Progressive Racism

Progressive Racism

by David Horowitz


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Progressive Racism is about the transformation of the civil rights movement from a cause opposing racism—the denigration of individuals on the basis of their skin color - into a movement endorsing race preferences and privileges for select groups based on their skin color. It describes the tragic changes of this cause under the leadership of racial extortionists like Al Sharpton, who took a movement in support of American pluralism and turned it into a movement governed by a lynch mob mentality in which white Americans are regarded as guilty before the fact and African Americans are regarded as innocent even when the facts prove them guilty, even when their crimes are committed against other African Americans.

The author of Progressive Racism, David Horowitz, is a witness to these events and betrayals. Horowitz was a participant in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and in 2001 led a national campaign against a proposal for “slavery reparations” that would have required Hispanic, Asian and other Americans who had no role in slavery to pay reparations to African Americans who were never slaves.

Progressive Racism examines how the term “racism” has been drained of its original meaning and is now used as a weapon to bludgeon opponents into silence. It describes how the so-called civil rights movement has become an oppressor of African Americans by supporting a failed school system that blights the lives of millions of African American children and a welfare system that has destroyed the black family and created a “underclass” dependent on government charity. It is an indictment of the hypocrisy that today governs discourse on race issues, so that a lynch mob in Ferguson, Missouri seeking to hang a police officer because he was white can be described as a civil rights protest and be supported by the first African American president of the United States.

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ISBN-13: 9781594038594
Publisher: Encounter Books
Publication date: 04/26/2016
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 552,779
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About the Author

David Horowitz is the author of numerous books, including the New York Times bestseller Unholy Alliance, as well as The Professors, and his celebrated autobiography Radical Son. He is president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and founder of the online news magazine

Table of Contents

Preface v

Introduction xi

Part I The Reds and the Blacks 1

Part II Decline and Fall of the Civil Rights Movement 11

1 Memories in Memphis 13

2 Clarence Page's Race Problem, and Mine 23

3 Black History Lesson 35

4 Farrakhan and the Right 39

5 A Washer Woman Shall Lead Them 43

6 Alternative to Affirmative Action 47

7 Progressives Support Racial Divisions 51

8 Johnnie's Other O.J. 55

9 When "Civil Rights" Become Civil Wrongs 69

10 An Academic Lynching 73

11 Choke Your Coach, Become a Cause 77

12 "Liberals" Want a Racial Monologue 81

13 Hate Crimes Are Multicultural, Too 85

14 One Who Will Not Be Missed 91

Part III Racial Correctness 95

1 The Race Card (co-authored with Peter Collier) 97

2 Guns Don't Kill Black People, Other Black People Do 107

3 Time Magazine's Attack 117

4 Walk in My Shoes 125

5 Cornel West: Affirmative Action Baby 133

6 Reverse McCarthyism 139

7 Throw Away the Key 143

8 Racial Shakedowns 149

9 Racial Killings & Gun Control 153

10 The Lead Investigator Strikes Back 157

11 Deafening Silence 161

12 No Reason to Glorify the Left's Legacy of Violence 165

13 What Hillary Clinton Won't Say 169

Part IV Reparations for Slavery 175

1 Ten Reasons Why Reparations Are a Bad Idea 177

2 Reparations Are Still a Bad Idea 189

3 Racial McCarthyism on College Campuses 195

4 The Underhanded Journalism of Jonathan Alter 199

5 No Decency, No Shame 203

6 A Protection Racket 211

7 Reparations Buffoons on the Washington Mall 217

Part V Progressive Racism 225

1 Death of the Civil Rights Movement 227

2 Washington's Disgraceful Report to the UN 241

3 Racial Witch-Hunt 243

4 Progressive Crime Wave 249

5 Chris Matthews: White and Blind 255

6 Racism at the Washington Post 265

7 Blacks in Vietnam: Another Leftist Myth 267

8 Freedom From Race 269

9 The Casual Racism of Phil Donahue 273

10 An Argument with the Racial Right 277

11 African-American Lynch Mob 287

12 Second Thoughts about Trayvon 289

13 Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream (co-authored with John Perazzo) 293

Index 321

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