Platinum & Gold Collection

Platinum & Gold Collection

by Tony Orlando & Dawn


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Tony Orlando & Dawn's soft-pop cabaret is one of the odder relics of the early '70s -- it was sweet enough to fit in comfortably on the AM airwaves, but its heavy roots in traditional pop pastiche guaranteed it a stronger appeal to the Lawrence Welk audience. Years later, their squarer traits shine through brightest, making even their biggest hits -- "Tie a Yelow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree," "Knock Three Times," "Candida" -- seem from an era older than the '70s. If you're looking for a hits collection -- whether you're a fan looking for a good summary, or a kitsch collector on the prowl -- this will likely not bother you (although those that are looking for some smooth '70s soft-pop pleasures should consider themselves warned), and RCA's 2003 collection Platinum & Gold Collection should serve your needs well. It's not as lengthy as Rhino's 1994 collection The Best of Tony Orlando & Dawn -- which ran four tracks longer, with seven songs overlapping -- but in some ways having only 12 tracks on this collection is more listenable, since a little of this stuff can go a long way. Since both discs have the big hits and have some of the minor hits missing, it's a toss-up to which one is better: they both do their job well, but the Rhino one is out of print, and this one is easy to find, which gives it an edge (and it's far better than the budget-line collection also on the market as of this writing). However, the differences aren't great enough to warrant a purchase of Platinum & Gold Collection if you already own the previous collection.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
it is great to get a tony orlando and dawn cd since there are too few of them out there ,and to get a remastered one is cool to,but.......again we are given the same songs over and over again.we already have..the definitive collection.encore collection,best of,knock three times .this collection,gives us a streamlined version of the previous.whats the would think arista would want to sell records by giving the fans what they want,like the original dawn lps from the 70s released on cd.this collection also gives one bonus track,did you ever think shed get away.this was never a about the rare single, a spark of love is kindlin.there are so many songs that could have been released .this cd could have been a sequel to the already released hits cd and included all the groups other songs and rare tracks that have never been released on cd yet.we the fans are still waiting.if you dont have the hits cd you will enjoy this cd but otherwise its the same old songs again.come arista.we want new never released on cd tracks.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you just want a mid-priced collection for Tony Orlando & Dawn, the Platinum & Gold Collection fits the bill. You get 11 singles-"Carmen" was a Top 20 hit in Europe- and 1 popular album cut-"Did You Ever Think She'd Get Away from You"- from the Bell/Arista catalog. The main issue with budget and midline collections is that you won't be able to "upgrade" to a larger collection without duplicating songs if you decide you want more. Take a look a "Defintive Collection" first. If you still feel "Platininum & Gold" is enough go for it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
many tony and dawn fans have been waiting for a new cd from one of the most sucessful groups from the 70s.and after their recent surprise reunion it seems to be timely,however ,..if you do not own a previous dawn hits cd than this cd is for contains most of the groups hits.hint,i said ,most,which is the problem again here.arista has released another hits cd with THE SAME OLD SONGS.the group had 21 charted singles from 1970 thru 1977 but only 12 are here.the same 12 that where included in the best of...the essential collection...and others.but you would think that arista would release a cd with new and rare singles.where is a spark of love is kindlin1973??or cant believe how much i love you1972.none of these songs have made it to cd yet.if you are looking for a streamline cd with the big hits this cd is for you but if you are looking for a more complete anthology then you may want to skip this one