Red Sox Heroes: The RemDawg's All-Time Favorite Red Sox, Great Moments, and Top Teams

Red Sox Heroes: The RemDawg's All-Time Favorite Red Sox, Great Moments, and Top Teams

by Jerry Remy, Corey Sandler


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Who better to rank the best Red Sox of all time than, yes, the president of Red Sox Nation himself? Here, Jerry Remy does just that—forty-four players in all, from early-era legends such as Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Johnny Pesky, and Jackie Jensen; to remarkable pros like Ted Williams, Tony Conigliaro, Carl Yastrzemski, Rick Burleson, Dwight Evans, Dennis Eckersley, and Wade Boggs; to modern superstars from Roger Clemens to David Ortiz. Remy draws on his personal memories and his analytical prowess to highlight what makes a given player a Red Sox hero, and his detailed statistics go well beyond batting averages. Each chapter is accompanied by photos, many from the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Remy also salutes five special teams in Red Sox history, including the 1967 “Impossible Dream” team, the 2004 “Reverse the Curse” team, and the 2007 “Champions of the World, Part II” tour. And then there are two Great Moments that qualify a pair of Daves for special mention: Dave Henderson and Dave Roberts. Finally, Remy turns his eye on an up-and-coming crop of young stars who may someday be elevated to an even higher plateau as Red Sox Heroes. Eminently readable, painstakingly researched, and imbued with the rich history of the Boston Red Sox, Jerry Remy’s Red Sox Heroes is a must for any member of Red Sox Nation.

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ISBN-13: 9781599219707
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 03/02/2010
Pages: 288
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About the Author

Jerry Remy is an extraordinary broadcaster with an intimate knowledge of baseball that comes from more than a decade as a major league player and more than 2,200 games as the voice of the Boston Red Sox. He hosts the popular Web site,, and the Jerry Remy chat room on Yahoo, one of the most popular baseball sites. He is well loved by the huge Red Sox Nation. His previous book, also written with Corey Sandler, is Watching Baseball (Globe Pequot). Corey Sandler is author of more than 125 books on entertainment, travel, and business topics. A lifelong baseball fan, he maintains the arcane art of scoring a game from the stands or the press box.

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