Northwest Battle of the Bands, Vol. 3 [Big Beat]

Northwest Battle of the Bands, Vol. 3 [Big Beat]


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Another shovelful of 1965-1967 tracks from the Jerden Records vault comprises this anthology of mid-'60s Northwest garage rock, with 11 of the 30 songs previously unreleased. It toes the line between being an enjoyable selection of various strands of the era's regional music and a more documentarian exercise, with just a couple of the artists (Don & the Good Times and the Sonics) having much more than a purely collector reputation. There's a lot of the R&B-soaked raunch typical of Northwest mid-'60s rock in many of the sides, with lots of voltage to the instruments and singing, a generic quality to the melodies, and more sax and roller rink-blues organ than is common for most garage music. Still, there are some other influences at play too, like the Zombies-Beau Brummels mix of the Accents' "I Want Your Love," or the early Rolling Stonesy jive of Mr. Lucky & the Gamblers' "Take a Look at Me." The Bag's "Incubatin' Middle of the Night Gyratin' Blues" is a kick as far as little-heard, early, bluesy, rebellious folk-rock goes, with its inept harmonica falling somewhere between early Beau Brummels and Bob Dylan. The only real outstanding cut, though, is the Juveniles' astounding punky take on "Bo Diddley," which stands up to the work of the best obscure British Invasion R&B groups, though it's been reissued before.

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Release Date: 09/17/2002
Label: Big Beat Uk
UPC: 0029667421829
catalogNumber: 218
Rank: 88839

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ronnie Wood   Drums
Terry Allen   Bass
Jim Valley   Guitar,Vocals
Spencer Clark   Bass
Jim DeLong   Drums
Larry Evans   Bass
Don Gallucci   Keyboards
Bob Holden   Drums
Brett Hudson   Bass,Vocals
Mark Hudson   Guitar,Vocals
John Kennedy   Drums
Rob Lind   Vocals
David Lucas   Organ
Charlie Mack   Guitar
Kerry Magness   Bass
Don McKinney   Vocals
Mike O'Neil   Drums
Alan Park   Guitar
Andy Parypa   Bass
Larry Parypa   Guitar
Bill Rhodes   Vocals
Gerry Roslie   Keyboards
Joe Villa   Guitar
Mike Robbins   Organ
Jeff Afdem   Vocals
Paul Love   Guitar
Dan Moore   Guitar,Vocals
Bob Perry   Guitar,Vocals
Harry Wilson   Guitar
Mike Beck   Bass
Terry Dale   Guitar,Vocals
Rick Ulsky   Organ
John Simpson   Drums
Bob Wikstrom   Organ
Jeff Beals   Bass
Tom Dietz   Bass
Mike Spencer   Organ
Gary Reynolds   Vocals
Barry Curtis   Guitar,Vocals
John Starkey   Saxophone
Steve Valley   Guitar
Bruce Robertson   Vocals
Mike Parker   Organ
Damon Denton   Saxophone,Vocals
Richard Lawson   Drums
John Odgers   Drums
Jim Morton   Drums
Terry Afdem   Keyboards
Fred Aldrich   Bass
Willie Edward Johnson   Organ,Vocals
Jim Wolfe   Organ
Tom Yook   Organ
Chris Brown   Guitar
George Guilmet   Organ
Jeff LaBrache   Drums
Malosky   Drums
Gus Molvik   Guitar
Dick Peterson   Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Skip Biggs   Drums
Randy Bryson   Organ,Vocals
Larry Berglan   Bass
Tom Blessing   Guitar,Vocals
Charles Burroughs   Vocals
Dave Child   Bass
Ken Fillmore   Drums
Stan Foreman   Organ
Steve Heard   Organ
Ken Huff   Guitar
Bob Leland   Bass
Scott Letterman   Drums
Dennis Maxwell   Guitar
Lee Dark   Vocals
Bud Garrison   Bass
Jim Graziano   Drums
Clyde Heaton   Organ
Bill Hoak   Drums
Dave Maitland   Guitar
Greg Nance   Bass
Bill Hudson   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

James Bailey   Producer
Kearney Barton   Liner Notes
Don Gallucci   Producer
Bob Holden   Producer
Rick Keefer   Producer
Jeff Miller   Liner Notes
Donald Anderson   Producer
Jerry Dennon   Producer
Alec Palao   Liner Notes
Chris Popham   Cover Design
Gil Bateman   Producer
Tex Hughes   Producer

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