Shroud of Concealment

Shroud of Concealment

by Andrew Towning

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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The Partners at Ferran & Cardini employ Dillon to tackle a simple problem in the big picture of international field operations. An innocent student has had the opportunity of adoring, in a private collection, what she considers to be 'The Concert', a classic painting by Vermeer dating back to 1665-66. This masterpiece was stolen in 1990 from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, and has never been seen since and is classed as priceless!

Dillon is set the task of determining whether the piece is the original or a superb forgery and embarks on an investigation into the Sandbanks-based owner and millionaire, the enigma that is Charlie Hart.

Simple is far from reality - on closer examination the owner of the painting seems to have more to hide than just the provenance of the classic work of art and takes disproportionate and deadly action to keep Dillon off his case.

No one close to Dillon is safe, his partner is targeted in what seems a purely innocent manner through her law firm but Dillon sees through this and sends her into hiding after he is tailed, stalked and explosive attempts on his life are foiled.

Dillon starts to put together a picture of a group of individuals who come from all walks of life - and who have several things in common - greed, international networks and no way back!

Their wealth is rooted in Asian drug cartels, gold bullion, arms trading, global hospitality chains, political espionage and underworld criminal activity.

As Dillon follows leads across London and the South West of England he leaves a trail of destruction and death - those involved that do not heed his warnings pay the ultimate price.

The chain of deceit stretches into the Houses of Parliament and deep within the corridors of power cowardly bravado breaks into the first chink in the armour - giving Dillon what he needs to prize deeper into his investigation. Although powers from above are keen for the enquiry to end. Why?

To add to the confusion is the discovery of gold bullion - could this be the haul from the 1983 Brinks Mat robbery that shocked the UK? This amongst more priceless Middle Eastern art and cocaine!

Now undercover Dillon puts to work all the experience he has gained in the field and uses many guises to outwit the security services and those that consider themselves beyond the law and want him dead! Could there be a price on his head? If so who wants him out of the picture that badly?

With his Glock by his side and Vince Sharp at the cutting edge of today's technology can Dillon get through this one? Racing from Dorset to Delhi - has Dillon really learned any more and who is the mystery lady that is the focus of Hart's attentions?

Shroud of Concealment is Dillon at his most raw - fists, street fights, breaking and entering and a multitude of disguises punctuated with breath taking shoot outs and death - he did warn them! Conscience is not something Dillon will entertain.

From M15 to MI6 and the back streets of Delhi Dillon fights to find the answers - and they are not necessarily the ones he wanted to hear!

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ISBN-13: 9781492112235
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/27/2013
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 388
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Andrew Towning's books have all been edited, re-proofed, redesigned and republished - lifting his work to a new level throughout the series of second editions. His writing talents bear more than an uncanny resemblance to the characteristics of the area in which he lives! Thrilling, gripping and exciting assets that include; treacherous coastlines, unpredictable weather conditions, dramatic tides and stunning beaches! His style can be compared to Dorset's infamous Sandbanks peninsula where so much of the action in his Jake Dillon series of thrillers is set: rich, intriguing and inspirational. Andrew has written four Jake Dillon novels. His work is now are widely available through Amazon and fans of the Dillon series eagerly await a publish date for the next Dillon thriller! Andrew says of writing: "I had aspired to write just one novel for many years but as I'm a business owner, husband and a father of two, time was limited! I spent two years researching and writing my first novel - The Constantine Legacy - and another 18 months sourcing a publisher! "I have had four novels published (The Constantine Legacy, Dead Men Don't Bite, Shroud of Concealment and The Chimera Code), now I have exciting plans for the next phase of my hero character, former Army Intelligence Officer Jake Dillon's thrilling and unpredictable career!" Andrew says of the successes of his novels: "The books see Dillon travel internationally, with a constant theme through his links to Dorset, and to a lesser extent the Channel Islands. Those familiar with these areas will recognise some of the more remarkable landmarks and countryside which I know bring my books to life even more!" The mere existence of Jake Dillon is thrilling, his lack of respect for the 'establishment', bare fisted determination and underlying integrity in the face of adversity make for a gripping series of novels. If you've enjoyed Le Carré, Brown, Higgins or MacNab - put Towning on your read list, his work is a cunning concoction of all four! Asked if he has subconsciously morphed any of his own characteristics through his pen to Dillon, Andrew modestly suggests that one asks his wife - however if his looks are to go by we bet they have more in common that he dares let on! Reproofed second editions of The Constantine Legacy, Dead Men Don't Bite, Shroud of Concealment and the first edition of The Chimera Code are published by Andrew and are widely available online, in softback and for Kindle. See

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