Quick Tips for Busy Families: Sneaky Strategies for Raising Great Kids

Quick Tips for Busy Families: Sneaky Strategies for Raising Great Kids

by Jay Payleitner


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Ingenious Parenting Shortcuts Every Mom and Dad Should Know

Parenting can be hard work, and our lives continue to get busier and busier. Is it possible to lighten the load but still raise great kids?

From his experiences as a dad as well as interacting with countless other parents, Jay Payleitner has gathered scores of secrets worth passing along—simple things veteran moms and dads have learned over the years. Things as simple as passing along truths during TV commercials. Or connecting with your children as you tuck them in at night. Or learning how to laugh over spilt milk.

Some of the ideas are old-school secrets that were passed from one generation to the next; others deal with issues that would have never crossed Grandma and Grandpa's minds. All of them are easy to implement.

This book is designed for a quick, breezy reading experience, letting parents pick and choose those ideas that will make their lives easier, their kids happier, and their futures even brighter.

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ISBN-13: 9780764218699
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/14/2017
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 1,021,507
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

As a family advocate, life pundit, and humorist, Jay Payleitner has sold some half-million books, including the bestselling 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad. He speaks nationwide on parenting, marriage, creativity, and finding your life purpose. Jay and his wife live in the Chicago area where they raised five great kids, loved on ten foster babies, and are cherishing grandparenthood. You can track him down at jaypayleitner.com.

