Respect for Labor: Education and Teaching

Respect for Labor: Education and Teaching

by Jess Browning


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Back at the turn of the last century a lot of work was being done on the farm but circumstances changed and many farm workers migrated to the city looking for new employment opportunities. The worker soon found that he had lost some of his dignity since there were so many people applying for work that he simply became a number in employment offices. The loss of respect had begun.
The majority of the United States' population was living on farms and many of those farm dwellers were self-sufficient producing all the necessities of life. They were operating all kinds of machinery that made their life more tolerable. They were working and it was respectable. That respectability is often thought of as earned or built over time. It is to hold someone in high regard as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements. As for the farmer or farm worker, it is for the effort they put into their job.
As the economy became more urbanized and people flocked to cities seeking employment, more opportunities developed but also unemployment problems developed as many people sought food, housing and jobs. There was not enough to go around. It was a process of structural change within the economy. It was a socioeconomic process that involves industrial change and society's adaptation to that change. It was a transformation of the social, cultural, and economic aspects of a government that impacted most of its citizens. It required long term intervention in knowledge and behavior to transform the change back to a healthy condition.

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