PuppyPerfect: The user-friendly guide to puppy parenting

PuppyPerfect: The user-friendly guide to puppy parenting

by Sarah Hodgson

Paperback(First Edition)

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The book is user-friendly.

The approach is puppy-friendly!

Your puppy is so irresistible, cute, and lovable—until she chews your shoe, uproots your flowers, ruins your rug, demolishes your remote, or gobbles up your steaks.

Understanding your puppy's unique personality, breed-specific traits, and temperament will help you tailor and implement proper, positive training techniques to save your sanity and your puppy! PuppyPerfect explains how to develop a nurturing and mutually respectful relationship with your puppy, which is the key to getting her to behave properly. You'll get information on supplies you need for a puppy, proper feeding, healthcare, and more. You'll learn about puppy psychology, personality, breed differences, and training tools. You'll discover how to make training your puppy more effective and more enjoyable, with:
* Six puppy personality profiles, plus a quiz to help you determine where your puppy fits
* Step-by-step lessons for puppies at various ages and stages
* Information on clicker training, targeting, and point training
* Suggestions and games for positive play training
* Doglish 101 to help you decipher your puppy's bark and body language
* Techniques for dealing with specific bad behaviors, including jumping, digging, pulling on the leash, barking and aggression, stealing food, and more

Complete with more than fifty photos, stories from the author's teaching experiences, a Doglish glossary, and more, this must-read will help you turn your adorable, but far from perfect, puppy into a lovable friend for life.

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ISBN-13: 9780764587979
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 10/10/2005
Series: Howell Dog Book of Distinction Series
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 759,273
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.26(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

SARAH HODGSON has been a dog trainer for twenty years and owns Simply Sarah, Inc., a dog training school in Westchester, New York. She has written five books about dogs, including the bestselling DogPerfect and Puppies For Dummies.

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Table of Contents


A Welcoming Wag.


1. Putting Yourself in Your Puppy’s Paws.

Genetic/Historic Impulses.

Discover Your Puppy’s Personality.

Nature versus Nurture.

2. A Welcome Home.

Shopping for Puppy Supplies.

Feeding Time.

Healthful Habits, Happy Home.

3. Doglish 101.

Ahem!—Getting Your Attention.

First Words.

The Civilized Puppy.

4. Puppy Parenting Styles.

What Feels Right.

Sweet Dreams.

Mystical Trinkets and Teaching Techniques.

Outside Help.

5. Fun, Structure, and Communication for All.

A Look at Yourself.

Choose Your Battles.

Age-Appropriate Discipline.

Modify You, Modify Puppy.

The Game Gallery.

6. The Not-So-Perfect Puppy.

Understanding Their Impulses.

Housebreaking 101.

What to Chew?

Mouthy Marvins.


Counter Cruising.

Loud Mouth.

Dynamic Diggers.

Poopie Palate.

Tough Puppy.

Separation Anxiety.

Leash Lungers.

Mule Wannabes.

Runaway Puppies.


Doorway Dramas.

Mounting Dramatics.

Herding Habits.

Inedible Ingestion.

7. Enjoying the First Year.

Oh-So Dependent (8 to 12 Weeks).

Self-Assured (12–16 weeks).

Look At Me Now (4–6 months).

Hot Shot (7 to 9 months).

Who’s the Boss? (10 to 12 months).


Expecting a Puppy?

Raising Kids and Puppies.

Two Puppies: Twice the Fun or Double Trouble?

Transitioning a New Puppy with Other Pets.

Sarah’s Doglish Glossary.


Website List.


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