Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust

Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust

by Sonja M. Hedgepeth, Rochelle G. Saidel

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Using testimonies, Nazi documents, memoirs, and artistic representations, this volume broadens and deepens comprehension of Jewish women’s experiences of rape and other forms of sexual violence during the Holocaust. The book goes beyond previous studies, and challenges claims that Jewish women were not sexually violated during the Holocaust. This anthology by an interdisciplinary and international group of scholars addresses topics such as rape, forced prostitution, assaults on childbearing, artistic representations of sexual violence, and psychological insights into survivor trauma. These subjects have been relegated to the edges or completely left out of Holocaust history, and this book aims to shift perceptions and promote new discourse.

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ISBN-13: 9781584659044
Publisher: Brandeis University Press
Publication date: 12/14/2010
Series: HBI Series on Jewish Women
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 308
Sales rank: 588,988
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About the Author

ANAT HELMAN is a senior lecturer in the Department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her most recent book is A Coat of Many Colors: Dress Culture in the Young State of Israel.

Table of Contents

Foreword – Shulamit Reinharz • Acknowledgments • Introduction – Sonja M. Hedgepeth and Rochelle G. Saidel • Aspects of Sexual Abuse • Death and the Maidens: “Prostitution,” Rape, and Sexual Slavery during World War II – Nomi Levenkron • Sexualized Violence against Women during Nazi “Racial” Persecution – Brigitte Halbmayr • Sexual Exploitation of Women in Nazi Concentration Camp Brothels – Robert Sommer • Schillinger and the Dancer: Representing Agency and Sexual Violence in Holocaust Testimonies – Kirsty Chatwood • Rape of Jewish Women • “Only Pretty Women Were Raped”: The Effect of Sexual Violence on Gender Identities in the Concentration Camps – Monika J. Flaschka • The Tragic Fate of Ukrainian Jewish Women under Nazi Occupation, 1941–1944 – Anatoly Podolsky • The Rape of Jewish Women during the Holocaust – Helene J. Sinnreich • Rape and Sexual Abuse in Hiding – Zoë Waxman • Assaults on Motherhood • Reproduction under the Swastika: The Other Side of the Glorification of Motherhood – Helga Amesberger • Forced Sterilization and Abortion as Sexual Abuse – Ellen Ben-Sefer • Sexual Violence in Literature and Cinema • Sexual Abuse in Holocaust Literature: Memoir and Fiction – S. Lillian Kremer • “Stoning the Messenger”: Yehiel Dinur’s House of Dolls and Piepel – Miryam Sivan • Nava Semel’s And the Rat Laughed: A Tale of Sexual Violation – Sonja M. Hedgepeth and Rochelle G. Saidel • “Public Property”: Sexual Abuse of Women and Girls in Cinematic Memory – Yvonne Kozlovsky-Golan • The Violated Self • Sexual Abuse of Jewish Women during and after the Holocaust: A Psychological Perspective – Eva Fogelman • The Shame Is Always There – Esther Dror and Ruth Linn • Contributors • Index

What People are Saying About This

John K. Roth

“Challenging conventional interpretations by highlighting evidence that has been ignored, downplayed, or even silenced, Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust, a book as courageous as it is sensitive, significantly expands scholarship about the Holocaust’s extremity and intensifies imperatives to resist every kind of sexual abuse.”

Deborah E. Lipstadt

“This book touches upon a deeply troubling and too long ignored topic. The Nazis used a wide variety of means to humiliate, degrade, and torture Jews. Rape and sexual abuse were among them. Sadly, it was not only the Nazis and their allies who abused Jewish women. Jews, non-Jewish prisoners, and even liberators did as well. The editors and contributors to this volume deserve great credit for addressing this painful topic.”

Gloria Steinem

“The Holocaust horrors suffered by males and females alike have been rightly memorialized in histories and museums, but the sexual violence suffered by females has rarely been recorded. Perhaps we would have been better able to prevent the rapes in the former Yugoslavia and the Congo if we had not had to wait more than sixty years to hear the truths that are anthologized in Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust by Sonja Hedgepeth and Rochelle Saidel. We owe them and the authors they assembled a debt of gratitude for a well-documented warning that sexual violence is a keystone of genocide.”

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Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I learned so much about sexual violence in the holocaust in this book. I couldnt put it down. If you are wondering if this book is worth a read i would say yes 100%.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There is a hesitancy to consider the impact of sexual violence against women during the Holocaust. However; it did occur and much can be learned from considering that violence's impact on the overall Holocaust experience. This book is best read in small bits since there are some really heartbreaking accounts in it.