Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, 3rd

Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, 3rd

by John Hayes, Alex Wilson

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AMC's fully updated Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island is everything a recreational paddler could ask for in a regional guide. With an all-new layout and design, this easy-to-use guide will help paddlers of all skill levels discover 100 of the best flatwater lake and river trips in Southern New England. This edition now features an "At-a-Glance" quick trip planner, GPS coordinates to parking locations, improved maps, and new trip planning/safety information resources. Quiet Water will appeal to local residents of the region while staying entirely accessible to visitors and tourists.

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BN ID: 2940149172894
Publisher: Appalachian Mountain Club Books MA
Publication date: 04/15/2014
Series: AMC Quiet Water Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 949,734
File size: 20 MB
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About the Author

John Hayes is a dean at the College of Arts and Sciences at Pacific University. He has paddled extensively in New England and is co-author with Alex Wilson of three other books in AMC's Quiet Water series. Wilson is an avid canoeist and naturalist and a widely published writer on energy, building technology, and environmental issues. He lives near Brattleboro, Vermont.

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Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, 3rd 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
-Name: EveningBird <br> -Gender: Male/Tom <br> -Rank: Warrior <p> <p> &dagger;-&dagger; Appearance: Dark, almost black tom with white tabby stripes. Mysterious, depthful hazel eyes. Long legs-tall. <br> &dagger;-&dagger; Background: EveningBird is a very mysterious cat, ghostly and usual cheerful. Poetic, usually, and always flashing smiles. The tom is very hopeful and optimistic, good at sneaking and mostlt nocturnal. <br> <p> ? Mates/Crushes: None, but few in mind. <br> ? Family/Kin: Mothers, MorningFeather (Missing/Deceased.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
F<_>&iota&alpha<_>m<_>&epsilon<_>Wi<_>&eta&delta <p> Age: 24 moons<p> Gender: &female <p> Rank: Warrior<p> Crush: Everyone knows! Incase you are new, he's fluffy... and one of my best friends. ALRIGHT FINE! its ArcticWind<p> Mate: Lookin'<p> Kits: Adopted MiracleKit<p> Looks: Ginger tabby she cat with ligyt ginger stripes. Sh has blue eyes with gold flecks that sometimes change to green [My eyes in RL]<p> Persona: flame is an interesting cat. She is kind and caring, but dhe also can be a little hodtile if you are doing something she doesn't like. Please don't take it personaly.<p> F<_>&iota&alpha<_>r<_>&epsilon&delta<_>m<_>&sigma&kappa&epsilon <p> Age: 24 moons<p> Gender: &female <p> Rank: Warrior<p> Crush: Lets see... he has a very unsocial sister... he sleeps alot, and, he can't fish. Okay! Okay! It's PebbleSplash<p> Looks: Same as FlameWind, no stripes, teal eyes<p> Persona: Bold, brave, fun, sassy, kind.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Male 16 moons Black/silver fur Gold eyes No crush No mate No kits Themesong is "your gonna' go far kid" Personality is kind, calm (usualy), mindful of others, quick, funny, patient, helpful, knowlagable, shadowy, sad (somtimes), and easy to anger
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mynt is a white pelted she-cat who has a hint of green at the tip of her tail. She was originally from Ethreal, but she began to realize that she was killing innocent cats. In her second battle, she fought for not Ethreal, but a blind apprentace Goldenpaw who was on the other side. Then she decided to quit Ethreal and help clans that were getting attacked by Ethreal. Personalitywise, she is very brave, shy and fights for what she belives in. Her crush is *blush* Pridepaw. Remember, just because she is from a bad clan does not mean she is a bad cat.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
~&Alpha&gamma&epsilon(age)~<br> 20 months<br> <br> <br> ~&Rho&akpha&nu&kappa(rank)~<br> Warrior<br> <br> <br> &Alpha&pi&pi&epsilon&alpha&rho&alpha&nu&kappa&epsilon(appearance)<br> A chocolate brown tabby with soft pink eyes and a spotted tail.<br> <br> <br> ~&Kappa&iota&tau&sigma(kits)~<br> None but I really want some. And I won't abandon them like my mother abadon me.<br> <br> <br> ~&Kappa&rho&upsilon&sigma&eta(crush)~<br> Not that I know of<br> <br> <br> ~&Psi&alpha&mu&iota&lambda&upsilon(family)~<br> They're all dead to me so what does it matter if I have some or not. The ThubderClan is ny new family.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
