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Paleolimnology IV: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Paleolimnology, held at Ossiach, Carinthia, Austria / Edition 1

Paleolimnology IV: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Paleolimnology, held at Ossiach, Carinthia, Austria / Edition 1

by H. Löffler


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ISBN-13: 9789061936244
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 01/31/1987
Series: Developments in Hydrobiology , #37
Edition description: Reprinted from HYDROBIOLOGIA, 143, 1987
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.02(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

I. In honour of Prof. Dr. D. E. Frey and Prof. Dr. S. R. Brown, the organizer of the paleolimnological symposia.- 1. A biographical sketch of David G. Frey.- 2. A biographical sketch of Seward R. (Ted) Brown.- 3. The PIRLA project: Paleoecological investigation of recent lake acidification.- 4. 210Pb dating by low background gamma counting.- 5. 137Cs as a tracer of recent sedimentary processes in Lake Michigan.- 6. The chemistry of lake sediments in time and space.- 7. Calculating net annual accumulation rates of sediment components exemplified by pollen.- 8. Sedimentary records of accelerated nutrient loading in Florida lakes.- 9. Material transfer from water to sediment in Florida lakes.- 10. Pollen as a chronometer and sediment tracer, Burrinjuck Reservoir, Australia.- 11. Sedimentary pigments as an index of the trophic status of Lake Mead.- 12. Biogenic silica and phosphorus accumulation in sediments as indices of eutrophication in the Laurentian Great Lakes.- 13. Mallomonadacea (Chrysophyceae) Scales: Early biotic paleoindicators of lake acidification.- 14. The relationship between surface sediment diatom assemblages and pH in 33 Galloway lakes.- 15. Diatom biostratigraphy and comparative core correlation within a small lake basin.- 16. Interpretation of bryozoan microfossils in lacustrine sediment cores.- 17. On the relationship between the Bosmina taxa coregoni and thersites (Cladocera), as indicated by sub fossil remains.- 18. Ecological correlates of net accumulation rates of Cladocera remains in lake sediments.- 19. Cladoceran remains as indicators of lake acidification.- 20. Magnesium and strontium in non-marine ostracod shells as indicators of palaeosaliniy and palaeotemperature.- 21. On the preservation of carapaces of some limnic ostracods: An exercise in actuopalaeontology.- 22. Information value of chironomid remains in the uppermost sediment layers of complex lake basin.- II. Regional Paleolimnology.- 23. Paleolimnology of mid-elevation lakes in the Kenya Rift Valley.- 24. Upper Pleistocene and Holocene lakes in the An Nafud, Saudi Arabia.- 25. Late Quaternary palaeohydrology of Lake Huinaymarca (Bolivia).- 26. The Pleistocene lake deposits of the NE Baza Basin (Spain).- 27. Organic microscopic remains in Miocene lacustrine sediments near Libros (Teruel, Spain).- 28. Non-siliceous algae in a five meter core from Lake Kinneret (Israel).- 29. Limnologic consequences of the decline in hemlock 4800 years ago in the three Southern Ontario lakes.- 30. Geology and sedimentary history of Lake Traunsee (Salzkammergut, Austria).- 31. Sediments and sedimentary history of Lake Attersee (Salzkammergut, Austria).- 32. Diatom distribution and diatom inferred pH in the sediment of four alpine lakes.- 33. Late Quaternary diatoms in the sediments of Przedni Staw Lake (Polish Tatra Mountains).- 34. Scandinavian limnochronology of sediments and heavy metals.- 35. A geographical survey of littoral crustacea in Norway and their use in paleolimnology.- 36. Preliminary study of the development of the subfossil chironomid fauna (Diptera) of Lake Taylor, South Island, New Zealand, during the younger Holocene.- III. Lake Changes Related to the Influence of Man.- 37. Biogenic silica records in the sediments of Little Round Lake, Ontario.- 38. Litho- and palynostratigraphy at Lobsigensee: Evidences for trophic changes during the Holocene.- 39. An early meromictic stage in Lobsigensee (Switzerland) as evidenced by ostracods and Chaoborus.- 40. Carotenoids from plankton and photosynthetic bacteria in sediments as indicators of trophic changes in Lake Lobsigen during the last 14000 years.- 41. Stratigraphy of specific algal and bacterial carotenoids in the sediments of Lake Varese (N. Italy).- 42. The content of chlorophyll in the sediment of the volcanic maar lakes in the Eifel region (Germany) as an indicator for eutrophication.- 43. Phosphorus budgets and forms of phosphorus in the Sau reservoir sediment: An interpretation of the limnological record.- 44. Sediment accumulation in Lakes Lilla Ullfjärden and Stora Ulffjärden, Sweden.- 45. Chemical sediment stratigraphy of four high alpine lakes in Austria.- 46. Acidification history and crustacean remains: some ecological obstacles.- 47. Recent and long-term acidification of Upper Wallface Pond (N.Y.) as indicated by mallomonadacean microfossils.- 48. Recent sedimentation in a freshwater reservoir in SW-Finland: The diatomological and chemical evidende of sediments on the development of the water body.- 49. Recent sedimentological conditions in the delta of the river Kyrönjoki, Western Finland.- 50. Concentration and annual accumulation values of heavy metals in lake sediments: Their significance in studies of the history of heavy metal pollution.- 51. Sedimentary records of carbonaceous particles from fossil fuel combustion.- 52. Oligochaete cocoon remains as evidence of past lake pollution.- 53. Industrial tailings in Lake Traunsee (Salzkammergut, Austria).- 54. Palynological investigations in sediments of ancient lake Duvensee, Schleswig-Holstein (North Germany).- 55. Ostracod fauna of Duvensee, an ancient lake in Northern Germany.- 56. Effects of peatbog ditching in lakes: Problems in paleolimnological interpretation.- 57. Paleolimnological reflections of fiber-plant retting in the sediment of a small clearwater lake.

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