Programmed Spelling Demons

Programmed Spelling Demons

by George W. Feinstein


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This popular book helps eliminate basic spelling problems. Its format enables readers to proceed at their own pace with the aid of diagnostic test and review tests. Motivating and entertaining, it emphasizes drill over theory because it assumes correct spelling must become automatic.

Addressing the basic words that account for the majority of spelling errors, the book employs a phonics approach while presenting words in sentence contexts to give them life and meaning. Focusing on word building, the book encourages useful spelling rules while ignoring rules riddled with exceptions. The fourth edition of Programmed Spelling Demons has been revised to include four new smaller chapters on demons, a single chapter on Words with Tricky Endings, and new proofreading exercises. Previous separate chapters on silent letters, troublemakers, and hyphens have been deleted.

A valuable book for any reader who wishes to improve his spelling ability.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780137292110
Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Publication date: 12/28/1984
Pages: 240

Table of Contents

 1. Phonics: Common Patterns.

 2. Words Often Confused I.

 3. Words Often Confused II.

 4. Words Often Confused III.

 5. The Hoping-Hopping Rule.

 6. Fight Those Demons! (1-35).

 7. Word Building.

 8. Noun Plurals.

 9. Final Silent E.

10. Fight Those Demons! (36-70).

11. Write I Before E, Except . . .

12. Doubling the Final Consonant.

13. Fight Those Demons! (71-105).

14. Capital Letters.

15. Apostrophes.

16. Fight Those Demons! (106-140).

17. How Pronunciation Can Help.

18. Words with Tricky Endings.


Index to Spelling Words.

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