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Principles And Advanced Methods In Medical Imaging And Image Analysis

Principles And Advanced Methods In Medical Imaging And Image Analysis


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Computerized medical imaging and image analysis have been the central focus in diagnostic radiology. They provide revolutionalizing tools for the visualization of physiology as well as the understanding and quantitative measurement of physiological parameters. This book offers in-depth knowledge of medical imaging instrumentation and techniques as well as multidimensional image analysis and classification methods for research, education, and applications in computer-aided diagnostic radiology. Internationally renowned researchers and experts in their respective areas provide detailed descriptions of the basic foundation as well as the most recent developments in medical imaging, thus helping readers to understand theoretical and advanced concepts for important research and clinical applications.

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ISBN-13: 9789812705341
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/18/2008
Pages: 868
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Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments     vii
Contributors     ix
Introduction to Medical Imaging and Image Analysis: A Multidisciplinary Paradigm   Atam P Dhawan   HK Huang   Dae-Shik Kim     1
Principles of Medical Imaging and Image Analysis
Medical Imaging and Image Formation   Atam P Dhawan     9
Principles of X-ray Anatomical Imaging Modalities   Brent J Liu   HK Huang     29
Principles of Nuclear Medicine Imaging Modalities   Lionel S Zuckier     63
Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging   Itamar Ronen   Dae-Shik Kim     99
Principles of Ultrasound Imaging Modalities   Elisa Konofagou     129
Principles of Image Reconstruction Methods   Atam P Dhawan     151
Principles of Image Processing Methods   Atam P Dhawan     173
Image Segmentation and Feature Extraction   Atam P Dhawan     197
Clustering and Pattern Classification   Atam P Dhawan   Shuangshuang Dai     229
Recent Advances in Medical Imaging and Image Analysis
Recent Advances in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging   Dae-Shik Kim     267
Recent Advances in Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging   Dae-Shik Kim   Itamar Ronen     289
Fluorescence Molecular Imaging: Microscopic to Macroscopic   Sachin V Patwardhan   Walter J Akers   Sharon Bloch     311
Tracking Endocardium Using Optical Flow Along Iso-Value Curve   Qi Duan   Elsa Angelini   Shunichi Homma   Andrew Laine     337
Some Recent Developments in Reconstruction Algorithms for Tomographic Imaging   Chien-Min Kao   Emil Y Sidky   Patrick La Riviere   Xiaochuan Pan     361
Shape-Based Reconstruction from Nevoscope Optical Images of Skin Lesions   Song Wang   Atam P Dhawan     393
Multimodality Image Registration and Fusion   Pat Zanzonico     413
Wavelet Transform and Its Applications in Medical Image Analysis   Atam P Dhawan     437
Multiclass Classification for Tissue Characterization   Atam P Dhawan     455
From Pairwise Medical Image Registration to Populational Computational Atlases   M De Craene   AF Frangi     481
Grid Methods for Large Scale Medical Image Archiving and Analysis   HK Huang   Zheng Zhou   Brent Liu     517
Image-Assisted Knowledge Discovery and Decision Support in Radiation Therapy Planning   Brent J Liu      545
Lossless Digital Signature Embedding Methods for Assuring 2D and 3D Medical Image Integrity   Zheng Zhou   HK Huang   Brent J Liu     573
Medical Imaging Applications, Case Studies and Future Trends
The Treatment of Superficial Tumors Using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy and Modulated Electron Radiation Therapy   Yulin Song   Maria Chan     599
Image Guidance in Radiation Therapy   Maria YY Law     635
Functional Brain Mapping and Activation Likelihood Estimation Meta-Analysis   Angela R Laird   Jack L Lancaster   Peter T Fox     663
Dynamic Human Brain Mapping and Analysis: From Statistical Atlases to Patient-Specific Diagnosis and Analysis   Christos Davatzikos     677
Diffusion Tensor Imaging Based Analysis of Neurological Disorders   Tianming Liu   Stephen TC Wong     703
Intelligent Computer Aided Interpretation in Echocardiography: Clinical Needs and Recent Advances   Xiang Sean Zhou   Bogdan Georgescu     725
Current and Future Trends in Radiation Therapy   Yulin Song   Guang Li     745
IT Architecture and Standards for a Therapy Imaging and Model Management System (TIMMS)   Heinz U Lemke   Leonard Berliner     783
Future Trends in Medical and Molecular Imaging   Atam P Dhawan   HK Huang   Dae-Shik Kim     829
Index     845

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