Raising Adults: Preparing for Eighteen

Raising Adults: Preparing for Eighteen

by Terry Allen Sutherland


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Raising Adults is the name of a series of books written by Terry Sutherland, an average parent with an unusual idea about parenting. Preparing for Eighteen is just the first installment of at least ten books and possibly many more.

Terry will present a lecture series about these concepts. The motivation of raising children to be adults by the time they’re eighteen is the very survival of the entire human race. If that doesn’t make this parenting book sound overly dramatic, your life is wildly exciting.

This first book is arranged around three pillars: individuality, humanity, and virtues. It is structured within eighteen chapters that discuss the various kinds of things that are found in adults who have high integrity and sound character. It discusses the qualities of adults who are capable and ready to take over their own lives and contribute significantly to humanity, starting at only eighteen years old.

The book is not scholarly but anecdotal. The content is the perspectives and experiences of Terry Sutherland and his wife, Pam, as they raise their own children to be adults by eighteen. There are specific questions and sincere attempts to provide at least one valid answer to each of them. There are some serious life events discussed that create an emotional roller coaster the reader will not forget.

By the end of this book, the readers will understand what it means to have children and the responsibility of parents. Anyone with kids will want to raise them with purpose so they take over their lives by the age of eighteen. When children become adults, they begin to either improve or drain the world and the human race. With the information in his book, Terry’s readers can raise their children to be adults who add value to the human race.

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