On Purpose: Delivering a Branded Customer Experience People Love

On Purpose: Delivering a Branded Customer Experience People Love


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With a constant stream of new communication channels emerging, the real challenge for marketers is not just making sure their brand is present in each space but staying true to their brand purpose. 

A follow-up to Bold, the best-selling book which looked at what made cutting edge brands stand out, On Purpose, goes one step further and provides practical advice on how to achieve those same results successfully, over multiple channels.  Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan provide a framework for success, explaining how to:
--Stand Up: be clear about brand purpose and promise
--Stand Out: define, design and deliver distinctive customer experiences across multiple channels
--Stand Firm: create strong cultures that sustain results

They explain and define how to deliver "on purpose" experiences by using a case study, individual thought pieces by experts in the field, and a key action summary at the end of each chapter.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780749471910
Publisher: Kogan Page, Ltd
Publication date: 12/28/2015
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 531,185
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Shaun Smith is founder and partner in the consulting firm Smith+Co which works with brands around the world.  A thought leader on the subject of customer experience strategy, he has appeared often on CNBC's "Ask the Expert" program. 
Andy Milligan is a consultant on brand and business culture.  For almost 20 years he has advised major organizations on brand building, customer experience and internal culture.

Together, they are also the authors of Bold (Kogan Page).

Table of Contents


Part One Stand up

01 Purpose-led by insight
The wrong kind of purpose
The right kind of purpose
Insight helps to keep purpose relevant
How purpose informs building your business
Gav Thompson – the visionary

02 Purposeful leadership
It takes conviction
It is more about behaving in a purposeful way than ‘doing good’
Stay true to your purpose as you grow
Purposeful leaders show the way
Purposeful leadership is about behaving, not saying

Part Two Stand out

03 Infectious communication
Marketing should be a verb, not a noun
Tell a story that people care about
Bigger is not better
When infectious communication goes wrong
How do you engage in infectious communication?
How to use infectious communication

04 Distinctive customer experience
Fix it or feature it
Create a multi-sensory experience
Drive innovation from a deep understanding of what target customers value
Reinventing your industry
Don’t ‘flat line’ the customer experience
Best Western – ‘Hotels with personality’

05 Continuous innovation
Constantly innovate in both large and small ways
Drive innovation from a deep understanding of what target customers value
Ensure products, services and your people are distinctive and aligned with the brand purpose
Focus innovation on the things that make you different
Stand out – a summary

Part Three Stand firm

06 Cult-like culture

07 Distinctive employee experience
Turn your employees into fans
Hire for DNA not MBA
Engage and inspire your people to deliver your customer experience ‘on purpose’ through branded experience training
Motivation is a poorly understood concept
Motivating the greatest team on earth

08 Experience measurement
The service profit chain: reloaded
The employee experience

09 Never stand still
That Berber moment...
Get started and keep going
Never stand still

10 On Purpose profile
The On Purpose research findings
Eight practices common to all purpose-led brands

11 How to implement – successfully
The seven deadly sins of CX
The CX Seven Step Guide: ENGAGE
The CX Seven Step Guide: INSIGHT
The CX Seven Step Guide: DEFINE
The CX Seven Step Guide: DESIGN
The CX Seven Step Guide: ALIGN
The CX Seven Step Guide: MEASURE
The CX Seven Step Guide: INNOVATE

12 Putting the principles into action
Liberty Global Business Services – case study
Advice for other leaders

13 Putting the principles into practice
Premier Inn – case study
Advice for other leaders

On purpose – the keynote presentation
The workshop leaders


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