Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence: 4th International Conference, PReMI 2011, Moscow, Russia, June 27 - July 1, 2011, Proceedings

Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence: 4th International Conference, PReMI 2011, Moscow, Russia, June 27 - July 1, 2011, Proceedings


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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence, PReMI 2011, held in Moscow, Russia in June/July 2011. The 65 revised papers presented together with 5 invited talks were carefully reviewed and selected from 140 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on pattern recognition and machine learning; image analysis; image and video information retrieval; natural language processing and text and data mining; watermarking, steganography and biometrics; soft computing and applications; clustering and network analysis; bio and chemo analysis; and document image processing.

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ISBN-13: 9783642217852
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 08/02/2011
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #6744
Edition description: 2011
Pages: 467
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Table of Contents

Invited Talks

Enriching Education through Data Mining Rakesh Agrawal Sreenivas Gollapudi Anitha Kannan Krishnaram Kenthapadi 1

How to Visualize a Crisp or Fuzzy Topic Set over a Taxonomy Boris Mirkin Susana Nascimento Trevor Fenner Rui Felizardo 3

On Merging the Fields of Neural Networks and Adaptive Data Structures to Yield New Pattern Recognition Methodologies B. John Oommen 13

Quality of Algorithms for Sequence Comparison Mikhail Roytberg 17

Problems of Machine Learning Alexei Ya. Chervonenkis 21

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Bayesian Approach to the Pattern Recognition Problem in Nonstationary Environment Olga V. Krasotkina Vadim V. Mottl Pavel A. Turkov 24

The Classification of Noisy Sequences Generated by Similar HMMs Alexander A. Popov Tatyana A. Gultyaeva 30

N DoT: Nearest Neighbor Distance Based Outlier Detection Technique Neminath Hubballi Bidyut Kr. Patra Sukumar Nandi 36

Some Remarks on the Relation between Annotated Ordered Sets and Pattern Structures Tim B. Kaiser Stefan E. Schmidt 43

Solving the Structure-Property Problem Using k-NN Classification Aleksandr Perevoznikov Alexey Shestov Evgenii Permiakov Mikhail Kumskov 49

Stable Feature Extraction with the Help of Stochastic Information Measure Alexander Lepskiy 54

Wavelet-Based Clustering of Social-Network Users Using Temporal and Activity Profiles Lipika Dey Bhakti Gaonkar 60

Tight Combinatorial Generalization Bounds for Threshold Conjunction Rules Konstantin Vorontsov Audrey Ivahnenko 66

An Improvement of Dissimilarity-Based Classifications Using SIFT Algorithm Evensen E. Masaki Sang-Woon Kim 74

Introduction, Elimination Rules for ¬ and ⊃: A Study from Graded Content Soma Dutta 80

Image Analysis

Discrete Circular Mapping for Computation of Zernike Moments Rajarshi Biswas Sambhunath Biswas 86

Unsupervised Image Segmentation with Adaptive Archive-Based Evolutionary Multiobjective Clustering Chin Wei Bong Hong Yoong Lam 92

Modified Self-Organizing Feature Map Neural Network with Semi-supervision for Change Detection in Remotely Sensed Images Susmita Ghosh Moumita Roy 98

Image Retargeting through Constrained Growth of Important Rectangular Partitions Rajarshi Pal Jayanta Mukhopadhyay Pabitra Mitra 104

SATCLUS: An Effective Clustering Technique for Remotely Sensed Images Sauravjyoti Sarmah Dhruba K. Bhattacharyya 110

Blur Estimation for Barcode Recognition in Out-of-Focus Images Duy Khuong Nguyen The Duy Bui Thanh Ha Le 116

Entropy-Based Automatic Segmentation of Bones in Digital X-ray Images Oishila Bandyopadhyay Bhabatosh Chanda Bhargab B. Bhattacharya 122

Principle and Method of Image Recognition under Diffusive Distortions of Image Jaser Doroshenko Lev Dulkin Viktor Salakhutdinov Yur Smetanin 130

Regression Models for Texture Image Analysis Anatoliy Plastinin 136

Shape Descriptor Based on the Volume of Transformed Image Boundary Xavier Descombes Sergey Komech 142

Color Image Segmentation Using a Semi-wrapped Gaussian Mixture Model Anandarup Roy Swapan K. Parui Debyani Nandi Utpal Roy 148

Perception-Based Design for Tele-presence Santanu Chaudhury Shantanu Ghosh Amrita Basu Brejesh Lall Sumantra Dutta Roy Lopamudra Choudhury R. Prashanth Ashish Singh Amit Maniyar 154

Automatic Adductors Angle Measurement for Neurological Assessment of Post-neonatal Infants during Follow Up Debi Prasad Dogra Arun Kumar Majumdar Shamik Sural Jayanta Mukherjee Suchandra Mukherjee Arun Singh 160

Image and Video Information Retrieval

Interactive Image Retrieval with Wavelet Features Malay Kumar Kundu Manish Chowdhury Minakshi Banerjee 167

Moving Objects Detection from Video Sequences Using Fuzzy Edge Incorporated Markov Random Field Modeling and Local Histogram Matching Badri Narayan Subudhi Ashish Ghosh 173

Combined Topological and Directional Relations Based Motion Event Predictions Nadeem Salamat El-hadi Zahzah 180

Recognizing Hand Gestures of a Dancer Divya Hariharan Tinku Acharya Sushmita Mitra 186

Spatiotemporal Approach for Tracking Using Rough Entropy and Frame Subtraction B. Uma Shankar Debarati Chakraborty 193

