Red Hot + Latin: Silencio = Muerte

Red Hot + Latin: Silencio = Muerte



Red Hot & Latin: Silencio = Muerte is another installment in the Red Hot series of charity albums designed to promote AIDS awareness. "Latin" doesn't necessarily mean that the music falls into the traditional boundaries of Latin music -- after all, there's no way the Brazilian metal band Sepultura could sound anything other than brutally heavy -- and many of the tracks are Latin songs performed by the likes of David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, Fishbone, Cibo Matto, and Hurricane G. Musically, the record spans everything from Latin jazz and Latin dance to rock, reggae, and folk. It's an intriguing blend, for the most part, and while some of the tracks fall flat, most succeed, and the record is certainly a charity event worth checking out.

Product Details

Release Date: 04/22/1997
UPC: 0611934100522
catalogNumber: 341005

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mellow Man Ace   Track Performer
Rubén Blades   Vocals
Laurie Anderson   Violin,Track Performer
David Byrne   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Fishbone   Track Performer
Sepultura   Track Performer
Marc Ribot   Guitar
Youth Brigade   Track Performer
Arto Lindsay   Guitar
Café Tacuba   Track Performer
Ley   Track Performer
Mark Myrie   Vocals,Track Performer
Fabulosos Cadillacs   Track Performer
Vicentico Valdés   Vocals
Aterciopelados   Track Performer
Pancho Amat   Acoustic Guitar,Background Vocals,Tres Cubano
Cyro Baptista   Percussion
David Bianco   Bass,Vocals
John Bigham   Acoustic Guitar
Dougie Bowne   Drums
C-N-A   Acoustic Guitar,Piano
Javier Colina   Background Vocals,Double Bass
Luis Conte   Percussion
Dave Douglas   Trumpet
Floyd Fisher   Percussion
Curtis Fowlkes   Trombone
Marcia Griffiths   Background Vocals
Andy Hess   Bass
Yuka Honda   Keyboards
Tommy Jordan   Bass,Pocket Trumpet,Vocals
Greg Kurstin   Organ,Guitar,Background Vocals,Clavinet
Lobos   Track Performer
Angelo Moore   Baritone Saxophone,Vocals
Money Mark   Track Performer
John Parsons   Electric Guitar
Tim Pierce   Guitar
Adam Stern   Bass,Vocals
Cuca   Track Performer
Víctimas del Doctor Cerebro   Track Performer
Reign   Track Performer
Portuaria   Track Performer
Geggy Tah   Track Performer
Norwood Fisher   Bass
Sean Lennon   Bass,Background Vocals
Jonny Wickersham   Guitar,Vocals
Cibo Matto   Track Performer
Timo Ellis   Background Vocals
Walter Adam Kibby   Trumpet
King Changó   Track Performer
Sen Dog   Track Performer
Todos Tus Muertos   Track Performer
Pericos   Track Performer
Juan Perro   Track Performer
Russell Simins   Vocals
Mark Stern   Drums,Vocals
Shawn Stern   Guitar,Vocals
Andrés Calamaro   Track Performer
Hurricane G   Track Performer
Fernando Ricciardi   Drums
Sergio Rotman   Saxophone
Mauricio Claveria   Drums
Diego Frenkel   Vocals,Track Performer
Ibón Gamecho   Vocals
Axel Krygier   Flute,Baritone Saxophone
Quique Rangel   Bass
Miguel Tallarita   Trumpet
Horacio Valdés   Vocals
Daniel Zimbello   Trombone
Diego Blanco   Keyboards
Miho Hatori   Vocals
Mario Siperman   Keyboards
Alejandro Terán   Tenor Saxophone
Señor Flavio   Upright Bass
Vaino   Guitar
Ariel Raiman   Drums
Gerardo Toto Rotblat   Percussion
Fernando Samalea   Drum Loop
Fernando Albareda   Trombone
Juanchi Baleiron   Guitar
Glenda Lee   Bass
Jorge Serrano   Vocals,Background Vocals,Quena
Rodrigo Aboitiz   Keyboards
Rubén Albarrán   Vocals
Javier Antelo   Guitar
Pablo Cabanchik   Saxophone,Background Vocals
Alberto Cuevas   Vocals
Diego de Marco   Background Vocals,Zampona
Jose Fors   Vocals
Gaston Moreira   Bass
Juan E. Scalona   Trombone
Horacio Avendano   Alto Saxophone
Bahiano   Vocals
Marcelo Blanco   Latin Percussion
Carlos "Manolo" Aviles   Bass
Abulon   Keyboards,Vocals
Lionel Aleman   Percussion,Caja
Gaston "Frances" Bernardou   Conga
Chipotle   Horn
Emanuel del Real Diaz   Drums,Keyboards,Melodeon
Guillermo "Kapanga" Eijo   Trumpet,Background Vocals
Pedro Frugone   Guitar
Nacho González   Drums
Felix Guitierrez   Bass
Nicolas Landa   Background Vocals
Martin "La Mosca" Lorenzo   Timbales,Background Vocals
Dany Lozano   Trumpet
Gustavo "Nito" Montecchia   Guitar
Fidel Nadal   Vocals
Galo Ochoa   Guitar
Pablito "Dronkit Master"   Vocals
Cucho Parisi   Vocals
Moises Porro   Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals
Pablo Potenzoni   Drums
Luciano Rojas   Bass
Ruly   Drums
Stone Face   Guitar
Eduardo "Animal" Tripodi   Background Vocals,Guiro
Alberto "Superman" Troglio   Tambor
Tuco   Bass
Fernando Velez   Bongos,cowbell
Horacio "Gamexane" Villafane   Guitar,Background Vocals
Willy   Keyboards
Gabriel Gordon   Slide Dobro
Andrea Echeverri   Vocals
Santiago Auserón   Vocals
Joselo Rangel   Guitar
Giovanni Valentini   Guitar

