedy 139

Matchmaking 140

Birds of a Feather Really Do Flock Together 145

Tactical Opportunity: A Trust-Based Marketing Tool: "Find Yourself Here…" 147

A Remarkably Simple Tactical Example of the Power of Affirnity 156

The Power Formula: Affinity + Specific Reason Why 157

Chapter 13 Establishing and Asserting Your Authority Dan Kennedy 159

Why and How Unique Authority May Be Your Gold Key 162

How Authority Governs Income 164

Tactical Advice 165

Chapter 14 The Power of Prescription Dan Kennedy 173

Why Doesn't Your Selling Work Like This? 174

How Matt Zagula and I Position to Prescribe 175

If You Want to Argue That Your Business Is Different … 177

What Place Do You Want, in Your Prospect's Mind? 181

Chapter 15 It's Not What You Say, It's What They Hear Dan Kennedy 183

Being Heard as You Want to Be Heard, When Speaking from a Distance Away 185

Chapter 16 Trust Language: The Book Only You Can Write, That Only You Will Read, That Can Make You Rich Dan Kennedy 193

Hospital Administrators 194

Accountants 198

The Reason So Few Are at the Top and a Piece of Tactical Advice 200

Chapter 17 Astound and Amaze with The Houdini Factor and the Power of Dramatic Demonstration Dan Kennedy 207

The Houdini Effect and the Power of Dramatic Demonstration 209

A Personal Trick of Mine, Revealed Here, for the First Time 212

The Dramatic Demonstration of Psychic Empathy and Understanding 213

Why Does the Right Kind of Dramatic Demonstration Create and Support Trust? 215

Chapter 18 The Role of Proof Dan Kennedy 217

Proof of Concept 219

Proof of Personal Relevance 220

Proof of Promised Benefits and Outcomes 221

Proof of Superiority 222

Preponderance of Proof 222

Chapter 19 The Cache Client as Its Own Form of Proof Dan Kennedy 225

Chapter 20 Risk Reversal Dan Kennedy 231

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Risk Reversal 234

The Relationship of Risk Reversal and Price/Fee Elasticity 236

Two Pieces of Tactical Advice 239

Chapter 21 The Power and Hazard of Leadership Position Dan Kennedy 241

"Most Recommended" Leadership Position 244

How to "Borrow" Leadership Position 245

How to Buy Leadership Position 247

How to Best Use Owned Leadership Position 249

Chapter 22 The Power of Exclusivity Matt Zagula 251

An Example of Acceptance at Work 255

The Ultimate Marketing Media Available to You via Exclusivity and Acceptance 256

Chapter 23 How Do You Know If You Are Succeeding at Trust-Based Marketing? Dan Kennedy 259

How Many Endless Chains Do You Own? 260

Dare to Compare-Do You Measure Up? 261

Resources: Master Checklist of Trust Triggers 263

About the Authors 265

Index 267

Free Offer 273

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