by Yoko Ono

CD(Box Set)


Although it inspires countless jokes, the music on the six-disc Onobox is, by and large, quite impressive. In terms of experimental rock & roll, Ono was certainly one of the leaders in the 1970s, creating intense, almost atonal rock that demanded to be accepted on its own terms. Nearly twenty years later, some of the music sounds dated, but much of it sounds remarkably contemporary. Nevertheless, the box is rarely dull and makes a strong case for her musical talents.

Product Details

Release Date: 01/28/1992
Label: Rykodisc
UPC: 0014431022425
catalogNumber: 10224


Disc 1

  1. No Bed for Beatle John
  2. Mind Holes
  3. O'Wind (Body Is the Scar of Your Mind)
  4. Why
  5. Why Not
  6. Greenfield Morning I Pushed an Empty Baby Carriage All over the City
  7. Touch Me
  8. Paper Shoes
  9. Mind Train
  10. Open Your Box
  11. Toilet Piece/Unknown
  12. Don't Worry, Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow)
  13. Telephone Piece
  14. Midsummer New York
  15. The Path
  16. Don't Count the Waves
  17. Head Play (Medley of You/Airmale/Fly)
  18. Is Winter Here to Stay?

Disc 2

  1. Yang Yang
  2. Death of Samantha
  3. What Did I Do
  4. Approximately Infinite Universe
  5. What a Bastard the World Is
  6. Catman (The Rosies Are Coming)
  7. I Want My Love to Rest Tonight
  8. Shiranakatta (I Didn't Know)
  9. Peter the Dealer
  10. I Felt Like Smashing My Face in a Clear Glass Window
  11. Winter Song
  12. Kite Song
  13. Now or Never
  14. What a Mess
  15. I Have a Woman Inside My Soul
  16. Move on Fast
  17. Looking over from My Hotel Window
  18. Waiting for the Sunrise

Disc 3

  1. Growing Pain
  2. Yellow Girl (Stand by for Life)
  3. Coffin Car
  4. Warrior Woman
  5. Woman of Salem
  6. Run Run Run
  7. If Only
  8. A Thousand Times Yes
  9. Straight Talk
  10. Angry Young Woman
  11. Potbelly Rocker
  12. She Hits Back
  13. Men, Men, Men
  14. Woman Power
  15. It's Been Very Hard
  16. Mildred, Mildred
  17. Left Turn's the Right Turn

Disc 4

  1. Walking on Thin Ice
  2. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss
  3. Give Me Something
  4. I'm Moving On
  5. Yes, I'm Your Angel
  6. Beautiful Boys
  7. Open Your Soul to Me
  8. Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him
  9. Hard Times Are Over
  10. Don't Be Scared
  11. Sleepless Night
  12. O'Sanity
  13. Your Hands
  14. Let Me Count the Ways
  15. Forgive Me, My Love
  16. You're the One
  17. There's No Goodbye
  18. Have You Seen a Horizon Lately

Disc 5

  1. I Don't Know Why
  2. Mindweaver
  3. Even When You're Far Away
  4. Nobody Sees Me Like You Do
  5. Silver Horse
  6. No, No, No
  7. Toyboat
  8. She Gets Down on Her Knees
  9. Extension 33
  10. Never Say Goodbye
  11. Spec of Dust
  12. My Man
  13. It's Alright
  14. Let the Tears Dry
  15. Dream Love
  16. Hell in Paradise
  17. I Love You, Earth
  18. In Cape Clear
  19. Goodbye Sadness

Disc 6

  1. A Story
  2. Loneliness
  3. Will You Touch Me
  4. Dogtown
  5. It Happened
  6. Tomorrow May Never Come
  7. Winter Friend
  8. Heartburn Stew
  9. Yes, I'm a Witch
  10. Yume O Moto
  11. O'Oh
  12. Namyohorengekyo
  13. We're All Water
  14. Joseijoi Banzai
  15. Sisters, O Sisters

