Shaultbodies Thug Bible: The Forgotten Chapters of All Man Made Books of Religion)

Shaultbodies Thug Bible: The Forgotten Chapters of All Man Made Books of Religion)


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I'm writing this Thug Bible, because it represents the unheard cries of Our ghettos, and also to bring the people on the OUTSIDE LOOKIN IN (society), to Our world ON THE INSIDE LOOKING OUT.
OUR BIBLE will also feature a slang glossary. Which will have the most updated slang ever written in any other man made Bible. The glossary will consist of East, Mid-West, DownSouth, and WestCoast slang. So that the people on the OUTSIDE LOOKING IN (society), can feel, and understand Our language too. This Thug Bible will also show Love for the Angels of Our present times for example; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglas, John F. Kennedy, and other modern day ANGELS. Also featuring a very special Memorial Day section with a list that consist of all the Ghetto Soldiers that went to heaven for OUR STRUGGLES, especially the ones that didn't get recognition from societies News, and Newspapers.
SHAULTBODIES THUG BIBLE will also include 2 Controversial Chapters about the difference between livin in the Windy-City Chicago (which represents the North Suburbs, Downtown Area, and the South Suburbs, Middle Class, and born financially stable people). Where the Frogs, Turtles, and Chickens live off what the BEAST of Our Concrete Jungles produce, and livin in the Inner-City of Chicago (which represents the Concrete Jungles of Chicagos, SouthSide, WestSide, and EastSide, The poor, and most unfortunate people of OUR GHETTOS. Where the Lions, and Tigers, and Bears reside.
I'm so happy, and thankful that U took the time to look at my writing abilities. I Truly believe that there isn't any other Thug Bible ever published. So hopefully itwill be a great experience for All of Us. Sincerely,
Roosevelt McCray A. K. A ShaultBody
US before me
for more info E-mail me at usbeforeme@yahoo. com

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ISBN-13: 9781412022750
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 05/31/2004
Pages: 218
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This book is based on True events. SO IF U CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH PLEASE STOP READING IMMEDIATELY. It has the most updated SLANG, eva put in a BOOK or in the same manner any man written book of religion. It also includes a glossary that consists of East Coast, Midwest, Down South, and West Coast slang. Written by a REAL GHETTO CHILD TRYING TO MAKE IT. INSTEAD OF BEING ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN. I'M GONE TAKE U ON THE INSIDE LOOKING OUT. So please join "US". THIS THUG BIBLE IS NOT BASED ON ANY RELIGION. It simply state's THE TRUTH. IT'S THE FORGOTTEN CHAPTERS OF MENS WRITTEN BOOKS OF RELIGION.

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