// Name~ BlueFang \\ <p> // Age~ 17 moons \\ <p> // Rank~ Warrior \\ <p> // Skills~ Fighting, spying, patrolling, teaching, hunting \\ <p> Description~ He is a ginger tom with a fluffy tail. He has a long scar the runs over his eye, making him blind in his one right eye. He has small jagged scars on his underbelly, and he has a big blue eye \\ <p> // Mate~ RainFlower &hearts \\ <p> // Kits~ None \\ <p> // Kin~ Unknown \\ <p> // History~ He is a veteran of the war with the KK in the year 2013. He was the strongest and most trusted warrior in SunClan at that time, and led strong attacks on the KK. He is still traumatized sometimes by seeing the devastation that he saw: kits killed, kits stolen, one of his best buddies dead. He hopes to be a higher rank in ThunderClan so he can be the leader he used to be. He also wants Ethereal gone before they turn into the KK. \\ <p> &sun Buh-Bai xD
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: look up doof. But if you can't read it's WhisperClaw.<p> Age: 17 moons<p> Gender: she<p> Rank: deputy<p> Appearance: ginger she...fading to white...ears, paws, tail...steel gray eyes...<p> Persona: you already know<p> Kin: you already know<p> Crush: no<p> Mate: no<p> Kits: no<p> Friends: meh<p> Enemies: blah<p> Press the little x thingy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: &theta PridePaw &theta Gender: Tom Age: 8 Moons Occupation: Interclan Diplomatic Agent, Consult, and Espionage Specialist Den@: Land of Dead Flowers by Natasha A. Salnikova Bio: He has a cyan hued, marbled, short haired coat. He is also very muscular due to constant training. His eyes are light green and his tail tip is black. His claws are a bit larger than normal and are always razor sharp, if need be he ever use them. Persona: He is polite, wise, kind, proud, friendly, sometimes distant, clever, stoic, reserved, and rather formal. He sees it as his life's work to create peace and to guide the clans. Kin: StormBlaze (Father)(Missing) Mentor: RobinsCall (Deceased)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A russet colored she with amber eyes. She has a crush on pebblesplash.(shhhhhh! Dont tell!) She has no mate but is looking. Age is 25 moons. Kits are an option if she gets a mate. Any thing else just ask
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can i be fawnkit please
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Her bio is at auror result one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Camp is the book called River Dove by John Lavicount Anderdon.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&psiName: Flurrypaw <p>&psi Age: 12 moons<p>&psi Gender: &female<p>&psiLooks: white pelt with grey spekles on her lower back<p>&psiEyes: one clawed and glazed over and one blue <p>&psiPersonality: meet me and find out <p>&psiDisablities:halfblind<p>&psiRank: apprentice<p><p>Desired rank: Deputy<p>Warrior name wanted: FlurryDive <p>&psiClan: thunderclan<p>&psiFriends: thunderclan<p>&psiEnemies Etheral<p >&psiHistory: mom died giving birth ti her and she wandered untill she found here. Her sisters location is unknown<p>&psiKin: mom-Honeysplash dad- forcemater- Sister: freepaw <p>&psi: mate/crush: no and no<p>&psiKits: im an apprntice and no!!!!<p>&psiExcels in: talking with cats keeping, calm in emergencies<p>&psiBad at: fighting, hunting<p>&psiOkay at: medicine<p>&psiTheme song ((disney)): Youll be in my heart Trzan<p>&psiTheme song +not disney+: I will survive Gloria Gaynor<p>&pSignature: Flurrypaw&delta<p>&psiOther: Ask
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name &infin SpiritPaw <p> Age &infin 8 moons <p> Gender &infin &female <p> Looks &infin A light gray she cat with blue eyes. <p> Persona &infin She is a loyal cat. She is usually timid, but when she gets mad, you might want to back off. She is kind and loves anyone who is kind to her. <p> Mate &infin I am 8 moons you idiot. <p> Crush &infin ............. <p> Kits &infin Nope <p> Kin &infin <p>AmberTail(Mother) <p> Paradise(Father) <p> OakKit(Sister)(Deceased) <p> History &infin No thanks. Not telling. <p> Mentor &infin BlueFang <p> Other &infin Ask. <p> Rank &infin Apprentice <p> SpiritPaw &spades
Anonymous More than 1 year ago