Other-Wise and School-Wise: A Parent Guidebook

Other-Wise and School-Wise: A Parent Guidebook

by Carol A. Josel


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Concerns abound about how best to raise, not just academically successful children, but also how to raise them so that they grow into independent, likeable, and productive adults. While no one book can address all parenting issues, Other-Wise and School-Wise responds effectively to most of them, offering expert advice, activities, and lessons to help parents and their children both at home and at school. Josel covers: Memory-making activities, such as genealogical research, Making wise mealtime decisions, Instilling good manners, Motivation and goal setting, How to help children organize and use time to their best advantage. This guidebook confronts issues including: Success, Failure, Self-esteem,Textbook note-taking, Studying for and performing well on tests, Cheating and plagiarism.The author encourages parents to become more actively involved in school life by keeping abreast of policies, taking advantage of services, and volunteering time and talents. The improvement of reading, vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills are examined as well as homework issues, matters of the brain, and how to enhance students' ability to recall the countless facts and details of their coursework. An appendix is provided with such extras as graphic organizers, comma and spelling rules, and a personal dictionary.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781578860371
Publisher: R&L Education
Publication date: 11/21/2003
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 8.38(w) x 10.94(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

Carol A. Josel, a teacher since 1966, is currently a learning specialist with the Methacton School District in Pennsylvania, working with middle-school children and their parents. She is also the author of Getting School-Wise: A Student Guidebook (ScarecrowEducation, 2002), Ready-to-Use ESL Activities for Every Month of the School Year (Center for Applied Research in Education), and her writings have appeared in such professional publications as Teaching Pre-K-8 and The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.

Table of Contents

1 Part 1: On Parenting, Generally Speaking 2 Part 2: On Memory Making 3 Part 3: On the Home Front 4 Part 4: On Dinner and Beyond 5 Part 5: On Holidaying 6 Part 6: On Manners 7 Part 7: On Success, Failure, and Self-Esteem 8 Part 8: On Motivation and Goal-Setting 9 Part 9: On School Involvement 10 Part 10: On Organization 11 Part 11: On Time 12 Part 12: On Television Time 13 Part 13: On Computer Time 14 Part 14: On Sleep 15 Part 15: On Education and Learning 16 Part 16: On Reading 17 Part 17: On Vocabulary Building 18 Part 18: On Reading Again 19 Part 19: On Writing 20 Part 20: On Spelling 21 Part 21: On Learning Styles 22 Part 22: On Homework 23 Part 23: On Matters of the Brain 24 Part 24: On Memory 25 Part 25: On Taking Notes 26 Part 26: On Studying 27 Part 27: On Taking Tests 28 Part 28: On Cheating 29 Appendix

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