Pete Rose's Winning Baseball

Pete Rose's Winning Baseball

by Pete Rose, Bob Hertzel



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ISBN-13: 9780809281022
Publisher: NTC Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/01/1976
Pages: 192

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Pete Rose is one of the greatest baseball players. In this book he will teach you how to be a good all around baseball player. He explains how to play every position correctly. It is important to practice too and he preaches that. If you can switch hit he believes that it is a great advantage to you and gives good reason why. Don Gullett, who was a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, teaches you how to pitch. He shows how to throw certain pitches and how to take care of your arm. Practically anything that you would want or need to know about how to play baseball correctly is in this book. I would recommend this book to all young players and any coach because it is a really good book for showing you how to play and practice. If you like baseball then this book would probably interest you. I liked it because it helped me understand the game better and how to play and practice better.