Table of Contents

Introduction 11


1 Realize Every Kid Is Different 13

2 Candy Land Penance 15

3 Six Games for Road Trips 17

4 Don't Hide Your Yearbook 19

5 Blasting Classical Music 20

6 Honor Apologies 21

7 Stash Markers and Poster Boards 23

8 PEZ Dispenser Magic 24

9 Twenty-one Things to Write on a Sticky Note 25

10 Take Two-Person Photos 26

11 Buy Them One Thing 27

12 Celebrate Moments of Maturity 28

13 The Library Card Initiation 29

14 If It's Important to Your Kids, It's Important to You 30

15 Dad Tucks In 31

16 Plan to Flex 33

17 Throw Paper or Rock Accordingly 34

18 Keep the GPS Option Open 35

19 Use the Needlepoint Metaphor 37

20 Happy Everything 39

21 Scrub Pots Together 40

22 Stop Scrubbing Pots Long Enough to Make a Serendipitous Memory 41

23 Insert Name Here 43

24 Make Room in the Fridge 45

25 Repetitively Repeat Important Lessons Redundantly 47

26 Let Them Set Their Own Video Game Boundaries 49

27 Snap a Lost-Kid Photo 52

28 Everybody Out 53

29 The Simple Compliment 54

30 Never Just Walk by a Tree Stump 55

31 Kids on Business Trips 57

32 Buy a House With Sidewalks 59

33 Back-to-School Night 60

34 Prepping for the Next Unit 62

35 Sock Rings 64

36 Doubling Productivity 65

37 The Slurpee Solution 67

38 Basic, Basic, Basic Astronomy 68

39 Lunar Eclipse Lesson 70

40 Stress Not About Stuff That Just Doesn't Matter 71

41 Teach the Birds and Bees Before Your Local Schools Do 72

42 Be the Bad Guy 74

43 "I Think You're Done for the Day" 76

44 Clean Stuff Besides Dishes in the Dishwasher 77

45 Amusement Park Hacks 78

46 Homeowner Secrets 79

47 Visit Colleges 81

48 Personalized Pancakes 83

49 Your Response to Their Frustrations 84

50 Pegs 86

51 Field Trip Frugality 88

52 Asking for Kid Insight 90

53 How to Convince Your Son He Needs a Haircut 92

54 Envision Your Kids As Parents 93

55 Camping Out in the Bathroom 94

56 Expectations and Disappointment 96

57 Nine Times Anything 98

58 Sibling Math Races 100

59 The Art of Pausing 102

60 Oil Their Mitt 103

61 Be Smart With Smartphone Photos 104

62 Responding When They Fail 106

63 When They Want Their Own Room 108

64 Lockbox for Scattered Stuff 109

65 Can We Talk? 110

66 Hold Off on Dessert 112

67 Rites of Passage Bring New Rights and Responsibilities 113

68 Play Best Ball 115

63 Fourteen Things 117

70 Remember Grandma's Spin 118

71 Tide Sticks, Etc. 119

72 The 360 120

73 Open-Door Policy 122

71 The Job Jar 123

75 The Answer Is 204 125

76 Keep Reading Out Loud 127

77 Be Their Favorite Critic 129

78 Start Cheap 131

79 More Than a Driveway 133

80 How to Have Perfect Timing 134

81 About Your Secret Stash 136

82 Low and Slow 137

83 Teaching Centripetal Force 138

84 Aimed With Science Trivia 139

85 Volunteer for the Talent Show 141

86 Identifying Potential Without Adding Pressure 144

87 Getting Teachers on Your Side 145

88 The Bad-Apple Teachers 147

89 Like All Your Kids Best 148

90 Dividing Your Time 150

91 Explain 911 152

92 World Map Shower Curtain 154

93 Barge Into Their World 156

94 Take Real Road Trips 157

95 Please Don't Say "We'll See" 158

96 Making Bad Stuff Better 159

97 Trusting Science 160

98 Make Your Kids Your Hobby 162

99 Introduce Your Hobby to Your Kids 163

100 Kiss Your Spouse in the Kitchen 164

101 Sometimes Say No 165

102 Stop Yelling at Referees 167

103 Turning Negatives to Positives 169

104 Kids Want to Work 171

105 Teach a Mad Skill 173

106 Peekaboo 2.0 175

107 Bring Their Night-Light 177

108 Answer Their Questions With Questions 178

109 Ice Pucks 180

110 Who Here Has …? 181

111 Stop Trying to Be On Time 183

112 The Amazing Sharpie 184

113 Laminate Stuff 186

114 Use the Classic Improv Rule 187

115 Annual Photos 189

116 Blind Spot Awareness 192

117 Don't Toss That Refrigerator Box 193

118 On the Steps 194

119 Express Unconditional Love 196

120 No-Regret Parenting 197

121 Exasperate Not 199

122 Chess Strategies 200

123 Match Their Deposit 201

124 Avoiding Hypocrisy 203

125 Merge Calendars 205

126 Ticket Stubs 207

127 Spiritual Gifts 208

128 Vacation Driveway Checklist 209

129 T-Shirt Quilts 210

130 Don't Blindly Follow My Advice 211

131 Say "I Miss You" 212

132 The Potty Mouth Log 214

133 S'mores 216

134 Saturday Morning Chores 217

135 Buy an Art Easel 218

136 Let Them Starve 220

137 Alternatives to Nagging 221

138 The Sarcastic Clap 223

139 The Cogent Power of Empathy 225

140 Ask for Their Help 227

141 Go Back to High School 229

142 Doing Life 230

143 Be Happy to See Them 231

144 See the Seasons 232

Topical Index 235

Acknowledgments 239

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Quick Tips for Busy Families: Sneaky Strategies for Raising Great Kids 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
chryseisblu More than 1 year ago
