Nook Tablet Cover with Tab in Midnight Blue

Nook Tablet Cover with Tab in Midnight Blue

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This cover was custom designed for your NOOK Tablet® 7” tablet. The sleek design makes it easy to fully access to all controls on your device while on the go! Protect your screen against scratches, dust, and dirt by using the magnetic tab to securely close the cover while out of use.

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UPC: 9780594918332
Manufacturer: Barnes & Noble
Publication date: 04/15/2018

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Nook Tablet Cover with Tab in Midnight Blue 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
g_colleen More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this cover. I did not buy my cover online. I bought my cover at the local Barnes & Nobel store so that I could see the quality 1st hand. I couldn't justify spending more for the cover than the 7" nook tablet but I still wanted something with a little quality. This cover is thin but fairly sturdy. The slim style makes it easy to take along in your bag or laptop case. The magnetic snap holds the cover closed securely. I actually have two 7" nook tablets because they are so affordable and the perfect size. I'm going back to the local store to buy another cover for my 2nd nook. I love online shopping but there is nothing like browsing the shelves of a real book store.
Saint-GermainBS 8 months ago
I bought this cover in Mar 2019 to replace the one I bought along with my NOOK Tablet 7 in Dec 2016. The first cover became worn, so I purchased this one. PRO: This cover is lighter. CON: This cover does NOT have the hinged two-way stands like the first one, and which I really use. As a result, I put this one back in the box and retrieved my old cover. It looks like h-e-double hockey sticks, but it is more practical for needs.
Tark1010 3 months ago
I purchased the cover for my Nook 7 at the same time. And it is made of true quality and is very light and love the fact that it does come in different colors. Perfect fit provides cover against scratches and keeping the screen dust free. Highly recommend to anyone. Thanks
PKilli 4 months ago
Bought this to use on my new NOOK. I had a first generation NOOK with a BN/NOOK cover (leather, by the way). It lasted years. This new case that I just bought, two monthes ago, is plastic. It cost half of what I paid fro my new NOOK. The case is cheap garbage. It has a magnet closure tab. Two weeks ago the magnet fell out, somewhere, and now the strap hangs free. It now also gets cought up on other things. Called BN Customer Service and was told "Sorry there is nothing we can do". No replacement magnet, no replacement case. "Sorry we can't do anything." Guess I'll now have to get a generic case for AMAZON for 1/4th the cost.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Have had my nook for 4 months and love it. Bought this cover and highly recommend it. The back cover is a hard "shell" that the nook secures into perfectly. The front flap is sturdy with a good magnetic closer - the cover offers decent protection without adding a ton of bulk. Also you have access to all your nook ports/plug ins, so I have never had to remove the nook from the cover - well designed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought one of these covers for my new Nook 7, thi8nking that it was the same quality as the one that I had bought for my initial Nook. My old cover had several pockets in the left side, where I could keep lists of the series of books that I had purchased and a place to keep the micro cloth to clean the Nook cover. Was very diappointed, when I got home, tp find that the same was not in the new cover. Since I live 160 miles away from the nearest Barnes and Noble store, I won't be returning it, but I am definitely not happy with it.