OSiMa : Human Pose Estimation from a Single Image Nipun Pande Prithwijit Guha 200

Scene Categorization Using Topic Model Based Hierarchical Conditional Random Fields Vikram Garg Ehtesham Hassan Santanu Chaudhury Madan Gopal 206

Uncalibrated Camera Based Interactive 3DTV M.S. Venkatesh Santanu Chaudhury Brejesh Loll 213

Natural Language Processing and Text and Data Mining

Auther Identification in Bengali Literary Works Suprabhat Das Pabitra Mitra 220

Finding Potential Seeds through Rank Aggregation of Web Searches Rajendra Prasath Pinar Öztürk 227

Combining Evidence for Automatic Extraction of Terms Boris Dobrov Natalia Loukachevitch 235

A New Centrality Measure for Influence Maximization in Social Networks Suman Kundu C.A. Murthy Sankar K. Pal 242

Method of Cognitive Semantic Analysis of Russian Sentence Alexander Bolkhovityanov Andrey Chepovskiy 248

Data Representation in Machine Learning-Based Sentiment Analysis of Customer Reviews Ivan Shamshurin 254

Automatic Retrieval of Parallel Collocations Valeriy I. Novitskiy 261

Displacement Based Unsupervised Metric for Evaluating Rank Aggregation Maunendra Sankar Desarkar Rahul Joshi Sudeshna Sarkar 268

Sentence Ranking for Document Indexing Saptaditya Maiti Deba P. Mandal Pabitra Mitra 274

Watermarking, Steganography and Biometrics

Optima Parameter Selection for Image Watermarking Using MOGA Dinvandhu Bhandari Lopamudra Kundu Sankar K. Pal 280

Hybrid Contourlet-DCT Based Robust Image Watermarking Technique Applied to Medical Data Management Sudeb Das Malay Kumar Kundu 286

Accurate Localizations of Reference Points in a Fingerprint Image Malay Kumar Kundu Arpan Kumar Maiti 293

Adaptive Pixel Swapping Based Steganography Reducing Embedding Noise Arijit Sur Piyush Goel Jayanta Mukhopadhyay 299

Classification and Quantification of Occlusion Using Hidden Markov Model Chitta Ranjan Sahoo Shamik Sural Gerhard Rigoll A. Sanchez 305

Soft Computing and Applications

IC-Topological Spaces and Applications in Soft Computing Subrata Bhowmik 311

Neuro-Genetic Approach for Detecting Changes in Multitemporal Remotely Sensed Images Aditi Mandal Susmita Ghosh Ashish Ghosh 318

Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Nanoparticles - A Fuzzy Mathematical Approach D. Dutta Majumder Sankar Karan A. Goswami 324

A Rough Set Based Decision Tree Algorithm and Its Application in Intrusion Detection Lin Zhou Feng Jiang 333

Information Systems and Rough Set Approximations: An Algebraic Approach Md. Aquil Khan Mohua Banerjee 339

Clustering and Network Analysis

Approximation of a Coal Mass by an Ultrasonic Sensor Using Regression Rules Marek Sikora Marcin Michalak Beata Sikora 345

Forecasting the U.S. Stock Market via Levenberg-Marquardt and Haken Artificial Neural Networks Using ICA and PCA Pre-processing Techniques Sergey Golovachev 351

Empirical Study of Matrix Factorization Methods for Collaborative Filtering Evgeny Kharitonov 358

Simultaneous Non-gaussian Data Clustering, Feature Selection and Outliers Rejection Nizar Bouguila Djemel Ziou Sabri Boutemedjet 364

Simultaneous Clustering: A Survey M$ka Charrad Mohamed Ben Ahmed 370

Analysis of Centrality Measures of Airport Network of India Manasi Sapre Nita Parekh 376

Clusters of Multivariate Stationary Time Series by Differential Evolution and Autoregressive Distance Roberto Baragona 382

Bio and Chemo Informatics

Neuro-Fuzzy Methodology for Selecting Genes Mediating Lung Cancer Rajat K. De Anupam Ghosh 388

A Methodology for Handling a New Kind of Outliers Present in Gene Expression Patterns Anindya Bhattacharya Rajat K. De 394

Developmental Trend Derived from Modules of Wnt Signaling Pathways Losiana Nayak Rajat K. De 400

Evaluation of Semantic Term and Gene Similarity Measures Michal Kozielski Aleksandra Gruca 406

Finding Bicliques in Digraphs: Application into Viral-Host Protein Interactome Maloy Bhattacharyya Sangliamitra Bandyopadhyay Ujjwal Maulik 412

Document Image Processing

Advantages of the Extended Water Flow Algorithm for Handwritten Text Segmentation Darko Brodic 418

Construction of Model of Structured Documents Based on Machine Learning Sergey Golubev 424

Segmental K-Means Learning with Mixture Distribution for HMM Based Handwriting Recognition Tapa$ Kumar Bhowmik Jean-Paul van Oosten Lambost Schomaker 432

Feature Set Selection for On-line Signatures Using Selection of Regression Variables Desislava Boyadzieva Georgi Gluhchev 440

Headline Based Text Extraction from Outdoor Images Ranjit Ghoshal Anandarup Roy Tapan Kumar Bhowmik Swapan K. Parui 446

Incremental Methods in Collaborative Filtering for Ordinal Data Elena Polezhaeva 452

A Scheme for Attentional Video Compression Rupesh Gupta Santanu Chaudhury 458

Using Conceptual Graphs for Text Mining in Technical Support Services Michael Bogatyrev Alexey Kolosoff 466

Author Index 473

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