Secrets of Success in Entrepreneurship: Opportunity is the matter of priority

Secrets of Success in Entrepreneurship: Opportunity is the matter of priority

by Mwl. Frank Philemon


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It may be said that everything have a hidden secrets so as to be achieved, in success of entrepreneurship also there are secrets that have to be identified or followed in order the road to success to be open and smooth in running any kind of business. In The book titled "Secrets of success in Entrepreneurship" written by Mwl. Frank Philemon have solutions to the problems and challenges facing entrepreneurs. This book is resourceful and consist detailed explanation, in which the materials in this book will help to prepare entrepreneurs, businessmen, entrepreneurial students, business managers and entrepreneurial facilitators to meet their needs based on entrepreneurship.
The work in this book is a scholarly work that involves researched and cited information far from being a mere descriptive compilation of facts derived en bloc from external sources. There are much new information available never known and acquired that concerning about entrepreneurship in its impact to economic development. By applying the principles from this book, entrepreneurs can do better and better. Through putting the principles of this book into practical way you may cover everything in matters concerning entrepreneurship.
Lucid comprehensive, and easy to use, invaluable references in the book, deriver the tools needed in bringing clear success in entrepreneurship. In the book there are over fourteen (14) chapters excluding preface, acknowledgement introduction and references which all comprises a detailed explanations. The fourteen chapters are namely below as follow;
Chapter one: "The Nature and Development of Entrepreneurship". This chapter explain about conceptualization of the word entrepreneurship, background of entrepreneurship, innovation, foundation of entrepreneurship, fundamental blocks to creativity, desirability of new venture formation, entrepreneurial mind, corporate versus entrepreneurial culture, entrepreneurs and leadership characteristics, risk taking, Entrepreneurial background and characteristics, Male versus female entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs versus inventors and so on.
Chapter 02: "Vision, Mission, Value and Objectives". This chapters involves on how to create vision, mission, values and objectives and there characteristics, steps to be deployed in creating vision and mission, essential role of vision and mission, where to get vision, example of vision and mission statements, guiding principles about mission statements, characteristics of vision and mission statements, to mention a few.
Chapter 03: "Aspects of Success in Entrepreneurship". In this chapter, there are; success conceptualization, ways for an entrepreneur to success and factors to be success in entrepreneurship.
Chapter 04: "Launching a New Venture and Early Management Decision". The chapter concern about creativity, business names, ways of generating ideas, product planning and development process, e-commerce and business start-up and growth, to start an e-commerce company, legal issues in entrepreneurship, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, licensing, product safety and liability, insurance, creating and starting a venture, business plan and its contents, market plan and its traits, predictive markets, market mix and market strategy, legal forms of business, budgeting strategy, financial plan, pro forma income statements, assets and liabilities, owner equity, break eve analysis, pro forma and source and uses of fund, bank lending decision, market research, for the new venture, record keeping, recruiting and hiring new employee, motivating and leading the team, financial control, taxes, ratio analysis, rapid growth and management control, awareness of the new venture, strategies to expand the new venture, acquisition, synergy and mergers........ To mention by few.

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Mwl. Frank Philemon graduated in 2012 at The University of Dodoma (UDOM), where he was Pursuing Bachelor of Education in Policy Planning and Management (BED-PPM). He has taught several school in Tanzania including Teachers college, where he taught geography and life skills. He is an avid reader and writer of articles in social networks and magazines. Mainly he wrote about Entrepreneurship, Geography and other Managerial skills. He started to write this book in 2013, shortly after being appointed by the government to work as education officer. The area that he was been posted, seemed to be very much conducive to him, hence he decided to start writing this book, so as to share his knowledge with other people in the universe/world, in bringing self determination, in order to embrace personal and community success in business and entrepreneurship.

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