Pipes of Peace [Special Edition]

Pipes of Peace [Special Edition]

by Paul McCartney

CD(Special Edition)

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Styled as a conspicuous companion piece to Tug of War, Pipes of Peace mirrors its 1982 cousin in many ways: its title track holds up a mirror to its forefather -- and, if that wasn't enough, Paul McCartney serves up the knowing "Tug of Peace," an almost-electro collage that twists the songs into McCartney II territory -- it serves up two showcases for duets with a former Motown star, along with a cameo from fusion superstar Stanley Clarke and, most importantly, it is also produced by former Fab Four ringleader George Martin. Some of that production occurred during the sessions for Tug of War, with roughly half of the record culled from outtakes from that album, but Pipes of Peace has a distinctly different feel than its predecessor, seeming fleet, adventurous, and modern, almost as an accidental riposte to the consciously classical Tug of War. Sometimes that whimsy slides right into silliness -- witness "Average Person," a music hall show-stopper inexplicably shoe-horned into the middle of the second side -- but that lightness allows McCartney to indulge in an instrumental funk collaboration with Clarke ("Hey Hey"), a super slick bit of yacht-pop with Jackson "(The Man"), a bit of confession disguised as synthesized soft-rock lark ("The Other Me"), and a galloping revision of Red Rose Speedway with "Keep Under Cover." If McCartney gets a little sticky on the ballad "So Bad," his melody saves him, and the album's other two hits have aged exceptionally well: "Say Say Say" hits hard, sounding as funky as anything on Thriller, and "Pipes of Peace" achieves an earned grace. Perhaps Pipes of Peace doesn't have the gravitas of Tug of War, but it offers something equally valuable: a portrait of an impeccable craftsman at play. [The 2015 expansion of Pipes of Peace contains an excellent remaster of the original album on the first disc, and a bonus disc of demos, remixes, B-sides, and outtakes. Many of these demos are charming sketches, but there's also the weirdo unreleased "It's Not On" -- all elastic electronically processed voices, feeling like a synthesis between Syd Barrett and McCartney II -- and the minor-key, vibrating noir rockabilly of "Simple as That." A remix of "Say Say Say" has some unheard Paul and Michael vocals, which is fun one time through, but the adult contemporary ballad "Twice in a Lifetime" is better, sounding like the romantic theme for a drama only available on VHS; the B-side, "Ode to a Koala Bear," is a cutesy throwaway that feels like McCartney lost interest about halfway through its recording.]

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Release Date: 10/02/2015
Label: Hear Music
UPC: 0888072375833
catalogNumber: 37583

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Paul McCartney   Primary Artist
Laurie Lewis   Strings
Patrick Halling   Strings
Alexander Kok   Strings
Michael Rennie   Strings
Galina Solodchin   Strings
John Underwood   Strings
Peter Willison   Strings
Anthony Harvey   Strings
Alan Peters   Strings
Gavin Wright   Strings
Adrian Shepherd   Conductor
George Turnlund   Strings
Ken Essex   Strings
Dennis Vigay   Strings

Technical Credits

Michael Jackson   Composer
Paul McCartney   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer
George Martin   Arranger,Producer
Clive Barker   Sculpture
Stanley Clarke   Composer
Geoff Emerick   Engineer
Jon Kelly   Engineer
Kenneth Sillito   Orchestra Leader
Mark "Spike" Stent   Remixing

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