Revive the Soul

Revive the Soul



In general, it's wise to tread carefully around albums that claim to have designs on your soul. In most cases, what they really want to do is smooth over the wrinkles in your brain with vapid mood music while convincing you to buy aromatherapy candles online. This one's different, though. The second compilation from the new Revive the Soul imprint is a two-disc set that is simply titled after the label itself, and divided into two themed programs: "Lounge: Downtempo: NuJazz" and "Electronica: Blip-Pop: Lounge." While there are plenty of very pleasant tracks here (and a few that do flirt with muffin-headed insubstantiality), just about everything on this program stands up to close listening, and some of it is thrilling. On the first disc there's some virtuosic turntablism from both the Herbalizer ("Mr. Chombee Has the Flaw") and Kid Koala (on the ska-flavored "Spanky Panky"), and a gorgeous slice of Indian electronica courtesy of Atman ("Path of Love"). The second disc brings the funky glitchiness with a fun (but rather dark) number by the Postal Service titled "Sleeping In" and Ms. John Soda's slightly twisted "Technicolor," not to mention the Blue States' dreamy "Alright Today" and the slightly overlong but very pretty "Beauties Can Die" by M83. None of these tracks has been previously released in the U.S.; that fact, along with the haughty hardback-book packaging, will make you feel even more sophisticated for enjoying the music so much. Which you almost certainly will, even if you aren't very sophisticated at all. Highly recommended.

Product Details

Release Date: 03/08/2005
Label: Revive The Soul
UPC: 0709231111225
catalogNumber: 112

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Suzanne Thomas   Vocals
Enzo Garcia   Banjo
Melanie Pain   Vocals

Technical Credits

Martin Jenkins   Engineer
Louis Hardin   Composer
Mike Huetter   Composer
Funki Porcini   Producer
Amon Tobin   Composer,Producer
Herbaliser   Producer
Mark Farina   Arranger,Producer
Scruff   Producer
James Braddell   Composer
Sigmund Freud   Author
Markus Acher   Composer
Micha Acher   Composer
Blue States   Composer,Producer
Florian Seriot   Composer,Programming,Producer
Mario Thaler   Producer
J. Shaw   Composer
Victor E. Friedberg   Composer,Producer
Jimmy LaValle   Composer
Ben Gibbard   Composer
Jimmy Tamborello   Composer
Marc Bianchi   Composer
Ramachandra Borcar   Arranger,Producer
Anäis Nin   Author
Ollie Trattles   Composer
Malcom Chazal   Author
Nicolas Barlet   Engineer
Morgan Daguenet   Engineer
Efterklang   Composer
John Henry   Composer
Señor Coconut   Arranger
Mark Mitchell   Composer,Producer
Cécile Schott   Composer
Marsilio Ficino   Author

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