I signed up to be a review blogger for Bethany House books. I did not pay for this book. I got it for free if I would agree to read it, blog it and write a review and post it! This book is called Quick Tips For Busy Families by Jay Payleitner. Honestly I wasn't too sure about this book at first, but I found quite a few ideas in this book! I thought we are busy, but we aren't "that" busy, are we? But in this day, everyone I believe is busy and if there are some good tips, I am gonna try them! Some of them we actually have done before! Nice to know I'm not the only one who has done some of them too! What I liked about this book is that it is Christian based. He takes those ideas and has a Christian perspective. Not always easy finding a good, funny, Christian based book. You will be laughing and rolling your eyes thinking, yep, that has happened, or no that hasn't happened, but I see that happening. to getting to the serious and important topics. He has a way with writing that makes you think, but it isn't to heavy. A couple of my favorites one are: Twenty-one Things to Write on a Sticky Note Make Room in the Fridge Clean Stuff Besides Dishes in the Dishwasher (Which was a very good reminder for me!) Be Smart With Smartphone Photos Keep Reading Out Loud Be Their Favorite Critic There are more, but these are the few that really stand out! For those of you who are local, you can borrow my book, but but I guarantee, this is one you will want to have on your bookshelf. This is definitely a book to keep and have around, not just for now, but for later... Even when your kids are grown up and have kids... ;)
Amaack More than 1 year ago
Do you ever feel like busyness is getting the best of your family? Like there's not enough time in the day to do all the things you feel the pressure to do? Or enough opportunities to teach your children the things of God that you want them to know? In Quick Tips for Busy Families, Jay Payleitner shows you how to take advantage of the small and often unpredictable moments in order to live the family life you desire. Through his 144 "parent hacks," I learned new things, had ideas reinforced, and even chuckled to myself along the way. I received a copy of this book from Bethany House. This review is my own, honest opinion.
LVandercook More than 1 year ago
Recently Bethany Publishing House sent me Jay Payleintner’s book Quick Tips for Busy Families: Sneaky Strategies for Raising Great Kids in response for my honest review. Jay’s book contained very short chapters that were easy to read in a short amount of time. Many of the tips were things that could be read on any mom-blog out there, but it was nice to have it in a book to make it easy to flip through and find what you are interested in reading about. Jay comes from a different theological background than I do, and on one or two occasions I could see our differences, but for the most part the book was filled with practical advice and tips to help parents. I would recommend this book to parents who are looking for some advice and encouragement from a fellow parent.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of QUICK TIPS FOR BUSY FAMILIES: SNEAKY STRATEGIES FOR RAISING GREAT KIDS by Jay Payleitner from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review. Now that I actually have a kid, albeit a baby who focuses mainly on eating and sleeping, books like this hit home more. Maybe it is better that I’m starting off fresh with a baby. I can better incorporate his tips into our daily lives. The 144 tips in this book are easy to read and sometimes amusing. I found myself engulfed in Jay’s writing style. All of the tips made me feel as if I was sitting next to Jay having a cup of tea and a friendly conversation. I didn’t expect to read as much as I did in one sitting. Be warned: this is an addictive book! The one I liked best was to laminate stuff, like newspaper articles, so that they will always be treasured. This made me think of my maternal grandmother. She kept all newspaper articles about herself, my grandfather, my mom, and my uncle. After she passed away, we enjoyed reading them, and tucked most of them into a keepsake box (we gave my uncle his). I hope to do something similar with my son. I HIGHLY recommend this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great ideas! Quick Tips for Busy Families: Sneaky Strategies for Raising Great Kids is full of helpful suggestions to navigate busy family life. Payleitner offers a variety of fun, serious, and sanity saving tips to help your family succeed with both routine and daunting challenges. I enjoyed the honest and humorous tone of his book. I especially appreciated Payleitner’s focus on intentionally building strong relationships with your children regardless of age and family situation. He shares ideas that are easily adaptable for different ages of children. I found this book a helpful, well organized resource that is formatted nicely for quick reference. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of Quick Tips for Busy Families by Jay Payleitner for my candid review.
Emme_Faith_Church More than 1 year ago
This is a helpful and informative read. The book contains 144 tips/strategies, and is formatted in such a way as to make you feel you can keep on reading. I found the tips to be very practical. I felt that the gospel was more clearly presented in some of the chapters than in others. If you're a Christian parent looking for a helpful book with 'sneaky' strategies- you're in the right place. The main reason I'm only giving a four-star review is because I didn't relate quite as closely with this book as I would have liked to. I would say that the book seems to be aimed at parents whose children are in the public/private school- so if that's you, great! Great book, with a lot of helpful ideas. Note: I received a free copy of the book from Bethany house. A positive review was not required—all opinions here expressed are my own. I have posted an honest, and concise review.