Peter Isler's Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets

Peter Isler's Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets

by Peter Isler

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From one of the world's most respected sailors-the knowledge and secrets every sailor needs

Peter Isler, two-time America's Cup winner, has sailed in and won hundreds of races over the last forty years. In that time, he has acquired a vast array of knowledge about sailing techniques and tactics, not to mention a boatload or two of entertaining stories along the way. In this book, he brings them all together into a single guide to help you make the most of your time on the water, whether you're going for a leisurely sail with friends or competing to win.

  • Filled with tips and secrets every sailor craves, from the international competitor to the weekend dinghy sailor
  • Includes wisdom and advice gleaned from Peter's time spent sailing with top international sailors, from America's Cup veterans Ted Turner, Dennis Conner and Russell Coutts to and three-time Olympic gold medalist Ben Ainslie
  • Covers a range of important sailing topics, including understanding the inner game, leading a team, reading the wind, preparing your boat (and yourself), and much more


Filled with information that will help you become a better sailor, Peter Isler's Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets is an invaluable source of guidance you'll rely on every time you set sail.

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ISBN-13: 9780470950876
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 02/16/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 973,482
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About the Author

Regarded for his calming nature in the heat of battle and his friendly shoreside manner, PETER ISLER ("Pedro") is one of the world's best known and most respected sailors. He is a two-time winner of the America's Cup, a television personality, an America's Cup analyst, and a popular motivational speaker. Isler has been involved in every America's Cup campaign since winning it as navigator aboard Dennis Conner's Stars&Stripes in 1987; he sailed in his fifth cup campaign as navigator for the BMW Oracle Racing Team in 2007. During his college years, he was part of Yale University's national championship winning team and was awarded the coveted Collegiate Sailor of the Year trophy his sophomore year. The coauthor of the bestselling Sailing For Dummies (Wiley), Isler is President of Isler Sailing International and remains active as a professional sailor, an author, and a motivational speaker.

Table of Contents

The Sailing Life.

Secrecy vs. Sharing.

The Rules.

Keeping It Real.

The Fine Art of Jury-Rigging.

Head Games.

Sailing between a Reef and a Hard Place.

In Their Own Words: Buddy Melges.

Leadership: Different Strokes.

Preparing to Race.

How to Read the Wind.

Racer's Rules: Tom Whidden.

Feel the Heel.

Motivation: Getting 110 Percent from Your Team.

When the Going Gets Rough.


Sail Trim Fundamentals.

Why I Sail.

Commitment to the Commitment.

Big Joe's Top Five Sailing Mistakes.

Bird's-Eye View.

Is the Race Over or Not?


Racer’s Rules: Dennis Conner.

Revel in the Routine.

Hitting the Corner.

Sail Care: Maintaining Your Boat's Engine.

The Inner Game.

A Salty Sea Story.

Always Carry a Knife.

Racer's Rules: Roy Disney.

Just for the Fun of It.

The Art of Steering.


Local Knowledge: Handle with Care.

Sailing at Night.

The Physics of Sailing.

In Their Own Words: Jonathan McKee.

When to Hold and When to Fold.


How to Be the Ultimate Offshore Shipmate.

The Racer's Edge.


Racer's Rules: Chuck Robinson.

Used-Car Salesmanship.

Choosing the Right Crew.

Playing by the Rules.

Learning from Your Mistakes.

Marshmallows and Avoiding the Hex.

Embracing Change.

Hurricane Sailing Sea Story.

Clear Air and Clean Lanes.


What's in My Seabag.

Keeping It Cool On Board.


Getting Kids into Sailing.

In Their Own Words: John Bertrand.

This Is Supposed to Be Fun.

Choosing the Right Sail.

Three Essential Knots.

Copy the Experts.

My Gurus.

Finding the Edge.

Racer's Rules: John Thomson.

Weather Signs.

Living the Dream.

Steering in Waves.

My Five Favorite Places to Sail.

Pimp Your Boat.

Tragedy Hits Home.

Leave Your Ego on Shore.

Boat-Handling Perfection.

Do Your Homework.

Boat Speed Magic.

In Their Own Words: Ben Ainslie.

Shorthanded Sailing.

Perfect Practice.

Learning from Maritime History.

Conservative Sailing.

Time for a Swim.


Making Your Move at the Turn.

Positive Thinking.

Staying Warm If Not Dry.

The Best Nautical Joke.

Keep It Rumbling.


Digging Deep.


Keeping Your Boat Afloat.

Maintaining Yourself.

Sailing on a Wing.

Winning the Cup.



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