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Yoko Ono   Primary Artist,Piano,Drums,Vocals,Voices,Claves
John Tropea   Guitar
Daniel Ponce   Percussion
Delaney & Bonnie   Guitar,Percussion
George Harrison   Guitar
Mick Jagger   Guitar
John Lennon   Organ,Guitar,Piano
Billy Preston   Organ
Earl Slick   Rhythm Guitar
Ringo Starr   Drums
Bernie Worrell   Keyboards
Michael Brecker   Saxophone
Ronnie Cuber   Baritone Saxophone
Jeremy Steig   Flute
Tony Williams   Drums
David Friedman   Percussion,Vibes
Howard Johnson   Tuba,Horn
Seldon Powell   Horn
Don Preston   Moog Synthesizer
Nona Hendryx   Background Vocals
Nicky Hopkins   Piano,Chimes
Jimmy Maelen   Percussion
Keith Moon   Drums
Paul Shaffer   Keyboards
Jim Keltner   Percussion,Drums,Tabla
Jim Gordon   Drums,Tabla
David Izenzon   Bass
J.D. Parran   Horn
Aynsley Dunbar   Drums
Gordon Grody   Background Vocals
Sneaky Pete Kleinow   Pedal Steel Guitar
Carlos Alomar   Background Vocals
Kenny Ascher   Piano,Keyboards
Badal Roy   Tabla
Ed Blackwell   Drums
Jeff Bova   Keyboards
Randy Brecker   Trumpet
Stan Bronstein   Clarinet,Flute,Saxophone
Don Brooks   Harmonica
Pete Cannarozzi   Synthesizer
Eric Clapton   Guitar
Ornette Coleman   Trumpet
Benny Cummings   Background Vocals
Anthony Davilio   Guitar,Keyboards
Erin Dickens   Background Vocals
Aiyb Dieng   Percussion
Sly Dunbar   Percussion,Drums,Synthesizer Drums
Frank Zappa   Guitar
Anton Fier   Percussion
Sammy Figueroa   Percussion
Bernard Fowler   Background Vocals
Rick Frank   Percussion,Drums
Wayne "Tex" Gabriel   Guitar
Paul Griffin   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Charlie Haden   Bass
Bob Harris   Keyboards,Vocals
Michael Holmes   Keyboards
Yogi Horton   Drums
Grant Hungerford   Horn
Adam Ippolito   Organ,Piano
Neil Jason   Bass
Arthur Jenkins   Percussion
Howard Kaylan   Vocals
Bobby Keys   Saxophone,Claves
John Labosca   Piano
Tony Levin   Bass,Human Whistle
Yolanda Lee Lewis   Background Vocals
Rick Marotta   Drums
Eddie Martinez   Guitar,Synthesizer Guitar,Electric Sitar
Hugh McCracken   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Andy Newmark   Drums
George Opalisky   Horn
Chris Osborne   Dobro
Wayne Pedziwiatr   Bass
Jim Pons   Bass,Vocals
Roger Rosenberg   Horn
Alan Rubin   Trumpet
Allan Schwartzberg   Drums
Robbie Shakespeare   Bass
Lakshminarayana Shankar   Violin
Michaelle Simpson   Background Vocals
George Small   Piano
David Spinozza   Guitar
Roger Squitero   Percussion
Randy Stein   Concertina
Annie Sutton   Background Vocals
David Tofani   Horn
Ron Tooley   Horn
Eric Troyer   Background Vocals
Ian Underwood   Keyboards,Vocals,Wind
Gary VanScyoc   Bass,Trumpet
Mark Volman   Vocals
Klaus Voormann   Bass,Guitar
Ed Walsh   oberheim
Cassandra Wooten   Background Vocals
Kurt Yahjian   Background Vocals
Gail Cantor   Background Vocals
Sean Lennon   Vocals
Elliot Randal   Guitar
Cheryl Mason Jacks   Background Vocals
Lew Del Gatto   Bass Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone
Andy White   Drums
Kings Temple Choir   Background Vocals
Daria Price   Castanets
Andrew Smith   Drums

Technical Credits

John Lennon   Composer,Producer
Bill Laswell   Producer
Yoko Ono   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Artwork
Phil Spector   Producer
Ed Blackwell   Engineer
Michael Barbiero   Engineer
Roy Cicala   Engineer
Lee DeCarlo   Engineer
Jack Douglas   Engineer
Frank Zappa   Contributor
Anton Fier   Contributor
Ron Frangipane   Contributor,Orchestration
David Greenberg   Contributor,Editorial Coordinator
Howard Kaylan   Contributor
John Leckie   Engineer
John Luongo   Remixing
Phil McDonald   Engineer
Jim Pons   Contributor
David Spinozza   Producer
Ed Sprigg   Engineer
Rob Stevens   Engineer
Steve Thompson   Engineer
Dan Turbeville   Engineer
Mark Volman   Contributor
Andy Stevens   Engineer
Steve Casper   Engineer
Robert Palmer   Liner Notes
Jon Marshall Smith   Engineer

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