North American Odyssey: Historical Geographies for the Twenty-first Century

North American Odyssey: Historical Geographies for the Twenty-first Century


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This groundbreaking volume offers a fresh approach to conceptualizing the historical geography of North America by taking a thematic rather than a traditional regional perspective. Leading geographers, building on current scholarship in the field, explore five central themes. Part I explores the settling and resettling of the continent through the experiences of Native Americans, early European arrivals, and Africans. Part II examines nineteenth-century European immigrants, the reconfiguration of Native society, and the internal migration of African Americans. Part III considers human transformations of the natural landscape in carving out a transportation network, replumbing waterways, extracting timber and minerals, preserving wilderness, and protecting wildlife. Part IV focuses on human landscapes, blending discussions of the visible imprint of society and distinctive approaches to interpreting these features. The authors discuss survey systems, regional landscapes, and tourist and mythic landscapes as well as the role of race, gender, and photographic representation in shaping our understanding of past landscapes. Part V follows the urban impulse in an analysis of the development of the mercantile city, nineteenth- and twentieth-century planning, and environmental justice. With its focus on human-environment interactions, the mobility of people, and growing urbanization, this thoughtful text will give students a uniquely geographical way to understand North American history.

Contributions by: Derek H. Alderman, Timothy G. Anderson, Kevin Blake, Christopher G. Boone, Geoffrey L. Buckley, Craig E. Colten, Michael P. Conzen, Lary M. Dilsaver, Mona Domosh, William E. Doolittle, Joshua Inwood, Ines M. Miyares, E. Arnold Modlin, Jr., Edward K. Muller, Michael D. Myers, Karl Raitz, Jasper Rubin, Joan M. Schwartz, Steven Silvern, Andrew Sluyter, Jeffrey S. Smith, Robert Wilson, William Wyckoff, and Yolonda Youngs

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ISBN-13: 9781442215849
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 03/16/2014
Pages: 460
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 10.10(h) x 1.30(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Craig E. Colten is the Carl O. Sauer Professor of Geography at Louisiana State University. Geoffrey L. Buckley is Professor of Geography at Ohio University.

Table of Contents

Craig E. Colten and Geoffrey L. Buckley
Part I: Settling and Resettling the Land
Chapter 1: The New Narrative on Native Landscape Transformations
Michael D. Myers and William E. Doolittle
Chapter 2: North America’s Colonial European Roots, 1492 to 1867
Jeffrey S. Smith
Chapter 3: African Arrivals and Transformations
Andrew Sluyter
Part II: Remaking Society
Chapter 4: Reordering the Geography of Indian Country: Historical Geographies of Removal, Reservations, and Assimilation
Steven Silvern
Chapter 5: Labor and New Community Formation in the Twentieth Century
Ines M. Miyares
Chapter 6: The Great Migration
Joshua Inwood
Part III: Transforming the Land
Chapter 7: Making Connections via Roads, Rivers, Canals, and Rails
Karl Raitz
Chapter 8: Extracting Wealth from the Earth and Forest
Geoffrey L. Buckley
Chapter 9: Redirecting Water: Transforming Waterways
Craig E. Colten
Chapter 10: Preserving Lands for Future Generations: The U. S. Experience
Lary M. Dilsaver
Chapter 11: Animals and the American Landscape
Robert Wilson
Part IV: Shaping the Landscape
Chapter 12: "Dividing the Land"
Timothy G. Anderson
Chapter 13: Science and Sentiment: The Work of Photography in Nineteenth-Century North America
Joan M. Schwartz
Chapter 14: Making Mythic Landscapes
Kevin Blake
Chapter 15: The Historical Geography of Racialized Landscapes
Derek H. Alderman and E. Arnold Modlin Jr.
Chapter 16: Toward a Gendered Historical Geography of North America
Mona Domosh
Chapter 17: Shaping Tourism
Yolonda Youngs
Chapter 18: Creating Regional Landscapes and Identities
William Wyckoff
Part V: Urbanizing the Land
Chapter 19: Making Urban Wealth: The Primacy of Mercantilism
Michael P. Conzen
Chapter 20: “If Ever a City Needed the Definite Plan”: Planning Spatial Order for American Cities
Edward K. Muller
Chapter 21: Planning and American Urbanization since 1950
Jasper Rubin
Chapter 22: Justice and Equity in the City
Christopher G. Boone

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