Technical Credits

Rubén Blades   Producer
Michael Cooper   Engineer
Melissa Etheridge   Producer
Jellybean   Producer,Executive Producer
Sepultura   Producer
Dave Kelly   Producer,Engineer
Ley   Producer
Fabulosos Cadillacs   Producer
Gustavo Borner   Producer
C-N-A   Programming
John Carlin   Producer,Executive Producer,Creation
Camus Mare Celli   Producer
Patrick Dillett   Producer
Donovan Germain   Producer
Greg Goldman   Remixing
Yuka Honda   Producer
Tommy Jordan   Producer
John Karpowich   Engineer
Anibal Kerpel   Engineer
Greg Kurstin   drum programming
Andres Levin   Producer
Lobos   Producer
Doug McKean   Engineer
Angelo Moore   Producer
Hugh Padgham   Producer,Engineer
Tony Peluso   Engineer
Jose L. Quintana   translation
Gustavo Santaolalla   Producer
Bob Schaper   Engineer
Steve Sykes   Engineer
Louie Teran   Engineer
Andre "Dreddy Ranks" Tyrell   Engineer
Cuca   Producer
Jorge Esteban   Engineer
Steve Kravac   Producer,Engineer
KC Porter   Producer
Eduardo Ruiz   Engineer
Todos Tus Muertos   Producer
Pericos   Arranger,Producer
Auténticos Decadentes   Producer
Luis Eduardo Blanco   Contributor
Leon Granados   Engineer
Andrés Calamaro   Producer
Mario Breuer   Engineer
Roberto Delgado   Engineer
Ross Robinson   Producer
Thomas Cookman   Producer,Creation
Miguel Jiménez   Executive Producer
Guillermo Jilguero Quero   Engineer
Santiago Zambonini   Executive Producer
Diego Blanco   Programming
Fernando Samalea   Feedback
Walter Chacon   Engineer
Daren Hahn   Contributor
Manuel Ocampo   Cover Image
Jorge Mondragon   Executive Producer
Virgillo "El Gallego" Fernández   Engineer
Blanquito Man   Contributor
Mario C.   Producer,Engineer
DJ Rif   Producer
Brian Hanna   Contracting,Song Clearance
Domingo Padilla   Producer
Arturo "Tuti" Perales   Engineer
Stefano "Styles" Percivaldi   Executive Producer
Santiago Auserón   Producer
Jorge 'Chiquis' Amaro   Producer

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