Remembering Johnny: 1925-2005

Remembering Johnny: 1925-2005

by People Magazine Editors


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From humble and very ordinary roots in Norfolk, Nebraska, Johnny Carson grew into one of America's most famous faces. Beloved by the millions of viewers that Carson tucked into bed every night, he was also lauded by the hundreds of stars he propelled and supported during his thirty-year stint hosting The Tonight Show . With his contagious laughter, an everyman appeal, and an irresistible knack for poking fun at himself, Johnny wasn't just the King of Late Night-he was the reason people bothered to stay up at all.

Throughout his career, Carson kept the curtain closed-firmly dividing his private and public lives. For this reason, and because so many simply assumed he was immortal, his death on January 23, 2005 came as a great shock.

Although there's little concern that this extraordinary talent will ever be forgotten, Remembering Johnny is a lasting tribute.

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